[Closed] Marketing campaign for MotoDEX NFT game NEAR native launch

Hi @marketingdao-council

hi @Dacha and @so608

Follow discussion with Human Guild team, we would like to propose pre-approved marketing campaign for motoDEX NEAR native game (OpenBiSea | MotoDEX).

MotoDex Intro

:motorcycle: MotoDEX is a NFT game, competition of multi-level racing on motorcycles on high-speed tracks with unlimited opportunities for players.

Web site: OpenBiSea | MotoDEX
White paper: motoDEX - motoDEX
DappRadar: motoDEX - Blockchain Game Overview | DappRadar
Game start: OpenBiSea | MotoDEX

Latest AURORA campaign results = 2k+ UAW

What are we planning to do?

  • Variable campaigns on Galxe for early players. We will payout for people who buy in game NFTs, who play game, giveways for players, giveway for retweets (where NEAR mention)
  • Twitter: 1 post per week (@openbisea, @near) with incentive campaign on Galxe
  • Weekly competition (on OpenBiSea | MotoDEX) with prizes

Marketing Activities

  • Create Galxe campaigns (2-3 per week) with rewards
  • Use own UA channels to attract new users
  • Post campaign community support
  • Social Media Content Writing

MotoDex Contact/Info

Budget Proposal - paid in unlocked NEAR tokens

Proposal per month: 8000 USD

Total for 2 months: 16000 USD

Start time: 3-5 days from receive money date
Duration: 8 weeks


  • Amount of Galxe campaigns - 2-3 per week with rewards
  • Amount of posts/tweets over all social media channels - 1 per week
  • Content Creation for posts and campaigns (pictures, graphic design done by a brand designer/graphic designer)

We will use dappRadar to track each part of campaign and report.

Targets (potential value for NEAR ecosystem)

We believe (follow past results on Aurora) to reach 1-1.5k new unique wallets with 2-3k transactions per day.

Advantage for NEAR ecosystem

  • Brand Awareness increase of NEAR
  • Enhancing community in game and increase transactions on dappRadar
  • Motivate beginners to join the NEAR ecosystem to get involved in blockchain games

Thank you a lot for checking our proposal. We really appreciate your support.

Motodex team

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You have amazing achievements on Aurora, it would be great if Marketing DAO supported this proposal

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Dear @oleksiivinogradov ! Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately, we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later