[Closed] NearUAGuild Activities - October 2022

Hi community and @marketingdao-council :wave:

We prepared many activities for October, aimed at growing a strong community of Ukrainians

NearUAGuild :ukraine:

Previous reports :scroll:

Funding :bank:

About :raised_hands:
Near Ukrainians Guild :ukraine: is a fast-growing guild aimed at building a strong developers/creators/enterpreneurs community since there are many people in Ukraine who either isn’t familiar with Near, or thinks it’s very complicated to start doing here

Our team :busts_in_silhouette:

Funding request

  • Part-time designer ( 200 USN ) @Tolmindev
  • Fast airdrops to encourage the most active ( 20 x 1 N )
    This is a brand new feature we gonna test this month
    The key idea is to grow member’s engagement rate in activities we’re holding, using randomly distributed airdrops
    For instance, we hold AMA and throw off N airdrops into the chat at the random time, in that case, users that participate have more chances to claim airdrop
  • AMAs with @DDeAlmeida & @frol, audience rewards ( 2 x 20 N )
    Here’s one recording from September
  • News Quiz ( 20 N )
    Here’s the latest one we held
  • Medium articles with educational/ecosystem content ( 6 x 75 USN )
    We’re gonna launch a bounty program for our community members, so they can participate in writing content about the ecosystem in our Medium Publication [subscription is required :sweat_smile:]
    We expect 6 new articles at the end of this program - 4 from the community & 2 from us
  • YouTube videos ( 2 x 250 USN )
    We did analytics research on Near Protocol popularity in Ukraine, Portugal and USA

    You see, Ukraine has a big interest in Near Protocol in comparison to other communities
    But, there’s a problem, if you’ll be looking for Near Protocol on YouTube, you find that there’s almost nothing in Ukrainian
    We’re gonna change it :metal:
  • Part-time Community Manager salaries ( 2 x 250 USN )
    • @kiskesis (Global Guild management, work with influencers/KOLs, AMA with people from ecosystem, searching for new partners, Social Media Lead, news in Twitter)
    • @denbite (Global Guild management, Marketing Lead, Youtube Lead, Content editor + guides + translations, news in Telegram)

Total :moneybag:
80N + 1.650USN

Wallet :credit_card:

We appreciate everyone’s support :pray:
Keep pushing forward :muscle:


Good evening! Thank you for your proposal. Please, take a look at the post.


Should we leave this proposal here until you resumed work? Or it’s better to delete it and then re-create it after you come back?


Yes, please. All proposals are already included in the Marketing DAO pipeline.


Hey @marketingdao-council :wave:
We heard you guys came back, that’s good news :raised_hands:
What are the next steps to start moving with this proposal?


Hello ! Create a new one for November. By the way, have you requested any funds from Near UA hub? It should covers all expenses for your community. Thanks!