[Closed] Onboarding 300+ new users through photo NFT airdrops. Event - UnderGoa 31st Mar 2022


There is a big techno music event coming up in Goa on 31st of March where about 300-500 people are expected to come. This is going to be an exclusive event where all the old timers, artists, business owners, popular people and the “cool” crowd of Goa is going to be there.
It is one of the most anticipated parties of the season.

The idea is to provide people with exclusive NFTs of the event (photos and small vids) in their newly opened NEAR wallets (created using nearnames.com), minting NFTs (using paras.id) and airdropping them from UnderGoa (the event company’s wallet) to all the new wallets created.

I have spoken to the event owners and offered them NFT minting of the media and live airdrops for the new wallets that we will create at the entry point of the event. So mostly everyone who goes in will have their wallets opened at the registration itself.

He has tentatively agreed to let us put a NEAR branding standee at the entry and open wallets for people before they enter the party, if we provide for good photo and small video snippet airdrops. In Fact he is quite excited about the NFT airdropping proposition.

Once the NFTs are airdropped the DJ booth will make 2 announcements (mid event and just as the event is about to get over) informing the crowd about the NFTs being airdropped and mentioning NEAR protocol for NFT partners. (We can add whatever branding line we want to be announced)

No one has live airdropped NFTs in events as big as this one in Goa and this could really make the crowd very excited about their first NFTs as this event is also very special to them

Agents will be trained to create wallets using nearnames.com and mint nfts using paras.id. I will also train them to transfer the NFTs from one account to another.

Budget requirements

1500 USD - 115 Near Tokens

2-3 agents who will mint NFTs and do registration - 24k INR (300-350USD)

Dongle for internet - 4k INR (50-60 USD )(Its a remote location in nature so no wifi, but telecom signal available)

Branding standee 7k INR (100 USD)

Operations 12k INR (150 USD)

2 Phototgraphers - 15-20k INR (250 USD)

Miscellenous (200 USD)

Wallet name - sahilmassey.near

Wallet Owner - Sahil Massey

Minting nfts and gas fees (200 USD) Could be less or more depending on the number of images and vids

Apologies for such a short time frame as I also became aware of this event 2 days back.
I understand It’s quite a short timeframe however would appreciate quick transfer of funds as I will have to get the standee printed, train the agents for conversion, buy a dongle and do a test run of the whole process from the location a day before the event or latest by the afternoon of the event.

I have worked on managed radio events in shorter timeframes with barter mechanism similar to this one, so I’m quite positive that if I get an approval, I will be able to successfully get at least 300 wallets who would be interested in the NFTs and would interact with NEAR protocol always to check and show their NFTs

Looking forward to hearing to making this work.

@marketingdao-council @satojandro @Dacha @johanga



Good morning, thank You for your proposal. I believe we need to see results of the campaign, before approve new one.

Have a great day :blush:


Can you please share us the details of Techno music event. I would love to know more and join if possible. :sweat_smile:

Hey Dacha!

I haven’t received funds for that proposal yet to show any results.

If possible it’ll be great if this proposal is approved and funded before the first one as this one is an exclusive event and happens only once or twice a year.

Please let me if that is possible


Hey Sachin,

You can follow the page for more information :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need further assistance.


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@marketingdao-council :slight_smile:

Can you please clarify this?

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Hey Klint,

The proposal was made on a very short notice and I had only 3 days for it to be accepted, so I added a buffer amount of $200

The event was supposed to happen in a remote location in nature and for full night.

$200 was added in case my team might need food, water, transport, a tent to sleep in etc. We didn’t know the costs for these as we would only know it at the event.

Just didn’t want to be in a spot where my team had to face inconveniences due to shortage of funding.

Also this proposal is now invalid as the event is already over.


Ok, thanks. Looking forward to see your new proposals. Have a great weekend :muscle:


Thanks @Dacha. Working on a few things already :slight_smile: I’ll share soon.