Hello, team NEAR, really pleased to connect with you all. Below is a brief proposal I have prepared through which you would gain insights into what our festival is all about and how we will be promoting NEAR and its projects within the college crowd and university people around the world


Mithiwood is an international intercollegiate film festival organized by the students of the Mithibai film society of Mithibai College, Mumbai. The college holds many prestigious celebrities as it’s alumni which needs no introduction. This festival is awaited by all young aspirants who want to make their mark in the film industry and want to be approved by the film industry professionals. People of Mithiwood Film Festival are filled with an abundance of talent, and have a desire to always learn more continuously.

We welcome team NEAR to celebrate with us the extravaganza and fun sessions with celebrities, musicians, and many more artists anyone would love to meet and interact with. All you have to do is click on the link from the comfort of your home and immerse yourself in the world of Mithiwood.

Mithiwood is:

Largest film festival in India organized by college students

Fastest growing intercollegiate film festival in the world

Cumulative viewership of 4 lakh+ people in the past year

Mithiwood’22 has gained more than 2000 participants from all over the country and 100+ countries.

Over 25 exciting and interactive events done already this year

Massive celebrity presence across numerous events

Association with 80+ celebrities.


  • Movie and songs launch of Jersey. Celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, Sachet and Parampara (singer of Bekhayali, Muquabala, and much more).
  • Talk show with Tanishk Bagchi and Zarah Khan.
  • Movie promotion of “Velle” with the whole star cast.
  • Song promotion of ‘Ek Vaari” with Daisy Shah.

Announcements and promotions during such events glorify the brand name of any company because sponsorship shows a direct connection with the events and the fame.


After movie views: 22.6k

Theme reveal views: 21.6k, Average views on IGTV: 5.5k per video.

The main agenda for this collaboration would be to spread maximum awareness about all the projects undertaken by NEAR. For example, about NEAR wallet,conveying what are NFTs, what is blockchain technology, about metaverse and much more to the student crowd.

This will be achieved by:

  • Engaging with student crowd through various PR activities.
  • Fun activities and quizzes.
  • Small educational videos with NEAR as a focal point made by students and the same will be uploaded as an instagram story by approximately 200 students. This will give viewership of minimum 20,000 views of target crowd.
  • All this will build a solid base of concept and the brand with the 15,000+ students of Mithibai college and also with our participants present globally.
  • This will create an impact within all students of junior college, degree college and also post graduate students. Hence we cover all the age brackets within the youth crowd.
  • We can also organise an online webinar with a guest speaker from NEAR to have a nice interactive learning session. Customised message will be circulated throughout the college and the interested people would join in the webinar. This would get us a filtered crowd.

> Apart from all this, being our Co-title, NEAR would be getting the following list of deliverables:

  1. Name & Logo on social media handles.
  2. Logo on our customized email.
  3. Promotion of barter products.
  4. Links to the sponsor’s website & all social media handles on our website.
  5. Customized Story.
  6. Exclusive short video(s) on our social media handles.
  7. Engagement through live sessions.
  8. Logo on the cover page of our social media handles.
  9. Audience engagement through online workshop or webinars.

10.Digital promotional ads.

11.Logo on E-certificates.

12.Watermark on social media posts.

13.Radio mentions (if any).

14.Product reviews by participants.

15.Promotion of sponsor’s campaigns.

16.Presence in pre-promotional events of Mithiwood’22.

17.Promotion of events hosted by the sponsor.

18.Logo presence on outdoor hoarding (if any).

19.Presence via Newspaper partner.

20.Interactive Activities on Mithiwood’s social media handles.

21.Promotion during our Social Campaigns.

22.Customized brand campaign in collaboration with Mithiwood’22.

23.Branding & Announcements during events.

24.Naming and customization rights pertaining the events bought by the sponsor.

25.Brand Centric Activities & Fillers.

26.Logo presence on Mithiwood event day schedule and agenda.

27.Presence on co-branded promotional slides.

28.Promotion through product integration.

29.Rights pertaining to the Ad-making event.

30.Products can be given as gift hampers to celebrities.

31.Sponsor’s merchandise/freebies can be provided.

32.International Internship Fair.

33.Branding and Announcements during International Conferences.

After the d-days when the festival is over, we strive to prolong the collaboration’s meaning by doing the promotion in class to class PR activities next year. Team of 200 working students try their level best to make NEAR part of the family. This is what separates us from other medium of promotion, involvement by both online and offline mediums imprints the idea of being belongingness and trust.

I would like to stress upon a point that as the majority of students would be coming familiar with the concept of blockchain because of “NEAR and Mithiwood collaboration”, NEAR would be the obvious go to choice for everyone. For example, any typical Indian kid during his childhood who wanted to learn to play keyboard would say “I want to learn to play CASIO”. The irony was Casio was just a brand who had captured this entire market back then so the brand’s name became synonym with the whole product category.

Practically speaking, this example was given just to portray our work mindset and target.

An audience which are introduced to the blockchain, NFTs and similar concepts by us will always remember the name NEAR.

We are planning to post 3 short videos about NEAR with a gap of 10 days each.

These posts will be done on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube accounts.

Each post will be reposted as an Instagram story by 200 students.

In any one of our online events, we would organize a fun quiz with the audience giving small prices in the form of tokens via NEAR wallet. Also, all of the deliverables mentioned previously will be performed diligently.

Proposed budget of this collaboration:

Total budget: $ 10,494.91

Branding and promotion within college: 5000 $

PR activities: 3000 $

Events and promotion during events: 2000 $

Taxes : 494.91 $

Looking forward to seeing this collaboration as a success. Wish to hear from the team soon.

Thank you to everyone who took out time to read this.

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Good morning. Do you have a link on the festival? Couldn’t find. Thank You.

Is there any link between the film festival and blockchain or technology?

How can we increase the probability that people attending a a film festival will also participate or derive value from a separate education initiative?

Seems to me like most of the funds are going for passive co-branding initiatives that can easily be ignored. The education initiatives could be carried away independently of the festival for much lower cost?

What has been the team’s current involvement within the NEAR ecosystem? Any previous initiatives or grants we can look at?

Overall the figure seems a little bit high without it being the value NEAR community would obtain.