[Closed] Marketing Proposal for Spiritual DAO – June 2022

[PROPOSAL] Marketing Proposal for Spiritual DAO – June 2022

DAO Name: Spiritual DAO

Funding scheme: monthly


To spread Spiritual DAO on Web2 in the effort to bring new members, spiritual enthusiasts, to the NEAR Protocol. Bring more visibility to Spiritual DAO with the intent to have more views in our videos and art, and, with this, bring people to the DAO and/or consume our material.

We want to drive engagement through sharing content we are generating

  • Yoga videos
  • Guided Meditations
  • AMAs
  • Spiritual posts

Along side these posts we will create posts asking our SM community to join NEAR and become a part of a decentralized community where they can

  • Vote on content decisions. What kind of guided meditations, what kind of asana practice, what kind of spiritual theory class.
  • Suggest what spiritual teachers we should interview
  • Create proposals for their projects related to spirituality, eg - If they take workshops related to spirituality, then spiritual DAO can help fund their workshop by onboarding their community on NEAR

Council Members






Total Requested Funding Amount: 900USD

Divided and accountable by:

  • Instagram - 300USD
  • Twitter - 300USD
  • Youtube - 300USD

Impact on NEAR

We believe that the success of the DAO brings more strength to NEAR protocol, because the projects of the DAO became more solid; the publicity that we shared always came with NEAR information. Acts that bring people for Spiritual DAO automatically bring people to Near protocol.

Beside this, we think that Spirituality is an important theme to always bring up to discussion and attention. Adding Marketing to Spiritual DAO will do that, and will bring concerned people to the ecosystem.

Social Medias

Here are your social media links and the numbers at 15June2022.

Followers: 60

Posts: 15

Followers: 13

Tweets: 11

Subscribers: 20

Video Uploaded: 24

Views: 72


These metrics are to be achieved in one month (28 days)

  • Instagram

Followers: 60 to 100

Accounts achieved: 0 to 100

Interactions with content: 0 to 100

  • Twitter

Followers: 13 to 40

Impressions: 28 to 50

Clicks: 0 to 10

Retweets: 0 to 5

  • Youtube

Subscribers: 20 to 40

Views: 72 to 150

Display time: 2.1h to 3h

Impression click-through rate: 3,2% to 5%


  • Instagram: 3 posts/week - 12 posts
    • content
    • copyright
    • art
    • manage media
  • Twitter: 3 posts/week - 12 posts
    • content
    • copyright
    • art
    • manage media
  • Youtube: correct old descriptions and video titles; post our 15 videos of june)
    • content
    • copyright
    • art
    • manage media


Our work will follow this:

  • We are going to Set the subjects that we want to share, like our guided meditations and our art.
  • We will create a post scadule to Instagram e Twitter
  • We will create the art and copyright in groups of 6 (6 tweets and 6 instagram posts)
  • We will post according to our schedule
  • We will post the youtube videos soon they are edited
  • We will make a report with the metrics acheeved


Our great intent is to let people know our content and make use of them.

We want to engage with our community by our social media, and meet other groups that we can share and work with.

We want to bring people from web 2 to web 3.



In its current form, I am unable to support this proposal.

While it is true that the NEAR technical stack is able to serve an ever expanding number of communities for all sorts of use cases, the nature of the content being produced does not fall within the scope of what the Marketing DAO is looking to fund.

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The reason we are trying to create this content is so we can get people who are interested in spiritual activities onboarded to NEAR.

We want to have community engagement done on Nearhub metaverse that is being built.

Type of content is the hook for a type of community to exist on the network.

We’re trying our best to live up to the two main tenets of NEAR

  1. Opening more wallets
  2. Engaging community members with meaningful activities related to that community.

We have onboarded

  1. A yoga teacher who has been teaching for over 15 years
  2. A breathwork teacher with 4 years experience
  3. A guided meditation teacher with 5 years experience
  4. A guided meditation teacher with over 200 programs done (to be onboarded)
  5. Kashmiri Shaivism master with 20 years of practice
  6. Shaman from Amazonian lineages
    And many more

The categories these teachers are teaching and practising have huge number of followers around the world

Spiritual DAO wants to onboard

  1. Spiritual masters (practitioners with 20years plus in the field)
  2. Spiritual teachers ( teachers with 4+years of experience in the field)
  3. Spiritual members (people who want to be a part of the decentralised spiritual community of multiple practices from all around the world)

There will be to begin

  1. Group guided meditations in the metaverse
  2. NFTs minted of meaningful content
  3. AMAs with spiritual masters
  4. Philosophy lectures about various practices

Can you please elaborate why exactly does this content not fall under marketing category when it is directly associated with the above mentioned tenets?

Also what kind of content then would be funded by marketing DAO?

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The amount of money we are able to allocate is limited, which forces us to prioritise among projects that may all be having positive impact on the ecosystem.

While different Council members may have differing views on this, currently we see an explosion of developments on the NEAR ecosystem and a lack of content to do it service. As such, we are prioritising and encouraging new applicants that can help us:

  • Explain the NEAR Tech Stack (Javascript SDK, Bridges, Chunk-only producers, etc.)
  • Aurora and Octopus
  • Visibility into new projects launching on NEAR, Aurora and Octopus
  • Onboard developers
  • Education pathways (train developers)
  • Onboard real users for existing applications
  • Nurture communities where any of the above can flourish

Unfortunately a community centred around Spirituality, even if they benefit from the NEAR stack, isn’t core to what the community funds are aimed for. To put it differently, if Spiritual DAO were allowed to receive funds in the way proposed, virtually every community that takes the time to put forward a proposal would also be expected to receive funding, even if neither is getting us meaningfully closer to our aim of *Onboarding the Next Billion Users to Web 2

Isn’t it meaningful onboarding when a global community of different spiritual practices are coming together and sharing their practices and knowledge on NEAR?

From the above explanation it seems like marketing is only funding technical developments and no community engagement activities. Is that right?

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Every second person has a spiritual practice on this planet. If we start aiming at onboarding communities of a particular practice and do it well, we’ll get more users than all the categories combined just by sheer number of practitioners that exist around the world.

The DApps that will be used by practitioners

  • nearhub
  • mintbase
  • 3xr galleries
  • AstroDao

With more people being on the forum there could be opportunities for more seats of Near DApps which I can’t predict now

We are open to any kind of proposal as long as it grows the ecosystem in tangible ways. We are currently supporting multiple regional communities as well as content creators (including artists).

I am always happy to be proven wrong. If the spiritual DAO indeed grows to be a significant cohort within NEAR with usage of a range of NEAR tools, I’d be happy to revise my position and support other proposals in the future. For now, I would suggest continuing to grow this as a Passion Project and coming back with momentum at a later date.

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The amount of content we are producing requires marketing support to reach out to potential members, which will give us the momentum, which will then allow us to onboard those users, for them to use DApps and services on NEAR

Our plan is to get marketing support to reach out. Once we have a critical mass we won’t need marketing support.

Content is a tool we’ll be using for a few months as it’s needed to grow the community. Post which members, content, activities will create a flywheel which will be getting more members and the participants will be creating events in the metaverse and minting content on mintbase.

Till now we have never asked for funds because it was never needed and we were busy making our DAO sustainable via content creation, so when the funding stops atleast the content can keep generating passive income and the community doesn’t come to a halt.

We didn’t want to have a community created with no vision of sustainability which is only dependent on funding.

We now have a content team and a content plan which when done for a few months can generate massive engagement as all topics are researched and have a good search demand.

We use tools like Ahrefs for our research and only produce content that has good views and definitive demand across channels.

We need your support to make this work. If you need more clarity on our strategy or research I’d be happy to provide any information you need.

This project has a lot of passion but it’s not just a passion project. It’s thoroughly researched and strategised.

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Good evening! I reviewed your proposal for Creativity DAO and couldn’t find any points why I need to approve your proposal for Marketing DAO.

Probably, when you planned to create this content, you had already wanted to share videos and others on social media. Why do you need an extra $900?

I also don’t realize what stands for “manage account” with 13 followers on Twitter and “correct old descriptions” on YouTube.



Hi @beetlejuice thanks for your proposal.

Although I appreciate your interest in building a spiritual dimension to NEAR at this point I am unable to support.

Please feel free to continue and come back with another proposal in the future.

Hellow councils, how are you all?

Can you guys help me to see what we can change in this proposal to make fill the guidelines of marketing dao?

We made a research in proved proposals by marketing dao to try being in the guidelines.

We think spiritual dao have a great future and can bring a lot of people. And we think marketing, adds and publicity will be a big help to it.
We thing that every one that start to know about spiritual dao will be awareness about NEAR protocol.

How can we fix our proposal?

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  1. We need to do target marketing to get more Followers to our pages. You can’t get followers just by producing content. It needs to be marketed to the right TG.

  2. Need to create ad copies for Instagram and YouTube and monitor them.

  3. We need to someone who is creating social media strategy and doing execution of it. Creation of posts and copy, planning the calendar.

  4. Need someone to keep posting our content and open calls for collaboration with spiritual DAO.

  5. We are producing NFTs and we need to put it somewhere where we have traffic.

We’re trying to create traffic through SM to buy our NFTs and to onboard new members.

While we are producing and sharing content on social media we will be opening calls to join our DAO as members for people who joined our social media community

These members

  • get to participate by creating spirituality based content like AMAs with spiritual teachers, Guided meditations, Group meditations etc, which will be NFTised and listed on mintbase
  • they also get to vote on existing direction on

Member will be hosting AMA’s on social media and will be minting them as NFTs

A lot of people will be able to understand more about NEAR once they start engaging with the ecosystem.

Can you clarify what you find wrong in the proposal and how is needed from our end?

So far as, your great DAO on early stage you can start with FREE collaborations: Near Meme community , Near NFT, or choose another option for free promo from the list:

I also have concerns about videos on the Spiritual DAO YouTube channel where you promote yourself, your lessons and use Near logo

You can start with yourself and show results for Near Community. I manage the Near Games Twitter account and have never requested rewards.


Yes, sure, it’s free:

Free promo for your NFT collection, NearNFT week project, English:

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScBQNTSThNlz2cNZtKw96QQsEdBfUMZT20VA-AqfSqr8nvq5g/viewform 1

Have a great day!