[CLOSED]near positive vibes | august 2023 $2,500

Near Positive Vibes

An active, creative and fun community in the Near ecosystem. Our offer includes attracting new users to the ecosystem, opening new active wallets. Our community is international and covers almost all continents of the globe. The language of communication in the chat is English, as part of the active users come from the Europe.

How will new users be attracted? New users will be attracted through advertising in crypto chats, our users will share information about the ecosystem with their friends and they will come to our chat, and we, in turn, will introduce them to the ecosystem, show the advantages of the Near blockchain over other blockchains. Our chat moderators will teach the community how to properly use the products released on Near. Everyone understands that cryptos love various drops and we will use this opportunity. Active participants in the chat will be encouraged using the telegram bot NearUptipbot, participants from Twitter, social will be encouraged directly from the wallet.This is necessary for the transparency of transfers.

What kind of work will the chat moderators do? Chat moderators are familiar with and interact with many Near project developers. We will invite developers, influencers to our chat and explain how to use this product using an example. For community members, weekly quizzes will be held with questions about the Neary ecosystem of other crypto projects, this procedure is for the interest of users. User interest will be rewarded with Near tokens. The chat will also host various creative contests, games between chat participants and with other chats.

Plans for two months: attracting 500-1000 new members to the chat, an active community, holding an AMA with Near product developers, weekly quizzes, creative contests, collaborations with other chats, publishing news in the chat from different twitter channels and other telegram and discord chats. The work of the moderators will be to conduct a telegram chat, publish news in the telegram channel, maintain a twitter, search for information on twitter, Facebook, discord,

Where will this amount be used?
Reward for 2 creative contests - $300 .
Weekly quizzes: $400 .
2 AMA sessions with the chat community and with invited developers - $300
Collection of news about new products and other interesting news about the Near ecosystem - $200.
Collaborations with other chats - $200.
Advertising in crypto chats: $200.
Creative competition for marketing - $200.
Salary of moderators $500 , three moderators,1500.
Total amount :3300

Telegram: Contact @NearPositiveVibes_Support in telegram


Thank you for your proposal.

A very active TG group with some participation,

However, you seem to be new to the ecosystem, having joined last week, as well as a new community, or have i missed something?

If the community is new and has never received funding, try to introduce it, else your previous reports and track record will be appreciated.

In your introduction, include the following:
-Near Social
Who are the team behind Near Positive Vibes? Their names, ecosystem experience, and social handles.

This is our new procedure ([Announcement] Marketing DAO constellation (NDC v0), new proposals, and funding procedures)

You can contact me via tg @Bakakaa or any of the council members for assistance and advice on how to get started.

Thank you

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Hello, What does collaboration with other chats mean? Thanks

Hello,this means that, for example, various joint mini-contests, games with a prize pool will be held, this will make it possible to attract their chat participants to yourself .Thanks

Hello, thanks for the question. I have been with my team in the ecosystem since October 2022, so we are not newbies. But only now there is an opportunity to work with RS DAO, thanks to the fact that it appeared. Also, below I provide social networks that you request:

Tags admin: @son_anarchy0 @PlanetaVeNEARa @NearPositiveVibes_Support
Near social:
Near Social

Near positive vibes is really good community, I’ve been member there and they really have done good job​:+1:

thank you very much, good to hear​:blush:

After consideration from all admins, and MDAO guidance, moving to approve $2500 due to our limited funding for August. Wait for an update concerning funding.

Thanks to @marketingdao-council for your support.

thank you very much for your support :hugs:

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Hello! @Frederick , your application was approved by RCDAO (part of the Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO constellation). The proposal will be included in the following request to NDC Trust @TrustNDC (~ on August 15th). Expected payment time ~ August 16th-August 31st. Some additional requirements may apply. Please join NDC Marketing HUB Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing

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Hi. Nice proposal. Share your working wallet address. Thx :smiling_face:

Hello. Unfortunately, we were informed by MDAO that due to limited funding they could get from NDC trust, RCDAO proposals won’t be funded in V0.

We keep building for V1 and beyond.