[Closed] MushyDAO x Blockathon DAO: Onboarding and Education - One Time Funding

Grant Proposal:

Onboard MushyDAO and it’s members members to Web3 through unique educational tasks


The Blockathon DAO as an education focused web3 public good initiative partnered with MushyDAO to facilitate wellness experiences and introduce Blockchain technology powered experiences. In this proposal, we are seeking funding to support the onboarding of MushyDAO members to the Web3 ecosystem through educational tasks.

This grant proposal outlines the educational initiatives that will enable MushyDAO members to learn about blockchain technology by completing a series of tasks:

  1. Setting up wallets on both Ethereum and NEAR Blockchains

  2. Claim NEAR blockchain name

  3. Acquiring Mind Altering certificate as an NFT on the NEAR Blockchain.

  4. To be issued leveraging the Keypom / Shard.Dog / Minbase capabilities to highlight the ease of use and smooth User Experience that is possible on NEAR

  5. The successful completion of these tasks will entitle participants to claim unique swag designed specifically for the MushyDAO retreat they attended.

This comprehensive experience aims to foster a strong connection between participants, promote wellness, and inspire them to incorporate blockchain into their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Why Mushy DAO?

MushyDAO is comprised of highly ambitious and energetic entrepreneurs who are alumni of big tech companies, consulting firms and are in fast growth stages of their career. Because of the wellness theme, members are very open minded people who love to tinker with technology to solve real problems in their community.

  • NEAR Tech Stack has unique, out-of-the-box features and functionality to enable this high-value, real-world DAO organise and create better experiences.

  • By showcasing the NEAR tech stack and capabilities in a hands-on, meaningful way we expect these founders and professionals to be inspired and come up with a whole bunch of new use cases in which they can deploy this tech in their own ventures, share the possibilities with likeminded people - shebang flywheel effect :sparkles:

Project Objective:

The proposed project aims to educate MushyDAO members on various aspects of blockchain technology while providing a tangible and rewarding experience. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  1. Understanding Blockchain Explorers
  2. Wallet Setup and Secure Backup
  3. Differentiating Fungible and Non-Fungible Assets
  4. Utilizing Blockchain in a Phygital Use Case
  5. Evolution of Blockchain tech - differentiating between Ethereum and NEAR. Understanding how each provides unique value propositions.
  6. Reframe their perception around what is possible in web3 - cost, speed, scalability, User Experience, Carbon Neutral.
  7. Real world use case example - Phygital. Open the conversation to other scenarios where Phygital would also make sense (take similar solution/approach to a new community they know).

Track record:

The Blockathon DAO has facilitated several NEAR workshops in 2022 during a 3 months long Metaverse Blockathon May-July 2022. This included workshops by:

Reality Chain, 4NTS Guild, NearHub and others.

In addition, the team behind Blockathon DAO has been running Blockchain hackathons and workshops since 2017 across Australia, New Zealand, China and Singapore. We have the skills and experience to provide experiences and facilitate knowledge and literacy building skills in the NEAR ecosystem.


Daniel Bar

Moritz Neto

Kate Kurbanova

Tom Terado

Natalie Salemnik


Blockathon DAO requests a funding amount of 2,573.52 NEAR which are USD 3500 worth to be received in NEAR tokens (July 6th Price on Coingecko is 1.36 USD:NEAR) to support the successful implementation of the project. The proposed budget allocation is as follows:

  1. Swag + Shipping (for 50 people): $50 per person estimate
  • Total: $2,500
    1. Yoga Trackpants
    2. Stickers
    3. Wellness tea
  • Our swag has been long regarded as collectible that creates meaningful memories for people who participate in our events. This has shaped much of the NFT culture in Australia.

E.g. our famous Koalacorn (Koala Unicorn) farting 8bit rainbow


  1. Development of Educational Material and Branding Material: $1,000


The project is anticipated to span over a period of three and a half months, starting from mid July 2023 to the end of October.

The timeline is as follows:

  1. Month 1:
  • Development of educational material and design material
  • Preparation and minting of Mind Altering NFT certificates
  1. Month 2:
  • Distribution of educational material to MushyDAO members
  • Conducting online and offline educational sessions and workshops
  1. Month 3:
  • Participants complete educational tasks, claim NEAR blockchain names, and acquire NFT certificates
  • Swag design and ordering process initiated

Expected Outcomes:

By the end of the project, we anticipate the following outcomes:

MushyDAO could become a Case Study (Success Story) of what adoption of the technology looks like in the wild, enabling us to approach and onboard more people while also spreading through word of mouth:

  1. Empower MushyDAO members with practical knowledge of blockchain technology with particular focus on NEAR
  2. Enhanced understanding of the utilization of blockchain in real-world scenarios.
  3. Increased awareness and adoption of Web3 technologies among participants.
  4. Creation of a bond between participants through the shared experience and unique swag.
  5. Encouragement for participants to incorporate blockchain into their entrepreneurial endeavors.


Through the integration of educational tasks, Blockathon DAO aims to facilitate the onboarding of MushyDAO members to Web3 while fostering unique wellness experiences with a sense of community and health focused knowledge sharing. We believe that this project will have a lasting impact on participants’ understanding of blockchain technology and inspire them to explore its entrepreneurial potential. NEAR Marketing DAO support in the form of NEAR tokens funding amounting to USD 3500 will greatly contribute to the success of this initiative.

Thank you for considering our grant proposal. We look forward to hearing from you


Daniel Bar

Founder and Core-contributor

Blockathon DAO

Wallet ID: blockathon.near

Owner name: Daniel Bar


Great to see this proposal!

I’d like to show my support behind this initiative for several reasons:

  • I met Daniel back in 2018 during a hackathon he and his team organised in Sydney;
  • I’ve always been blown away by the quality of events and the rich, wholesome community of builders they have been able to build and nurture over many years;
  • This is a clear example of what should become the NEAR Thesis for success:

[Identify High Value Target Community] + [Create Custom Experience to Help Them Realise the Potential of NEAR Stack] = New Believers, Fuel Flywheel for Growth]

  • Daniel and Blockathon are key education and community partners as we start to lay the foundation for NEAR Australia Hub.
  • Proxy validation: the more high quality partners that we have that are familiar with NEAR stack, the easier it is to approach other crypto natives and the masses. This is a small experiment that can yield huge results as they compound down the line.

I would encourage @marketingdao-council to support this proposal, jump on a call with the team to clear up any questions and to be able to vouch for yourself the quality and long term vision of team.


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Hello, Dear @BlockathonDAO . Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately, we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later