[Closed] NEAR Health Marketing and Meta Onboarding to the BOS

very interesting proposal, i am intrigued on how y’all will bridge the gap between the Near blockchain and Healthcare. good luck on the event, great job on the proposal!

Thank you for your proposal, and great work has been done over the past 3 months.

Rejection, Questions, Thoughts, and Suggestions:

As an MDAO advisor and regional community contributor, I will be unable to recommend and support your proposal, including any subsequent ones.


You are not trustworthy, and I will never trust your guild again. You claimed in your reports, “we had one of our team members presented NEAR at a Fintech&Healthcare event in Morocco, the event held for 3 days, where every project get to introduce themselves and onboard people, we had the chance of attending the event very late and so we didn’t even submit a proposal to prepare well for the event but anyways we did our best and delivered the words “NEARIsTheBOS” to the Moroccans and other attendees.” which is completely false and untrue.

The person you claimed to be a member of your team presenting Near in Morocco is a very close friend of mine, a CEO/Founder of Spendo, whose startup was invited to GITEXAFRICA after a rigorous process. If I recall correctly, he received his exhibition invitation from May 31 to June 2, 2023. i have the letter because he shared with me we are all happy by that time. i won’t attach it here due to privacy.

This is his facebook post during the event Ibrahim at GITEXAFRICA.

Concerns about your product:

Even though you did not request funding for your product, I have a few questions.

  • Your project’s business model is unclear and your go-to-market strategy is not visible, I recommend a format similar to this:

  • What are the current problems that exist that you want to solve?

  • What is your solution? Product and services “You can list all your services, including the market place, Learn to earn, etc., here.”

  • Development phases

  • Timing and Target market

  • Who are your direct and indirect competitors?

  • Advantage in the marketplace

  • Revenue Model

Again, what differentiates your product from its competitors?

any potential risks discovered during your due diligence? Because your project requires a lot of government support and awareness, consider that the environmental issues facing the country and community are not supportive. what are the expected risks?

These questions are critical for the long-term viability of your product and for investors to understand your model.
Also, am concerned about this statement in your business model

Selling user data? Are you kidding me !


-General overview of your event, including themes, purpose and target audience

-locations (venue)

-event format, which includes agenda, duration, interactive activities to engage attendees, and registration

-Content; most likely outline the topic/s to be covered

-promotion plan, can you please explain how you will market the event?

-community engagement: how are you going to foster networking and collaboration among attendees after the event?

-Timeline: Create a timeline with key milestones and deadlines. Identify potential risks and outline your approach to mitigating them.

Summarize your vision for the event and its anticipated impact on the Near ecosystem.

Responding to these questions will help the council and other members have a clear direction for your proposal too.

cc: @marketingdao-council, It is NO from me due to the first reasons.

@Bakaka Well that person you claimed to be your friend and that you know him well about spendor and all, so you think i just got the picture somewhere on the internet??
that person is also my classmates and this is not the first time he represent us for an event, guess maybe you should have ask him since you know him before coming here to just talk, and if you still want to confirm you should please talk to him.
I am starting with this because it’s very hurtful, we’ve been here for almost 2yrs, we only made around 5 proposals throughout that time, we really tried our best to stay truth to our words, this might be a misunderstanding or something and would probably be my fault

I have no objections to him being a member of your team. It is your claim that is incorrect. Please prove me wrong, and I will gladly apologize and support your proposal.

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To really proved you wrong will actually be better done when you asked him yourself.
this is third time we had him represent Near health at an event, last before this was blockchain summit in Abuja.
He just called very late that he’ll be going, i thought he should help us say and sure them something about NEAR and he told me that HE WILL DO IT.
So him being working for Spendo could or couldn’t provent him from doing it, but i asked him afterwards and he told HE DID IT. I DIDN’T SAY WE HAD BANNER OR TABLE THERE. JUST THAT DELIVER THE WORDS AND ONBOARD.

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We’ll sort out this allegations first, then I’ll move on to answer your other questions, by the way it’s a good observation and i hope we could get it right


Please, @Mohaa . We do not have to drag this any longer, his presence in Morocco is not to presented Near or your guild. I do not want to share a personal conversation because my evidence is sufficient. But, without a doubt, I will share in our closed group with the other council members, and if I am wrong again, I will gladly apologize and support, Our intention is not to deny any one or community funds or support. But we can’t build the community of our dreams if the leaders are not honest and trustworthy.

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I did not also say he went specifically because of pur Guild, I said we got the opportunity he’s in our team so I told him to represent us no matter how little

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Is your community a region based community or purely a marketing firm?

The answer to this will help us know where to categorise your proposal.

Hi it’s not a region based community, it’s use case based(industry based) DAO, we carry out activities around places not just one region, thanks


Please, list the members of your DAO.


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So I understood where the problem lies, and it’s my fault for making it sounds like a claim that our team member went to Morocco specifically for NEAR Health, He went there on behave of something else and I just enquired that he should help us talk to some few audience about NEAR.

we have talked on phone extensively with @Bakaka , and as he explained the situation to me, might be a miscommunication or the way i wrote the English in the report and also in this proposal making it sounds like a claim, I am apologizing to the community for that and will take note in the future to do better.

Since it has already went like a specific claim, I’ll just remove/edit it from both the report and this new proposal, Than you

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Thank you very much in showing interest and also going through the documents we provided in the last report for our upcoming decentralized play-to-earn review platform on the BOS(Conservity).

About the business model and all, thank you the format recommendation and pointing out key areas we need address, we are going to do that very soon and are just at the initial phase, so we will be learning more and making more changes and corrections gradually, it’s going really slow because of funding and all but we’ll keep up and deliver good stuff, thanks

And Concerning this, here is an exexute summary sent to us about the event
Summary Near Health.pdf (115.9 KB)

Title: Healthcare Fest and Capacity Building Praxes

Themes: Healthcare, Health Tech, Solutions to Health Problems, Role of Tech in Healthcare.

On-site Event, 3 days duration, consist of Speech delivery, Education series, Career Guidance, Health Insurance, Workshops, basic life support training and medical outreach with of course reservations and fun sessions.

Marketing the event will be done by the organizing body through National Media, students bodies, Universities Posters, Flyers and social medias.

To foster networking and collaboration after event, we intend to organize online workshops for onboarded techies, community engagement for non techies, videos and articles of how to go with using NEAR for the general audience.

Timeline and Milestones: all activities within this proposal will be completed ending of September.
From this month we will start making the vidoes and Articles on time to have them ready before the event in August, Our webinars present depends on the date of the webinars and we will attend as much as possible withing July, August and September.
We will begin Online workshops in August all through September. And our Twitter spaces will continue weekly or bi weekly.

Potential risks are the risks in large On-site event with high number of attendees and not to be able to specific fish out the better audience to engage, to mitigate this we’ll focus more on students, founders, sponsors and technical individuals.

Summary of vision for the event is to onboard high numbers of students, techies, founders, Medias and other interested individuals

1.Onboarding new individuals and increasing number of transactions: we are targeting to onboard 700 or nearly a thousand through FastAuth and ShardDog for fast onboarding, then use i-am-humna for records.
2. Increasing the visibility of NEAR and NEAR dapps to people that will engage
3. Sourcing Founders and Devs to build on NEAR by showcasing how easy and cool it can with the BOS
4. Good Community perspective of NEAR being Carbon Neutral and allowing cheap use of infrastructure
5. Positioning NEAR at the top for innovation in healthcare and other apps in general
6. Sourcing potential collaborations
7. Award of excellence to NEAR through NEAR Health

Thank you

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What projects specifically?

i think this depends on the type of application a new user wants to use, after onboarding them with FastAuth, or ShardDog and maybe to NearSocial, that’s why we will do follow up engagement to show them how to go about other dapps, how things work and the different kind of applications they can use

Hello, dear @Mohaa Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later


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Thanks @Dacha
wondering if we could get the get the little funding for the remaining part of the proposal aligning with NDC initiatives, for the discussions on twitter spaces, videos, and walk-through online workshops.
Since MDAO won’t be accepting proposal for August and we made it August was the event, as i mentioned in the proposal, we’ve started preparation for these initiatives already for July.

So i don’t know if it could go like that, or we can submit a new proposal just for that or we just can’t do anything from now till August or after August?

Thank you

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Data Monetization ?? this is unsettling.