[Closed] October 2022 Creating content about the NEAR ecosystem and Games on NEAR

Hello Near community,my name is Peterson and I have my own YouTube channel with more than 300 videos about cryptocurrency, technologies and prospects!
(1594) Crypto Pro - YouTube
I would like to cooperate with Near by creating overview videos about Near ecosystem projects

The plan for October:

8 video project reviews from the NEAR ecosystem (2 per week):

  1. Paras
  2. Sweat economy
  3. Metamon
  4. Near lands
  5. Octo games
  6. Aurugami
  7. Pad.fi
  8. Burrow

These will be high-quality reviews with good video editing and sound, lasting 4-8 minutes! ((Not screen recording)

Competition for the best comment in each video :
For the most creative and interesting comment under the video, I propose to reward the subscriber with an amount of $ 25 in Near tokens, comments allow you to increase the popularity of videos and the recognition of Near ecosystem projects on Youtube!

Total requested amount in USD:

  1. 8 reviews-100*8=800$
  2. Best Commentator 25*8=200$

Total budget: 1000$ (Near price now 3.56 )

NEAR Wallet ID: petrik2.near

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Hello @marketingdao-council and @Dacha ,please check my proposal

Good morning! Thank you for your proposal. Please, take a look at the post.

So, your proposal is in the Marketing DAO pipeline and will be reviewed after resuming. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Understood, thank you, I’m looking forward to resuming the activities of marketing DAO

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Hello, I’m closing the outdated proposal (October). Thanks :blush: