[Closed] Near Insider Funding Request For NEARCON 2022


Good Day NEAR Community!
I am Tony Tran, the founder of Near Insider, one of the biggest social media and marketing services provider served solely for the Near Ecosystem.
I am writing this proposal to the Community to request for travel funding to NEARCon to support Near Insider Team of 3 in travel expenses, enabling us to successfully participate in this event.

Our Objectives:
Through this trip, we are planning to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To deeper understand the NEAR’s insights and updates
    Insights are extremely important to describe the internal problems of both the project and the users. The presence at NEARCon will help us better understand the NEAR’s insights and updates. From there we are able to enhance our media channels, bringing higher quality and useful content to the Nearians community, as well as utilizing our media strength to cover the happenings at NEARCon 2022 in particular and everything about NEAR as a whole.
  2. To get updated from and strenghen the relationship with the projects
    As we are one of the leading media channel and provider in the NEAR Ecosystem, our Near Insider Twitter currently has more than 23K engaged followers, and we have been supporting over 100 projects within the Ecosystem. Participating in the NEARCon is a good opportunity for us to meet up with the projects’ representatives, understand more about their business models, upcoming goals and plans, etc. This will help open up more strategic partnerships in terms of media and marketing to better support the projects in the NEAR Ecosystem.
  3. To promote NEAR Ecosystem to the Vietnamese community
    Vietnam is considered an incubator in the Blockchain field. Near Insider bases in Vietnam. There have been many Unicorn projects in our country, some of the names are Coin98, Kyber Network. We would want Vietnam to have more projects that may become Unicorns, especially when building on NEAR.
    We are also aware that there will be Vietnamese-based projects within the NEAR Ecosystem coming to NEARCon 2022. Few to name are: Nearlend DAO, NearFi Wallet, F-Protocol.
    We believe that with Near Insider’s reputation & credibility, our appearance at the NEARCon will generate positive news and impacts on Vietnamese blockchain communities, as well as our followers around the world

Our Participating Team:
The Near Insider team applied to come to NEARCon 2022 consists of 3 persons whose names, titles and responsibilities are listed hereunder:

  1. Tony Tran: Founder and CEO. On-spot responsibilities: Team Leader and main contact.
  2. Van Huynh: CMO. On-spot responsibilities: Content creator, writer and interviewer.
  3. Quoc Huynh: Producer. On-spot responsibilities: Cameraman and video edior.
    Tony Tran

    Van Huynh

    Quoc Huynh

Our Activities at NEARCON 2022:
Media Coverage Campaign “Near Insider reports the NEARCon 2022 right from Lisbon”
• 2x Daily Report Tweets (AM and PM) across Sep 11th-14th.
• Compose a Tweet thread to fully recap the NEARCON 2022 and publish on Near Insider Twitter post event.
• Filming the highlights of NEARCon 2022 and video interview with the projects at NEARCon to make into a post event recap video. The video will be Vietnamese subtitled and post onto our Near Insider TV Youtube channel.
• Daily Live-interview shorts post on Near Insider TV Youtube channel across 4 days of the events (quantity of shorts will be based on reality at the events).

Our Trip Planning:
• Travel date: Sep 9th, 2022 – Departing from Vietnam
• Event date: Sep 11th-14, 2022 – Participating in the Events, media coverage
• Return date: Sep 15th, 2022

Our requested fund (break-down):

  1. Air Tickets:
    • Flying from Vietnam: $2,347/person x 3 persons
    • Sub-total: $7,041
    Ticket link

  2. NEARCon Tickets:
    • On Mintbase: $300/person x 3 persons
    • Sub-total: $900

  3. Accomodation, Food and beverage, Transporation:
    • Allowance: $120/person/day x 3 persons x 5 days
    • Sub-total: $1800

Total fund request: $9,741 in NEAR

Target wallet:

Thank you! @David_NEAR pls edit tag “community fund, nearcon” and community category

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Reached out in DM regarding other potential funding avenues which can, and should, only be used if you’re in a position where you cannot afford to head to NEARCON using your own funds


This was really needed as there were many proposals like this on the forum :eyes:, Thanks for the heads up ser :clap:

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Hello, thanks for your proposal. I believe one person can successfully represent NearInsider on NearCon (instead of 3).

Propose to reduce rewards to 3,250



Hi @Dacha sure. But I can’t control this. It’s price from ticket and hotel

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Hello. Sure. I can come to Lisbon alone. But I need 2 person. He will support me. Is this ok?

At their own expense only :grin:

Oh, so I can go there alone. Thank you! I will receive fund and will I buy the plane ticket and book the hotel myself or will I be assisted with that?

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I would love to hear comments from @Klint and @satojandro

Hey! Near Insider is from one of my favourite guilds here. They are always influencing us with their news and content.
But 3 team members representing at Nearcon with NEAR Foundation’s expenses would be injustice. Only 1 person is enough, but after seeing tons of proposals like this on Forum I guess everyone taking it as picnic tours. Pardon my words if I am wrong!


Hello @thisissowrong . Thanks for comment. As I say above, we have a plan for this trip. Promote Near for Viet Nam community, but if cost is a problem, I reduced and I will come to Lisbon alone and change the plan for promote


you can check their position here.

It does seem pretty reasonable… he speaks about roi, real impact, and quality.

how 3k per person works on Roi?
Considering your return on investment has been very low and the followers base of the Account is still filled with eggheads, fake accounts and in the last 60 days engagement has been disappointing as it was analyzed last time I commented on your report (numbers are as always).

This request is not worth it as it was already said in a similar situation.

Also, I would recheck the financing to your Twitter account in general and reconsider the partnership.

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