[Closed] New Year with kids 2022

Hello. New Year is coming. We grew up and began to forget that the New Year is a holiday of magic and the fulfillment of desires. Let us, together with our children and NEAR, imagine that we have become small and magic will come to all of us. Let’s organize a children’s drawing contest on NEAR and magic. Conditions:

  1. draw a picture on the theme: “New Year with NEAR!”. (write the name of the wallet in the picture)
  2. upload the picture to the forum (a post will be created)
  3. write congratulations.

Drawings will be encouraged.

2N per drawing.

The number of prizes is 15.

Such an action will bring people to the forum, they will learn about the work of the DAO, as well as have a good time with the children.

15 * 2 = 30 N ($ 15.64)

For the competition 3 N ($ 15.64)

Total: 33N ($ 15.64)



Good evening! I’m not sure that the forum is too much popular place for Near Community members. I believe, if your proposal got approved you can collaborate with any existing Near guild in Telegram to run the wonderful contest.

Have a great day!


Unfortunately, today is second day of new year and nobody from Marketing DAO councils didn’t say their opinion. Probably, the proposal will be closed. Sorry, about it.

Would you like propose something else? I really like your idea with pictures.

Have a great day!

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I would like to wait a little, maybe people are still resting, but if you need to close according to the rules, then we close. :slightly_smiling_face:



Is this still something you’d like to propose now that the New Year has passed?

Do note that the MarketingDAO and the NF have been on holiday over the holiday period and have returned as of the 3rd of Jan, hence the delays. Thanks for being so patient.

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Hey! @David_NEAR , We have a holiday “Old New Year” on January 14th :slightly_smiling_face:. But if not, then close the proposal.

How do you envision this to fit in with marketing?

Are you involved in anything else in the NEAR Ecosystem? I can see this is your only topic on the forum atm.

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I recently started joining NEAR, I’ll get used to it over time and will put forward my ideas.

How do you envision the proposal to fit in with marketing?

Children, these are future NEAR users.

Would be great if you could expand.

He is a member in one of most active (not-official) Near community group true Web3 believers. Freedom to speech and actions with only one unique Democratic DAO in entire Near Ecosystem, without moderators, as you like :blush:

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