[Closed] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ next international month influencers cycle

Nation of NEAR i would like to share with you Stars Guild grand plan which will be international.

Stars Guild grows like on east, members are growing and capacity is limited only by funding.

We see that NEAR this year has brought changes in funding, so will be nice from our side to give a sample how grants or funds can be raised.

Currently our guild has grown to more than 10 active members, still we can’t give opportunity to everyone to share visibility for NEAR projects and guilds.

So here is pack of youtubers and projcets that we would like to work with during next cycle.
Myself @Zhunda will work with these youtubers.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDrAmXwrFcP4yeIoYD0LXCQ 650 USD for 8k views on average

Backheel Crypto
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt0_KnAXTs1Q-AQivzVrleA/ 600 USD - 9k views on average

Crypto Chris
https://www.youtube.com/user/DontWorryPlayWithMe/ 800 USD - 6k views on average

@koreacryptoplanet will work with these

Korea Crypto Planet
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjjSrdIIycNNUkAEAAGHZCg/ 300 USD - 15k views on average

Shirato Group
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsnxXAb2TOwoq6Dbt3sz6EQ 400 USD - 5k views on average

Shivam Chhuneja
https://www.youtube.com/c/ShivamChhuneja/ 600 USD - 8k views on average

@Hsmoney AKA Stephen

Roman Pushka
https://www.youtube.com/c/RomanPushka/ - 600 USD for 40k views on average

Крипто Плечо
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGqZutLQWuwN88nafALkwg 15k views per 300 USD

Lite Liger
https://www.youtube.com/c/LiteLiger 900 USD - 2k views last video about NEAR reached

With our favorite Hidden Gem Team
https://www.youtube.com/c/HiddenGemTeam - 800 USD where on average their videos about NEAR went till 50k views (planned 30k reach).

So in total for 10 Youtubers are asked 5950 USD

For Agent bounties per 10 videos (200 USD flat) those are 2000 USD

Sorry for those Agents that we didn’t add to list,

Administration costs for guild management.

@Zhunda Myself - Guild Leader. Connecting the dots, bringing influencers and agents (educating them trough), crossworking with NEAR guilds. - 1000 USD for taking 30 hours per week and seeing youtubers at night dreams during sleep.

@agobanan Yana - best assistant that can be imagined, takes care of Twitter and our Telegram news feed and tracks down NEAR product admins. 500 USD for assistance

@Hsmoney also takes care of our Telegram group, blocks spammers and dick pick artists. 100 USD

Valuing admin talents cheaper in total 1600 USD

Total budgeting:
Youtubers - 5950 USD
Agent Bounties - 2000 USD
Administration costs - 1600 USD

NEAR projects that we will advertise trough youtubers during this cycle:

NEAR Gaming topics:

Play to earn games on NEAR
List of games on NEAR

Atocha Protocol puzzles on blockchain

NEAR NFT topics.


NEAR comics on PARAS


NEAR Economy and trading:

Crypto.com, Binance or other trading platforms. How to use it and how to put $NEAR and trade and buy etc.

Skyward Finance
Enable fair token distribution and price discovery for projects built on NEAR Protocol.


Cheddar Farm

Oin Finance

Rubic Exchange

Giveaways, Drops and Free Coins:

NEAR Guild Updates and News:

What are NEAR Guilds?

Sandbox OWS
100 ways how to make NEAR coins trough Sandbox

NEAR partnerships:

Travala.com partners with NEAR ( travel company, pay with NEAR coin)
Travala.com Partners with NEAR Protocol to Integrate NEAR Official Travala.com Blog

NEAR partners with Metaverse


Aurora Rainbow bridge how to use it and new UI design

NEAR Support for developers:

NEAR Grants

$350M Grants DAO for NEAR DeFi Projects

AMA sessions with NEAR authorities.
If you wish to create an AMA session, please contact @Zhunda to find out what topic you are interested in and we will shcedule time with NEAR leader of your choise.

Since we go International this month. Local NEAR Guilds are connected to give shoutout to their communities. At least their chats and SMM groups will be mentioned by Youtubers.

I see that there is now a long way how to submit proposals and get funded. So we did all steps that @mecsbecs showed [New Process] Community Payouts
Thanks for recorded video, made it much easier.

So waiting for comments from @marketingdao-council
@Dacha give us some honor for first look.

Target wallet : starsguild.near
Wallet owner: Edgars Zunda


@mecsbecs Still if we want to get funds from Marketing DAO to Stars Guild DAO do we have to go trough whole long validation process or after Marketing Council approval it can be submitted to Marketing DAO straight ahead?
@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear @Dacha
What do you think?


Good evening. I’m still waiting for additional information from NF . I proposed slightly faster procedure for Marketing DAO Grantees.


Dacha, thanks for helping out to speed the process :innocent:

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You’ll still need to follow the new payout process and pass KYC here:

You can begin the KYC process before the Council has reviewed any of your proposals, though, in an effort to speed it up.

In regards to the proposal, looks great and previous work has been full of effort too. Happy to approve if no further comments from @marketingdao-council .


Hey David, KYC was submitted. Idk, let me know if system doesn’t show that.

Mijauuu. :smiley_cat:

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Sweet! Should get an email shortly


Yes, sure . I’ll be on 100% transparent and objective

Good evening. This YouTube blogger promotes sh*t coins (95% of all
contents) and does poor quality of content. Please, replace it .

How do you work with ru guild ? Why Russian-speaking influencers above didn’t include links on Russian Near guild?

I think it’s too much for 10 videos . I believe you and one agent can cover all work. A week ago, I analyzed YouTube bloggers , contacted with them. Overall, I spent 8 hrs and got 16 proposals from the bloggers.

I propose : reduce agent bounties to $50 per blogger ($500);

Reduce to $100 .

Telegram channel is not active, 57 members, one message from Yana in January , what did you mean “NEWS FEED”? mostly conversations between Near Stars Guild members.

Twitter. Would be great to see your own tweets. Now, your Twitter is place for reposts and Flying Rhino clients shilling like OIN Finance, Mintbase… Did you know about it?

OWS pays $100 to Flying Rhino degens who work with Twitter.

May be you have a marketing plan for Stars guild Twitter account and expected results?

By the way, marketing dao paid to her $1000 in December . Could you please provide results of work with Telegram and Twitter accounts?

1 post in December and one in January.
Twitter was not active by January 13rd…

Should we close your previous proposal ?

Waiting for additional information from you . Thanks


I have couple of them :blush:

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I suggest to you with next proposal bring list of all YouTube bloggers who are willing to promote Near and projects and Marketing DAO councils with our great advisors will choose crypto- influencers from your roster. I have concerns about quality of content . I told you about it many times. Thanks


Ok, we could remove this one and add Stephens youtuber.

Because we simply didn’t ask. Now will.

Dacha, join our guild with your youtubers if you wish. For real!
Give me a list or PM with those that you want to work with.

I would say no. 200 USD is a fair bounty.

Also would say no. Her work is worth 1000 USD per month. Just that we have to squeeze in for 10k reduced it this time till 500 USD.

Yeah, cuz January was passive and none of work in Stars Guild was done concerinig youtubers.
Energy was given to work on guilds product:

An noone asks funding for January in current proposal.

Yes, maybe for third countries it’s reasonable, still i see that for OWS for such a bounty it’s hard to find SMM and admins.
They are looking for Rust developer for 500 USD p/m

For NEARKISS.PET we are looking for dev and costs of DEV are 1’5-2k USD per month as sample.
We need to make work done. If those are 100 USD no one will do any actions. And her work isn’t only about managing Twitter.

Stephen asked 100 USD to manage Telegram, if it fits him, im fine.

Grow the audiance of NEAR and crypto realated people.

Work was mentioned here:

Dick pick artists was a joke, try to laugh at some times bro :sweat_smile:

He stays proactive and welcoming in Telegram, not like me.

Anything else @Dacha ?

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Hi @zhunda – I’m helping to advise the MarketingDAO. I think @dacha is right to ask all the questions he did. I like his idea of working with the DAO to approve/agree on the specific YouTubers in the future before funding.

I also appreciate your detailed replies. I know it takes a lot of time!

There is a lot here, and I don’t speak/read Russian so it is hard for me to evaluate all of the YouTube content, but that being said, what I would want to see is an outline of the specific marketing activities the contributing vloggers and creators will produce.

For example, not just the channel but:

  • 1 video about X topic posted on channel with X number of subscribers per month.
  • Promotion by vlogger across X social media channels X times per month.
  • Communication in Telegram and Discord at X cadence, timing etc.

It is hard for us to track performance and assess future proposals without really solid and specific marketing metrics at the time of funding.


Good point. As a council I can’t give you personal recommendations. Would be great to see active open discussion on your telegram group. Which blogger is better, why Korean bloggers ? How many Near community members in Korea? etc. I will join in the conversation.

Marketing DAO supports COMMUNITY-DRIVEN Marketing Campaigns. Try this model to work with Near Community (or create your own :blush:):

1.Work with Indian , Russian, Turkey, and other guilds,community members, agents find most popular YouTube bloggers , then
2.Bring list of them on your telegram group… discuss on public with your guild members, then
3. Add Stars guild leadership and agents on Astro DAO and vote for best bloggers on chain.

Unfortunately, your current work procedures are not transparent for community. I don’t know ways to check out prices, I couldn’t find any collaborations with Near Community. I multiple times tagged your guild in other proposals, asked help for newbie members with their YouTube channels.

Please, review my comments above. I compare only expected and actual results with proofs and facts. Usually, Marketing DAO pays $200 for one social media account with specific KPI’s.

Could you please include specific metrics?

Sorry, for misunderstanding. Really joke :joy:

Links on Star’s guild Twitter https://twitter.com/nearstarsguild?s=21

And tg group Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild , added tracker for you @nearstarsguild - Статистика канала NEAR Stars Guild. Telegram Analytics

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Hi @Zhunda just read through your proposal and would agree with the comments by @Dacha and @so608

IMO it is important to provide easy to access analysis and metrics from your guilds work.

I appreciate that you have always posted a monthly Report, but moving forward we need to find ways to make that data more accessible.


Update : Today, I spent 15 minutes of my time for negotiations with Crypto Chris. He is willing to create content for $800.

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@Dacha @so608
We could give a large list of youtubers for Marketing DAO council to choose from.
In this cirlce we chosen best ones in term of how content is shown and price to view ratio.

Rest of youtubers are alos cool but the budget they asked… Not the thing to put into 10k budgeting so not much to discuss which ones to choose with Marketing Council or NEAR community. :man_shrugging:
Dacha made his point if Head Capital doesn’t suit than were cool with that, same comments are welcomed from anyone before submitting proposal. Hope that made clear with that.

That’s maybe for report after videos are posted, we try to gather max info and give it to community.
I got your idea about gathering growth by “how many followers to NEAR specific telegram group did youtuber bring”. This week had a plan to catch all national language guilds that youtubers will promote, yeah, continuing your thought it would be much better not to add only group sample links (as we pland this cycle) to channels but ask from them invite links (think discord has that kind of option, for telegram invite links can be shared in Youtubers description by bit.ly to atleast messure clicks.
From our past works we see that maybe 5% of viewers take look into video description or comments. Can do a lot of things for those 5% to messure CTR, growth of subscribers etc. but it wont give a full view on what viewer decided after watching the video. Imagine video having 10k views and 10 clicks on Telegram link. Does it mean that for xxx$ video got only 10 clicks, technichally YES, and it should mean that costs per one recieved follower are 50 USD - YES, can total PR effort for 10k viewers that wathced video (some may be into NEAR, some first time hearing it) be messured? NO, it can’t.
so608 think in each previous porposal this was discussed. A short general overview.
Im a marketing geek, everything should be mesured to see the outcomes.
Pareto 80/20 should be used everywhere.
And it makes me also sad that i cant see those 20% that give 80% of result.

This is a problem, im opened to hear out certain things that can be done to solve it.

With Sandbox team we had a plan to give 10 USD in NEAR for each new onboarded activist using keyword or something like that. Cool bite to motivate person and for OWS a transperant messurement to see how effective was campaign. Still now on OWS rolling opportunities are closed and they won’t be advertised.

Hope you understood my pain.

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@Hsmoney homework understood? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Stephen want’s to organize bi-weekly group calls with discussions. Maybe this will give a better feedback.
For now it looks like everyone approves every activity or choise of youtubers.

Dacha and being a council member doesn’t forbid you to join our guild as “agent” or other guilds and help them out.

  1. As metnioned in past comment, this time we put once that we can afford.
  2. Work with Astro DAO will be shown here in comments.
    Procedure to get funds for certain youtuber from NEAR Stars Guild DAO will be made simple.
    To bring agents on Astro DAO, idk, due this cyle the least they will learn what is Astro DAO and how to use it. By next meetup btw a good thing to explain how it will work. To make “agents” as DAO council, a nice idea, still not everything at a time.

Ouu yeah, in proposals you just see tip of iceberg.
If i would start to share screens with youtuber mails, TG chats with agents or all work processes, then those 30-40 hours per week would add extra 15-20 hours, and i don’t want to do that.

Newbies do come and write PMs, thanks for your work. I just don’t make it public.

Once again, besides Twitter Yana helps with administration, design, news gathering and espionage.
Dacha, i understand you might have some personal issues with her. You don’t have to put it in public each time.
Please, can we close this topic?

Mentioned this in so608 comment.

Thank you. @Hsmoney a cool tool to use. In right upper corner language can be changed.

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Hey @cryptocredit we do post metrics after each work cycle.

Heres a sample, if you see that any additional specific info should be given, please mention what we can share.

For December and January nothing much was done or any funding was asked. My karma is clean no to give any stats on work for these months. :innocent:


Nothing personal. Only facts. She got $1000 from Marketing DAO and didn’t do her job. 2 own posts on tg and 2 on Twitter.

I can prepare full statistics if you disagree with me. Mostly shilling Flying Rhino LLC clients on Twitter. NF paid 1500 N for this work + extra $1000 from Marketing DAO .

I will definitely vote no for this point.

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Sweet! Thanks for kicking out extra discount.

@Dacha no jokes, i see that your good in negotiations with them!

Past week i got reply from NEAR Guild Grant, some small things should have more description, and by past week had additonal plans how future of guild might look. Ill discuss it with Grace to form whole picture, after think to share it on forum.
As a small peek in plans, we want to recruit a develper to help run guilds first project, if it goes well then to onboard other project authors or teams to give them sort of a “start up” help.
Now we can give some PR intro, marketing advices, business concepts and drive to other guilds who can give a work support.

Anyhow, have a serious thought which youtubers you can/want to bring we can put you atleast as agent.
If for now you see certain thing that you would like to do in Stars Guild. If your keen on report creation or see any other acrivity that you want to cover, let me know in PM, a fair bounty in exchange that you want ill fight for when makiing a 3 month budgeting plan in Guild Grant proposal. :+1:

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