[Closed] March 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild

Yes. $8000/month. But not $1,000/person. We have normal staff and Head. We will recruit more quality personnel and can completely replace the old staff to be able to support more than 5 projects

With new projects, we will support media about content & infographic. As follows:
-Brief overview via infographic to introducing project
-IDO information (if they release token)
-Airdrop/Giveaway to reach more users
-5-10 post about insights, analytics, statistics, report, education/tutorial…

Thanks for take time!

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Could you please introduce them ? How much money you gonna spend on

  • Researcher,
  • Designer,
  • Social management,
  • Project manager

Near insider is one of account in Flying Rhino army (they pay $100 though OWS). I thought $100 is ok for you and was surprised to see $8000.


No. I was added to the group by them but I’m not their member, I left. We are an independent guild and operate as a media channel. You can watch the quality from our channel.

This is exactly what we do every day

It’s not easy to get close to 8000 followers with organic users in 3 months. You can see impressions from some posts

In addition, we are also present in the Top Most Influential in the Near ecosystem

Some articles you can refer to to better understand the quality as well as the difficulty to create it:

Every month we produce 300-400 graphic and infographic articles. That’s the task our staff created together. They have to brainstorm quite a lot, it requires both creativity in content. So $100/month to pay about 8 employees is not possible.

It makes sense for you to lower the number to $5000-$6000 to test our capacity for the first month. We ready for this.

-3 researcher: 2 normal staff - 1 Head
-3 designer: 2 normal staff - 1 Head
-1 social management
-1 project manager

Thanks and hope to understand for our work!

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It’s a no from me.
Looks like there isn’t enough distribution or deliverables for me to give the nod.
That’s quite a hefty contract for what appears to be fairly thin posts.

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Tell me what number you think is a good fit. Thanks for joining

Still wondering about this question – thanks!


Yeah. I will support for them. I will choose projects that have been granted from Near and Aurora. You correct, create content about them, via graphics and infographic, that’s our strength

Hello, :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for tagging me, I want to clarify that @HaiVu @Monish016 and my self we are helping you as part of our job as community members.

You should provide a better breakdown to the proposal first, we will help you to check on that, so then you can make and edition.




OWS is hiring staff in your team for $200 (researcher ad designer) and $400 (head of research team )

So, at least 2 positions will be covered by OWS.

Another staff:

2 researchers , $400 ($200x2)
2 designers , $400 ($200x2)
1 project manager $400
1 social manager $400

So, total budget is $1600 a month, right?



I propose to choose projects from list written by Near Community. For instance, I see lack of content on Russian or non-English languages about most popular Near and Aurora games, like Land to Empire, Moonflower, Galaxy online, Pixel daps, etc.

Aslo, would be great to see translated infographics on Russian and other requested by Near Community languages.



Yes. I am adapting the proposal to be more appropriate


Council members from @marketingdao-council

I am here to let you all know that from the Near Concierge Team and Open Web Sandbox (As NearInsider is consider Tier1 for us on OWS), we @HaiVu @jiten123321 @Jloc @Monish016 invest good time to help this proposal to be shaped better by @near.insider with better explanation and breakdown.

Please take again into consideration and review, as Near Insider is a truly member of the community and the proposal creates value for the Near Ecosystem.


Good morning. Important questions from me:

  • introduce Near Insider team
  • translations on non-English languages, because we strive Diversity (we already have degens team for promotion in English),
  • explain expenses (why OWS pays $200 for one person vs requested $1000 from Marketing DAO - we cannot discriminate community members and pay significantly different rewards for exactly same work).

I proposed reduce budget to $1600 a month.



Thank you @Dacha for being always active :1st_place_medal:

Agree :white_check_mark: Introduction is a good oportunity to show your self,
but the work was already shown as you can see the twitter account. It is a quality work with good interactions that could still be useful if we can support it.

:white_check_mark: Agree too, there could be cross collaborations with other guilds, I can help on this to happen, so we can help other Guilds to show this content on other Languages, if @near.insider likes the idea we can work together on that one.

:vulcan_salute: Explanation: You can not compare others work like that, dont know who is OWS paying that right now for all the contribution NearInsider is offering, but I can tell that the value created by Near Insider is top quality and that is not that easy to find. The budget shows a clear breakdown, $200 could be for a newly created account but not for a big community with awesome works and long reach with also a big scope.

Well that’s it, cheers :beers:


Thanks for your proposal!

After reading all the messages in the thread, including from fellow Council members, I’d like to lay out some views:

  • Proposals should be based on the value they create for the ecosystem, not necessarily on the absolute cost of delivery. This goes both ways - if you create little value but have expenses worth X, we should not have to cover those expenses. Conversely, If you are generating many multiples worth of value v expenses, then I don’t personally care how you and your team split expenses.
  • OWS pay rates are set by the OWS team, and in my personal opinion inadequate for a vast majority of people living in countries with higher living expenses. Marketing DAO is not bound by decisions made by OWS team.
  • Adding on the point above, OWS as far as I understand it, is for casual contributors. It is natural to assume that dedicated teams would have very different compensation expectations. How much of that is covered by the Marketing DAO is negotiable.
  • While we strive for diversity, it seems obvious to me that people can only be expected to create content in the languages they are proficient in. Remain open to collaboration with other communities, but I do not believe funding should be conditional to or limited by the number of people already creating content in that language or by the lack of other languages by the same person.

Having established the above, I have some comments and questions about this proposal specifically:

  • Content pipeline? Would be great to have a better understanding on how the projects are chosen: how much do you collaborate with these projects directly? I know that these projects have budgets for marketing, and they can also give you much higher quality info they want to promote (feature release, alpha, etc.), and even review content before it gets published to ensure accuracy and maximum distribution.
  • Content feedback. I like that you’ve shared some metrics from existing reach, etc. It would also be beneficial in assessing this proposal to have a feedback form given to the projects you are creating content for so they can rate the quality of the service, help us determine on-going or correct rate of funding.

I personally support this proposal. It is clear from the work from the last three months that the team is committed to the NEAR ecosystem and should be able to grow and improve in any areas other Council members may be concerned about.
Happy to jump on a call to tease out outstanding details and perhaps negotiate a final rate @marketingdao-council


Yes, but how can we approve 8k for anonymous team and councils who created their accounts a month ago?


Great point, guys as OWS mods team members can you do something to increase rewards for contributors? @Monish016 @FritzWorm


One of the goals of OWS is to receive NEARcomers and make them grow, professionally.

So, they come, they start collaborating and get some little rewards from us. When they grow they can get paid more because we connect them to projects, and later if they grow even more they can build their Guild. This is also my own experience as a Sandboxer.

With that being said, we from OWS believe that Near Insider is a successful sandboxer whit proven contributions and we support this proposal.


Hey, @Dacha Thank you for Bringing this up,

First of All, in Project Perspective
OWS to be Seen as a Gateway to NearCommunity. If a Project struggles to Understand the NEAR and Its Ecosystem, OWS Provides Contributor to Understand the Gap and Fill it, OWS Acts as an outsourcing Medium.

OWS Contributors are paid in like Probation Period for Min 3 Months from OWS to Fulfill the Required gap of the Project in NEAR Community. Once contributors do an Extraordinary Job they get hired to the Project with Salary Terms of the Project.

Also, OWS Has a Budget to Fulfill other Projects, Hence we Cannot Make this Request of Increase in the Budget to match the Requested Ammount of NEAR Insider Team


Thanks for the reminder on how OWS works @FritzWorm @Monish016. It seems like you may be missing the point I made initially and that Dacha is drawing your attention to now: the current reward rates for OWS are (very) low for a large segment of the community in the developed world. This means that even if the OWS services and processes would be beneficial for them, they are automatically excluded as it makes no sense to pursue. Most people would either bypass OWS and work with projects directly or fall off the radar. I am aware that remuneration conversations are not easy, as we are constantly dealing with these issues ourselves. Just something for you guys to be aware and revise as needed. Do you currently have any demographics data on OWS participants? Do you currently have any diversity quotas to grow community participation by regions? Thanks