[Closed] June 2023 - Promoting Social media, AMAs, Graphics Design - Nearity

Dear community, Near Foundation leaders, @marketingdao-council and advisors

we are pleasure be here with July proposal for our activities, since June Proposal and it’s report

0. Performance:

Resource : Lunacrush

Top 15 popular kol/influencer on lunarcrush by engegament in last 30days

Top 5 popular kol/influencer on lunacrush by influencial in last 30 days

twitter analystics

1. Objectives:

  • We promote for project on Ecosystem (that dont have tend in paying for promoting) in our social channels ( Twitter , Telegram , NEAR.Social profile )
  • responsible for participating in stimulating activities of projects to continue building and developing on NEAR through the production of AMA, content, graphics, and promoting. Partnership with RCDAO, work regional community for scope of syncing media on ecosystem
  • brand awareness to bring more user/developers from another chain, web3 user/developer, and traditional users on web2 to NEAR.

2. Activities

General creative and daily content

  • Daily news: 50 - 80 post news all of the highlight projects on near each month
  • Data analytics last update: 30 - 40 update last performance flagship protocol/event/campaign of Near Foundation
  • Twitter: 10 - 20 advanced / Infographics for flagship project on NEAR
  • Graphics design: brainstorm idea 2 - 4 unique graphics for per project
  • shout out and news, announcing new of project (unlimitted retweet, require ping post) up to each project we often receive the number of shout out about 5 - 10 news per mont. Total subtask shoutout news
  • highlight graphics, featured summary project: 2 - 3 task each project
  • giveaway…
  • shilling, reaware project on all of our social(ig, facebook, telegram, website)
  • publish material of graphics, or guest post to our when site, when project have demand

we will host 6 AMAs

Each AMA we will prepare script and discuss with partner the script, design graphics, host the prepare question form community, announce the winners, keep user active our channels.

3. Breakout cost

6AMA, 200$*6= 1200$

~ 80 - 120 posts in News, featured Weekly, Analystics, Insights, shilling base on demand of Ecosystem/projects/client = 100*15$ = $1500

~ 10 unique inforgraphics chasing the event/project/near foundation/marketingDAO: 10*25 = $250

Total = $2950

We inscrease the number of ama more than previous proposal (from 3 - 4 to 6 AMAs per month)

4. Total cost request

Total :2950$ → nearityorg_near wallet

Thanks your reading and reviewing my proposal

Hello, Dear Justin. Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately, we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later. Also, as a suggestion, your content should more focused on NDC initiatives. Would you like to be included in Markering DAO pool of influencers?