[Closed] Near Bangladesh Open DAO


The pursuit of the project in the prolonged period is to expand the NEAR Community in Bangladesh. As we know NEAR enables a world of NFTs, DAOs, and other new business models for betterment. Bangladesh is one of the climate vulnerable countries, as well and from that point of view we will support climate friendly products as well from the fact that NEAR is the first certified climate-neutral blockchain along with proven low cost and fastest too. NEAR already has established a bridge to Ethereum and other ecosystems for effortless interoperability. The idea of blockchain itself is a new dimension and one of the key elements of technology these days; at this point from our side we are eager to build a community focused in Bangladesh and spread NEAR’s operational aspects, use cases, benefits of development of Dapps, NFT’s and protocols in near ecosystems to the people here.

With approximately 228 million native speakers and another 37 million as second language speakers,[ref][ref] Bengali is the fifth most-spoken native language and the sixth most spoken language

by total number of speakers in the world.[ref][ref]

So we think it’s high time to knock on this huge community by a native speakers team like us

.Accordingly, by concentrating on some specific most popular social medias like YouTube, Twitter

,Discord, Telegram Facebook, Instagram, Medium, http://opendao.eu.org etc. for community expansion and Branding of NEAR protocol among this Bengali speaking community cause we strongly believe that “in market we are nothing without a trusted community” We will establish a strong trusted community by Community Branding ,engaging ,unique content creation ,mentoring by public relation & influences to build a “NEAR BANGLADESH” community . Initially, we are here with a 6-month deliberate project which we are expecting to launch from 1st March 2022 and continue till August 31st ,2022.


Create interest and grow NEAR users, developers, NFT’s creators and Investors Community focusing on Bangladesh. DAO proposal under Marketing/Community DAO


We want to build a permanent and auto expandable NEAR Community here in Bangladesh and as broad as we can go. In a developing country like Bangladesh which we also aim to address as. Country as a whole is moving to launch and integrate digitalization of assets and the financial system as well.

"Digital Bangladesh’’ needs to come to the attention of such globally recognized communities.

Our team is multilingual (English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu) which will work as a strength and the plan we have in hands we believe this community will not only expand and for grow within this territory also expansion will create hype within these this language speaking communities on Bangladesh neighboring Blockchain enthusiastic community as well. It will also reach NEAR to somewhere broader than this region.

To build this community we will be choosing – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Telegram

,Medium and our permanent webpage community forum opendao.eu.org to begin with.


  1. Sign up 100+ members in each month in our built community on Twitter,

  2. Discord, Telegram, and Facebook

  3. Conduct at least 1 event engaging our newly built community (Quiz, live sessions, webinar, discord moderator Q/A sessions, etc.)

  4. Face to Face meet up /Virtual Meetup in every second month three in total

  5. Conduct at least 2(Two) Community Expansion Events engaging events within our newly built community ( Quiz, live sessions/webinar etc.) creation of NFT’s and base concepts of DAO’s. Distribute reward for winners

  6. We will conduct at least 1 (One) big Hackathon within the time frame (With local most potential universities programming clubs, focus will be use cases of NEAR protocol and develop Dapps in NEAR). We will organize multiple sessions in different universities to encourage ,motivate and patronize most innovative conveniences of NEAR Protocol because NEAR Protocol makes building and deploying DApps ,NFT’s and protocols easier, faster, and cheaper than any other Blockchain. NEAR is the first certified climate-neutral blockchain along with low cost and fast confirmation of blocks. Features such as its contract- based account model.


  1. Growing interest and introducing NEAR protocols taking required measures.

  2. Create translated content for developers and media.

  3. Create events to enlighten the people of our community.

  4. Social media platforms will follow a schedule to spread the learning materials.

  5. The entire work will be tackled by CONARID’s core team.


1. ## YouTube -$500+$200 (Channel Optimization /Digital Marketing Purpose)

Increase the numbers of subscribers targeted 10,000 ten thousand approx. Expected total target in 6 (six) months. multiple videos with info graphics & motion graphics information about use cases, benefits, and new updates of NEAR protocol.

2. Twitter https://twitter.com/ConaridLab - 100 followers: $250 with info graphics posts in Bengali and English (@Nafis,@Traee)

3. Discord - 100 members: $250 with info graphics posts in Bengali and English (@Nafis,@Traee)

4. Telegram - 100 members: $250 with info graphics posts in Bengali and English (@Hasan,@Srijony)

5. Facebook -200 members: $300 with info graphics posts in Bengali and English (@Srijony,@Traee)

6. Instagram-200 members: $250 with info graphics posts in Bengali and English (@Srijony,@Traee)
7. Medium: We will use Medium https://conarid.medium.com for translating most important and relevant updated news in Bengali. (@Srijony,@Traee)

8. Opendao.eu.org: $400 community updates establishment moderating and updates each month’s activities with info graphics & motion graphics information, latest medium translation posts and about use cases, benefits, and new updates of NEAR protocol. This webpage even will be updated by CONARID self-fund after successful completion of DAO/Projects .so Near Bangladesh community will remain in expansion mood (CONARID core team)

9. Hackathon/ Face meet up /Virtual Meet up/2(Two) Community Expansion Events engaging events within our newly built community ( Quiz, live sessions/webinar etc.) = $800

We all provide gifts and meals to participants and reward the best performers as well.

## Approximate budget from the given information for each 1(one) month is $3200 (500+200+250+250+250+300+250+400+$800).

We already launched this web page to make permanent and relative changes in use cases of NEAR protocol among our communities. After successful completion of this DAO there will be a big expanded community so that they can carry forward with ideas and it will be designed in such a way that it keeps expanding even after the project is completed in 6 (six) months.

  • Time Zone : GMT +6:00
  • Location of Operation :DHAKA
  • Activities area: Bangladesh
  • Target Group : Bengali speaking Community in Bangladesh, Approximately 228 million native speakers and another 37 million


  1. Space for conducting events
  2. Event budget (hackathon / webinar / workshop)
  3. Monthly cost for Community Management Support
  4. Operational & management cost per month
  5. For each platform optimization we proposed monthly budget

To build this community we will be choosing – Facebook, Twitter/Discord/Telegram/Instragram/Medium/opendao.eu.org

Per month fund: $3200 per month in equivalent Near

Funding will be @CONARID official wallet: imldu.near
Wallet owner name :@ Md.Mahmudul Hasan Chowdhury
Councils Team Members : @Hasan, @Nafis ,@Srijony,@Traee

Budget Justification

Monthly= $3200

For six months in equivalent Near token for total tenure of project
1’st March 2022 and continue till August 31’st ,2022.

Let’s estimate the social media manager rate per hour and how many hours they need to put on monthly.

Social media Manager Rate per hour is $20 (In the case of a relatively new marketing manager) for moderating ,content writing, boosting ,monitoring ,AMA session and all others events

Now let’s consider the monthly hour of work required behind the overall platform from the social media manager.

The average working hour of a relatively new social media manager per week on a platform (Facebook, Twitter/Discord/Telegram/Instagram/Medium/opendao.eu.org) is 40hrs. Hence the total hour per month will be 160hrs (assuming 40 hours).

If we consider the lowest rate $20 then the total cost for each platform social media manager will be $3200 (20*160)

So, $3200 is on the lower end of the spectrum, and considering the type and scale of work, it’s low. Moreover, the quality of work may be compromised.


Can you clarify what funding amount you are asking for this project? It looks like $3,200/month at the top, but the bottom has a paragraph that says that’s a low amount and may compromise the quality of the work?

Also, why is this project set with a 6-month timeline?


Dear so608 thanks for your valuable question Our broad vision is NEAR Community expansion among native languages speakers mostly in Bengali.( Approximately 228 million native) also organize hackathon / webinar / workshop/quiz and different events and competitions as we described already .
focused in Bangladesh and spread NEAR’s operational aspects, use cases, benefits of development of Dapps, NFT’s and protocols in near ecosystems to the people here. we wants to trun these huge community as regular users and adopters. Yes we want to run this project for 6 months cause we want a relative & effective permanent Near community in Bangladesh cause here not any marketing community yet .In Budget Justification section we justify the minimum amount we need for running each of social media channels. Where we did breakdown of budget component very clearly .


Thanks for your proposal, but unfortunately I cannot support it. I have never heard about your company from my Ukrainian friends and never seen in Near Community before this moment. I Want to see some work to approve so large amount. Have a great day!

Ps: I’m advise to you sell your great NFT’s on Paras, Pluminate or Mintbase :wave:


I don’t know what is your view about UKRAINE right now…as CONARID have worked in so many successful projects. We are the first and best in Blockchain community engagement in Bangladesh and we shows remarkable success in case of community expansion Algorand ,Oasis Network ,Ocean Protocol ,Human protocol and others . Due to some multiple restrictions we have already applied and registered to UKRAINE Gov https://e-resident.diia.gov.ua program to legally operate in full phase along with banking activities which is not possible at the moment right now in Bangladesh.


Thanks for the time you’ve taken to write this proposal.

The Marketing DAO funds passion projects - initiatives conducted by community members that added meaningful amounts of value to the NEAR ecosystem. We strive to remunerate people for these efforts and empower them to do more.

Most of the initiatives outlined on your proposal can easily be carried out, at least in the early days, without any funding at all and with relatively little time commitment. As such, I find it very hard to support this proposal in its current form.

Reference for future proposals:

  • Less future looking statements (‘I will…’) and more concrete, results focused statements (i.e. ‘I have…’)
  • Include references to your current involvement in the NEAR community
  • Include links to previous work (infographics, etc.)
  • Include reasonable payout rates that take into account the local cost of living and actual workload involved given the size of the community

It’s a no from me. Price points are pretty far off.