[Closed] NEAR X RVCJ Media - APRIL 2022

Great proposal.
But if you could ask admin from near india to pin the same on tg channel and twitter channel.

As its major focus is indian community i suppose the admins from near india community should take this initiative to support your efforts as every small effort matters.

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Hi Brother, Thanks for the support!

For sure, I would love to make this initiative better with the support of active Indian contributors like you.

I talked with some contributors and they support.

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Great Proposal @zubairansari07 .

I am following RVCJ for a long time now and the content and the audience attraction they bring in their way is quite unique. They have a very good impact and reach. Definitely they gonna bring huge attention towards NEAR.

Last campaign was a huge success. Looking forward to the new one.:heart::heart::fire:

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Thanks so much for the support friend from Conceirge team! :hugs:

Looking forward to start the activity as soon as rest councils approve :pray:

Hi @zubairansari07 thanks for your proposal. Before I can give an answer could you expand on this item please.

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Hi, This is the cost of posting on the proposed accounts. You can check the previous report for more detailed info about this.


Hi @zubairansari07 thanks for sharing the link. After looking at the report and seeing the amazing data I am happy to support your proposal.

Looking forward to seeing your next report!

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Thank you so much sir! :blush: I am glad to see your support.

Nice proposal and report regarding previous proposal.

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Thanks for the appreciation @ProfSnape :v:

Great Proposal ser @zubairansari07
Love RVCJ​:heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks @Hitman2565 :rocket:

Hi Zubair, thansk for your proposal.

Just revisited your February Report for the campaign that ran in January.

I have several thoughts:

  1. Content is King. I am more willing to fund quality content over sheer number of impressions. The former is hard to create - hence why it is worth remunerating and empowering those who do it well. The latter is very easy to find - pick any account with an established audience - they charge you a lot of money just to post, intermediary gets a commission just based on impressions.
  2. Content from January campaign was very basic. Once again, given the high quality of announcements and projects launching daily, I don’t think that a simple link to NEAR Documentation (aimed at developers) is the expected standard when we pay $9000
  3. Context Matters. Once again, I don’t see as much value at presenting people with ONE story - seconds - in a never ending stream of completely unrelated content to blockchain. Users need to be primed, they need to be ready to receive the information, wanting to receive the information, and in a position to act. This buildup takes time. $9000 is the equivalent of an entire media team building narratives, targeting users, retargeting campaign with clear objectives and measurable KPIs, etc.

As it stands, I am glad we supported the January experiment and I am unwilling to support this going forward. Some recommendations on how to make this workable:

  1. Content. It’s ok to repurpose existing content from the ecosystem. The NEAR Blog and the Aurora Blogs are actually really good. There are also recent articles from Coindesk (‘NEAR Token has doubled in 4 Weeks Here’s Why’) and other major publications. If you want to be real heroes link to native content from our community members (This is WHY NEAR Token is Pumping) - people without a big following but that actually spend hundreds of hours learning and creating excellent material.
  2. Provide a better outline of what the campaign is trying to achieve and how can we measure it.
  3. Articular in a better way what the value to the ecosystem is.

To sum it up; are we paying for content or distribution? Distribution without content is worthless. Please add what content is going to be shared for reassessment.



Thanks AVB for your valuable comment/suggestions.

I agree with you with Content being the king but it should also be in mind that the content should be reachable to audience. Impressions and reach do matter in this case. Having the content and not enough reach is also I believe not good.

I believe it should be Content + Impressions both.

I already stated in my proposals that the targeted audience is general non tech savy audience which I want to experience NEAR as their first blockchain. Keeping that in my mind I had delivered the content that they can easily understand and tried to bring their attention by basic things first. As suggested in past proposal by Kitchen Guild & Other great contributors in the community that I shouldn’t post such content that is too direct or with complex information to digest by the general audience. That would’ve lead to harsh rejection.

I agree with you & will ask the account to keep it bit relevant . Also would ask to give NEAR related story more gap.
I would like to state this again that users are general and they will gain knowledge step by step.

I am thankful that you shared these, I would take these suggestions!

I have stated the purpose already in Jan & this proposal. With the impressions, I would like to say that people organically shared the content that was posted. If you wish I would share the screenshots of that from Jan. I understand that not every person seeing post interact with it really but the people who are sharing can be considered really attentive towards the content.

I need to share the write up or the designs as well? For the designs, It was created by rvcj team earlier. If you wish to see the designed content, I would take help from other designer by myself :slight_smile:

Thanks @satojandro , Have a great day!

Thanks for clarifying that,

Seems inappropriate to me to delegate the content creation to an outsider such as RVJC.

Until there is a proper content strategy, this proposals remains a no for me. Specially given the high price tag.


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I planned the content and gave the write ups and rvcj designer designed, after that It was shared with @Lolson_tg & @baxoff for the feedback before posting.

I don’t think I did wrong here as the Kitchen guild has a good experience and both the members are Degens council as well.


Sure no worries, I would wish to hear comments from other @marketingdao-council
as well after going through proposal, last report and comments.

I appreciate your suggestions and ask again if you wish to see the designed content that we will post, I will ask some designer to help me design and show to you. Just lmk if I need to do that first in your point of view.

Thanks AVB! GN from my region :v:

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@marketingdao-council :slight_smile:

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Let’s not tag them much mate, rest councils (Lorraine & Klint) will surely review the proposal soon. :v:

Yes, pls stop spamming us.

All these posts have already been assigned to the Marketing DAO and Council members will work their way through when they have a chance. Tagging them everywhere actually just adds to the clutter and makes it harder to navigate to the forum. Thanks