[Closed] March 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild

Hello, base on the conversation so far, I suggest @near.insider to wrap up some points and make a poll on Community Dao. This way, we can know more of the community’s opinion and have following conversations in the chat/proposal if necessary.

  1. Final requested number & breakdown (If there’s no change pls quote out)
  2. Final supported projects after this concern & your reasons
  1. While there is concern about the gap between OWS contributors’ reward and the number requested in this proposal. This is the point from OWS:

From Near Insider, do you have any other inputs? (Eg. Plan to fill this gap in the future/Help contributors improve their skills => improve salary)

I think with those answers, members in our community will get a clearer picture & have enough information to make their decisions. To avoid your proposal going nowhere, please make a poll on Community Astro DAO, final decision from the community can be used as a strong reference for Marketing Council to make a decision on this proposal.


True, and great proposal here:


Hi @Dacha Can you tell me the criteria for project selection? For example, you have agreed to Near Concierge Team

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I also agree this. I will create form for projects who want to promote

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Yes. Strongly agree. Will be increase rewards to Near Insider’s team members. In addition to this, I still reiterate the value we create and we hope you understand us. It’s not just an account, it’s a channel for reporting news and analyzing the situation in the ecosystem

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Ok. Thanks. I believe you need to create a new proposal with the form and updated information about rewards, include language diversity. Thanks

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Hi @Dacha Pls check it: Google Forms: Sign-in

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Good morning…

Sorry @Dacha . Pls recheck here: Projects promotion campaign

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Good morning @Dacha . In the end, will I be approved this proposal?

Good morning. I proposed create a new one with adjusted rewards, information about open form for community members and ways to diversity. Thank You :blush:

To many unnecessary information here .

I have suggested the bonus down to $4000 - $5000. What is the next step? Will this Proposal be carried over to April? Thank you very much @Dacha

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and 8k-7k is high but what you’re offering is too low let’s double that or try to get somewhere close ?

I see these guys are trying hard and they also helped us promote our Channel events.
We will be asking for more promotions for our weekly tg/dc/reddit events tho.

@near.insider Will cooperate on that regard? (ps you shouldn’t count those tweet requests seperately and ask a different funding for them)


Tenemos comunidades como NEAR Argentina liderado por @nacho.near , NEAR Venezuela por @FritzWorm , NEAR Mexico, NEAR Hispano por @claudioac , NEAR Peru, Octopus Spanish. Tenemos un masivo colectivo tambien en español. Apoyo esta propuesta. @Dacha :))


90% of these projects are DeFi projects. And I think half of them have received good funding, so they have the money to do their own marketing. I think we need more diversity in terms of category and project size here.

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I don’t know if my opinion regarding the proposal is relevant here because I am not a member of the Marketing DAO, but I have been in the marketing field for 7 years and have my own marketing agency in Berlin since 2020. I know that some of my competitors outsource their work to India or other developing countries, so I know the prices that are charged for research, creating content, and maintaining social media channels.

I really want to support your proposal because you guys have done a lot in a short period of time and I think NEAR Insider’s work is definitely valuable for the community, but also for NEAR. We on the Project Ops team will certainly be making some more requests to NEAR Insider.

However, your proposal lacks transparency and a breakdown of what the $8,000 is being requested. In my experience, anything between $1,800-$,2,600 dollars is reasonable for the activities you list.

I think if you better address the issues raised by the community and adjust your pricing structure, your proposal will meet with approval.

Good luck with it :pray:


We also have a big issue regarding marketing, the onboarding of new users even on those big projects is slow, and the mindset of the development teams is usually not marketing/promotion focused. They do know how to build the project but merchandise it is another thing.

That’s why it is important to support and test other marketing initiatives that will help the Near Ecosystem to grow.

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Even when we are not on the marketing vertical council seats we do have voice as community members. So the time you take here to share your opinion is important and it worth a lot. Thank u :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hello Near fellow,
As Near Insider already got approval from Community DAO (https://app.astrodao.com/dao/community.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/community.sputnik-dao.near-513?fromCreate=true) and they got a milestone of 10K followers (https://twitter.com/near_insider) which is proof of working and contribution for NEAR, let’s open discussion again on the funding for the Insider guild!
@near.insider plz revise the proposal according to the amount $4500 you are proposing.

Hi @Dacha . The end of March. Can I lower the reward to $2000? And we will continue the discussion for April here