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Funding Scheme: August-September-October

Project: Social Media Management muti DAO

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May-July Proposal

May-July Report

Previous Creatives DAO proposals

Creatives DAO report July (in draft mode as the funds have not been received yet)

Creatives DAO budget July (not received yet due to delays from NF side)

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muti DAO has formed an LLC and legal association and has been growing steadily. Our newest initiatives are the artist stipends and the NFT Fair to support the ecosystem projects and collaborate with other DAOs.

As per the previous recommendation, we are requesting marketing support for 3 months to guarantee an easier workflow if approved.

Thanks to the support through the marketing & creatives DAO we have been able to gain more visibility and a more solid image on our socials.

The tasks will remain similar to the previous months.

In October muti will speak at the WOMEX conference in Lisbon about Blockchain, web3 tools and NFTs and our usage of NEAR, which is a huge opportunity as it is a renowned music conference and we are planning to be present at NEARCON in September as well.

You can see here our social media schedule for August incl the ads to be used:

The monthly tasks for 3 months are:

  • FB: 960 USD

    • Management: min. 3 posts & several stories per week,creating events for the online streams and events & sharing 3x 250 USD / 750 USD
    • Actively growing the followers through campaigns, one per each online stream from the muti.on (2) as well as NFT drops, NFT fairs, youtube content events and physical events 3x 70 USD /210 USD
  • IG: 960 USD

    • Most active platform with the most variety of content and interaction which also leads to N & the forum (open calls, bounties)
    • Management: min. 3 posts & several stories per week, including NFT drops, stories & posts from other DAOs within the Ecosystem & the NEAR profile - 3x 250 USD / 750 USD
    • IG ads to promote physical events, NFT drops & NFT fairs, open calls and website 3x 70 USD / 210 USD
  • Twitter: 750 USD

    • daily posts & retweets per week about streams, events, collaborations & funding options (through the gov. forum) - 3x 250 USD / 750 USD
  • Youtube: 1050 USD

    • Collecting artist info & creating the promotion
    • Upload & promote content from streams, workshops, and premiers of the muti sessions in collaboration with CUDO DAO (content planned until October), events & aftermovies (Cabeça na Lua & Arte Na Floresta) & events (min. 3 each month)
    • Cross Promotion through other channels & creating youtube shorts- 3x 250 USD / 750 USD
    • Google ads - 3x 100 USD / 300 USD ( 4 ads per month, running for 5 Days with 25 USD budget in total, targeting creatives in Portugal and the UK as well as web3 folks)
  • TG: 600 USD

    • Sharing of bounties/ possibilities in the ecosystem & nurturing DAO to DAO / artist collabs through actively connecting them with other artists
    • Reviewing funding proposals & updates, explaining DAO functions, payouts etc. - 200 USD x N / 600 USD
  • Medium article: one per month, previous articles 360 USD

    • min. 800 words; to be published on Medium and on the Website
    • Inviting muti artists to share their experience with muti and how they entered the N ecosystem with us; focussing on topics around blending the digital with the physical and how newcomers developed within NEAR - 3x 120 USD /360 USD
  • Social Media Bounties: example from the previous month 600 USD

    • Creating bounties in the forum for the community to share the muti socials and activities and spread the content; 100 USD for the bounties & 100 USD for the management (setting up the bounties, doublechecking the fulfilled bounties & sending the reward & assisting participants) - 3x 200 USD /600 USD
  • Content Creation: 600 USD

    • Creating visual content (stories, posts, thumbnails, twitter posts) for all social media platforms on canva & Photoshop 3x 200 USD
  • WOMEX ‘22: 301$

    • muti council @tabear has been invited to speak about NFTs, and where music meets the blockchain at this year’s WOMEX, which will take place in Lisbon on 19.-23.10.22. This is a huge opportunity for us to promote both our DAO and the NEAR ecosystem, and whilst this invite includes 1 free pass for @tabear as a speaker, we would like to send one more representative from the DAO to the event to increase visibility and add perspective from an artist. This showcase includes many music industry leaders and would provide an incredible platform for networking on behalf of the DAO and the ecosystem. We have been offered a smart rate of 295€/ 301$ and would like to take this chance. 1x 301$

Current numbers:

  • FB: 282 Likes, 312 Followers
  • IG: 1053 Followers
  • Twitter: 712 Followers
  • Youtube : 201 followers
  • TG: 191 Members
  • Website: 950 visits


Reaching the following numbers by the end of October:

FB: reaching 350 like/ followers

IG: reaching 10350 followers

Twitter: reaching 950 followers

Youtube: reaching 1200 views per published video and 320 followers

TG: reaching 230 members

Website: reaching 1250 visits

Amount: 6181 USD

Target: muti.sputnik-dao.near (LLC Wyoming)

Thank you for your time and the support!


I cannot support your proposal because muti dao spent the last grant from Marketing DAO on work with intermediary company “OWS,” which hasn’t been mentioned in the proposal.

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Good day,

The Twitter account is handled by us again as the candidate unfortunately has not been able to continue the work, he only did it for one month, @AnaNastya can confirm that.

As explained here, the one time fee for OWS has been paid by the muti buffer, the marketing funds have therefore been used for the twitter management as requested and we still consider OWS the NEAR community, as everyone can apply as a contributor and the person requesting help from OWS actually gets an insurance/support in case the candidates don’t match. I believe it is well explained here as well.

I believe our reports are quite meticulous and you can see how we spent the funds requested from Marketing for July here.
Looking forward seeing what the remaining @marketingdao-council thinks about the proposal.


Thanks for the proposal. I can support the funding request for the upcoming WOMEX event in October, but I have some concerns about continuing to fund the social media production.

In looking at the July report, it looks like there were 4 new followers for FB, a missed goal for Twitter followers and 189 new followers for Instagram but the majority came from a single day or short time period where the spike is on your chart around 7/17 – what happened that caused the increased at that time?

I applaud the growth, but I am also looking for more traction and demonstrated growth from projects that have received a significant amount of funding from the MarketingDAO already.

Outside of social growth, are there any other metrics can you share that will show the growth and impact of the muti DAO within the NEAR ecosystem?



Thanks for your proposal,

I am willing to support this proposal for another month and then reassess.

The NEAR ecosystem is changing rapidly and in dire need of more marketing efforts. We are proactively inviting new projects to apply and priority will be given to new experiments and those that can have the largest impact.


Good day, @tabear . We can approve it for one month. Ok?


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I’m closing the proposal due to no response from an applicant. Feel free to re-apply later. Thanks

Good day and thank you for all your responses @so608, @satojandro & @Dacha.
The full muti crew has been out for the last 10 days to work on an installation on a physical festival, therefore we have not been online here and could not reply.

I will just leave some comments here to clarify, even if the proposal is already closed.

Regarding this:

I am unsure if the monthly reports might have caused some confusion., as the last report only showed the month of July. You can see in our last proposal our desired values that we wanted to achieve:

FB: reaching 300 followers by the end of July

IG: reaching 1000 followers by the end of July

Twitter: reaching 800 followers by the end of July

Youtube: reaching 1200 views per published muti session video and 90 followers

TG: May: June: July: reaching 190 members by the end of July

Website: May: June: July: reaching 600 visits by the end of July

Except for Twitter 748 instead of 800 followers) we have met and surpassed all those goals during the last 3 months. As none of us is a Twitter specialist, we are still trying to find the best strategy. We asked for support from OWS but unfortunately, the candidate was only able to work on the position for one month so now it is handled by us anymore.
The spike of followers on IG happened due to our advertisement for an open call for the artist stipend ( support for artists who will be/have been onboarded into the NEAR ecosystem).

As for metrics outside of the social growth we can mention the metrics we also added to the last Creatives DAO report as well as the fact that we have received several contact requests for collaborations outside of the NEAR forum (from artist agencies, musicians and creatives especially in Lisbon, Portugal):

  • 18 NFTs bought during NFTropolis
  • 9 NFTs sold on Mintbase (redeemables & digital items)
  • Reached 1068 followers on IG
  • 14 applications from non NEARians for the second open call (2 have been onboarded through the stipends)
  • 2069 views on muti.on/Youtube
  • More than 3k views on the muti sessions from Júlia Marotta & Meta_
  • Interview with Nomadelabel DAO
  • Collaborated with 9 other DAOs in July
  • DAO stats: https://daostats.io/astro/flow/muti.sputnik-dao.near & on the leaderboard of DAOs activity

We do understand that the Marketing DAO has to look closely and decide where to give the funding. As muti is not a traditional web3 company but also very much based in the physical world and still growing, I understand it might not seem as valuable as a DAO that works purely with web3. Our goal will stay the same, combining the web3 tools with the physical world and we will keep on using social media, regardless of the funding. In case there will be no more marketing support, we will simply have to scale down our social media activities a bit, as the funding helped to have one person dedicated to it to create one post per platform every day, as well as to schedule & pay ads.

I hope this helps to clarify. Let me know if there is anything else that we can add from our side and if we should send another proposal or if muti is not eligible anymore for the marketing support.

Thank you!