[Closed] NEAR Vox Pop!

The $5,000 you received from the Creatives DAO was not enough…?

How does this add value to the NEAR Ecosystem?

Hey man, please kindly read the Community Guidelines before commenting on any post.

That was a direct attack, there are better ways to review a post.


It is called a Proposal; subject to a review. If you have a question about the proposal; I’m available to answer you @hairen

Not a reply that would prompt Community Violation


You’ve been here since August. You have neither contributed in any way.

I see you throwing stones at people’s proposals without a constructive criticism.

Check the DAO Proposal and see what we did with the $5,000 you are talking about.

I believe I have made so much impact in the Ecosystem in 2 months than you can make in a year.

I have my reports to boast of, Sir!




Wow great proposal!!:fire:


Thanks alot Fam :pray:t4:
I believe in your ability to spread NEAR

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No, THIS is a direct attack. The amount of time I’ve been on the forum and what I’ve done is irrelevant. Your proposal need to stand on its own merit.

I made one simple question - is the $5,000 you have received from the Creatives DAO not enough? $7,000 per month is more than most people I know make in NYC working full time… Adjusting for cost of living in Nigeria, that’s about $70,000 worth of funds? And this is not the first proposal either…

I believe you should go to the proposal you are talking about and ask questions concerning it…

Then on this proposal, ask questions concerning this proposal.

I believe that’s the ideal way to approach a thread.

And may be use the most of your time in adding value to the community, and not discouraging creatives who are working hard to spread the gospel of NEAR. I leave my comfort zone and spend days doing auditions, fixing rehearsals, staging Drama NFTs and telling tens of people about the NEAR Ecosystem.

I don’t just take my phone at the comfort of my house and be attacking people who are trying to bring value to the community.

Hey @hairen please add up a post and bring value, let’s see you do that Fam!

Like $7,000 is equal to $70,000

I don’t know where you are getting that maths from

Happy to be proven wrong. Can you provide receipts for the local cost of things?

Which receipt do you want, Sir?

I am actually providing 57m+ NEAR worth of value

P.S - never assume that an anon account that joined the forum a few days ago is a complete newbie :wink:

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Your proposal mate. You want to receive NYC funding for Lagos Nigeria, do the work. At the moment the optics are horrible. 90% of proposals are from the same region…

Glad you do! In your own field

We have onboarded 40+ new NEARians in two months.

Had a free online course about Nollywood. Nobody paid a cent: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Thespians DAO Online Skill Acquisition Workshop with Nollywood Veteran Actor/Director, Sir Obi Okoli; on Friday, 19th August, 2022 by 7pm UTC
A Nigerian celebrity spoke to the DAO, it was my own doing. My sacrifice, my sweat!

I have arranged 2 Drama NFTs with the DAO:

I put in strength, time and traveled 12 hours to the City to make this happen. To and from is 24 hours on the road. To reach out to people and tell them about NEAR and host these Dramas.

If you can’t see the values, I’m proud of it. I’m not doing it for you!

I’m doing it for the Ecosystem.


This is a question, not an attack.

I think there are much better ways of spending those amounts of money, since these doesnt translate in any organic and sustained increase of NEAR network adoption.

Education by the NEAR Hubs or by entities like SEED Web3 is what NEAR should be paying more attention IMHO.

One printed jotter can go a long way to educate more than 10 people.

This is how…

My Cousin went to market and met a group of vibrant youths with cameras, microphone and customized T-shirts talking about NEAR and having a Vox Pop. My cousin was interviewed, educated and entertained.

He comes back home with a jotter written “To Know more about NEAR visit the site below”. I copied the site, my siblings checked the site too, other of my cousins checked the site. And I was on onboarded by self research or chatting up the contacts on the site. Just one souvenir doing the magic.

I have done this for DSTV Marketing Team. I was paid to do it with my Team. That I brought it here means I want NEAR to share in my knowledge.

Your culture in Europe or America, might not really be our Culture in Africa. May be I should show you a sample of a Vox Pop and how viral it goes in preaching and marketing an idea: This particular Vox Pop hit more than 300,000 views on YouTube in less than a month: Shooting your shot with Pearl CrownFits | Social Experiment - YouTube

Imagine how many people we can reach just by having a simple fun with youths on the street of Nigeria and posting it on social networks.

It works!!!


Hello. Closing the proposal.

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Any reason attached?

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Good morning

Project Timeline: 15th - 22nd October, 2022

Today is 11/12/2022

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Ok Fam. Thanks alot. Will submit a new proposal then

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