[CLOSED] near grassroot 8 aside soccer tournament (for the month of october)

@satojandro Who is policing Near Nordic?

@IgbozeIsrael I noticed you loved the project. Why haven’t you been policing it like you do others?

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I loved which project you mean?
For a good notice, I am not policing any project or community.

I just give my comments on projects I see, ask questions and often help reshape the idea initially put.

I have questions under my proposals that I do take proper attitude in answering.

Also, the forum is open for everyone to be involved.

I loved the project because the proposal was accurately written with clear metrics.

Also, I loved it because in my opinion, it was great.

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I’m in support of what @FabDab is saying,

All u do is police
Ur comment doesn’t have the Moderators final say on a project at the end of the day,

There are some people you would support their proposal with full Chest However it may be., we see everything! :eyes:
Pls focus on yourself,

Let the moderators do the work their getting paid for.


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I’m glad you know this fact bro.

My comments doesn’t mean a proposal won’t be approved.

Most of my questions is to help reshape a proposal.

You need to understand that constructive comments and questions under a proposal is not to render it useless but for the one who made the proposal to answer with more details and provide enlightenment.

NB: My comments doesn’t mean a proposal won’t be approved.
I am as every other member of the community who finds value in does who are adding value.

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Then leave people with their business, fam… the sky is wide enough for all to fly @IgbozeIsrael

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I’m not saying he shouldn’t do policing, we need it, only that he should be fair, what you do for one, do for all.

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I wish everybody knew this. Stop blocking other people’s chances to increase yours​:pensive:.

Very sad.

I stand for fairness, equality, honesty and uprightness.

If you can’t extend the same rule to everyone, then stay on your line.

So far, I haven’t see him go challenge klintz for the over 26k funds he has gotten so far only to have 2 followers on Instagram (including himself​:pensive:) 7 members on Telegram (including himself and a bot), 12 followers on Twitter, 2 followers on Facebook.

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He wouldn’t challenge Klintz, because he wouldn’t want Klintz to notice he challenged him so it won’t affect his own proposal too, he’s serving to his own mouth :slightly_smiling_face: @IgbozeIsrael


:thinking: I see. Thank you so much for the insight. I really appreciate.


@sheadyyy the funny part is before one says jack, your post will be flagged, or your account blocked. I only know that what goes around comes around.

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Bro, the forum is big. If you find me under any proposal, it’s because I had time to go over it.

How about you put up a proposal with clear metrics and see if you get questions under it?

Well, I leave you all to your thought.

…btw, have you and @sheadyyy come across the NDC working group where community members are making great contributions to grow the ecosystem?

You can check this out NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) Preamble - DRAFT

Talking about this, [Approved] April Launch Event + Promotion / Mintbase x NFTs for Near Nordic

This proposal is a one time funded event.

I don’t know your anger but, it’s okay…bro

:clap: bravo!
Well spoken. Thank you for the advice.

I am familiar with NDC, save yourself the stress.

May the works of our hands be sufficient for us all. In due time, we will all eat the fruits of our labours.


that’s all that matters
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You are wrong sir. Near Nordic has received at least two more grants that I know of. 7k plus and 5k plus

Nobody is angry, take it easy. We are only calling for equal standard and fairness.

If It was other community member, I doubt this is how you will take the matter. You will call the whole forum to come reason out the matter. Saying how you are trying to bring accountability and transparency…

I love your policing, but what you do for one, do for all.


@Dacha @Klint @satojandro @IgbozeIsrael thank you all for your feedback. My own way to contribute to the NEAR community even thought the idea was not put into consideration. Hopefully i might be given the opportunity.

To @FabDab @sheadyyy thank you very much for speaking up. Yes, sporting activities, most especially football is a wonderful to call the attention of active youths and it would have been a privilege for me to bring near to my community.

However, i believe the @marketingdao-council have their criteria in achieving maximum success of this massive ecosystem.

I love you all cheers


It was a great proposal btw

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@Web3Hulk i trust you are doing fine. Thank you :hugs: