[Closed] Instagram Community Accounts

Hi @David_NEAR

This project has nothing to relate to the marketing arm of the NEAR Foundation. It will focus only to promote the work of guilds, DAOs, and individual projects, etc with normal posts to grow the count of our proposed tags by us and other accounts of IG.

  • At this early stage, we can start by sharing the posts along with the tags.
  • For this amount of work, the engagement on the accounts will be around 1 hour a day. Which will also change the proposed budget amount.
  • As of now seeing the comment section, we have people who are ready to do this job work for $300 a month.
  • Hence, the overall budget requirement can be reduced to $300 for one account which we can propose at the end of this month with the report.

Hey hey!

Thanks for clarifying, I was under the impression it existed to rehash and share NEAR Protocol news only, since there were no mentions of DAOs, Guilds, or Projects in the initial post.

I’m happy to support this proposal moving forward, looking forward to seeing the results and the value it can add for those building in and around the ecosystem :tada:

cc @marketingdao-council

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Hi @naveen_in nice to see your proposal.

I also am happy to support this. If you would like to revise your proposal following the comments and reduce the funding requirement to match your comment.



Hi @cryptocredit the funding amount can be revised.
Give me this week to interview the interested people and then I can propose the correct amount.
The maximum is going to be $600 for both accounts.


Please,share information after that. Thanks


Thank you for your replies @naveen_in look forward to the results!


@Mineriavirtual please show your work on instagram

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@FritzWorm Thank you for the introduction!

Hi, @naveen_in I am in the community and have accomplished a great outreach in my Instagram account: @mineria.virtual. I’d be happy to take part in this project and manage the social media channels!

I’m an awesome candidate for this because I already accomplished an active Instagram account with 41,000 followers and high engagement from scratch :100: :fu:

I believe NEAR is the future, and I would like to be part of showing other people how to believe that the future is NEAR! The way to accomplish this is by truly connecting with people and having a human-interaction approach, where we show near updates and news! People like to see what other people are doing and copy them because it looks like whatever they are doing is making their life easier or more fabulous! I have someone on my team that can be the perfect face for this! She speaks fluent English and Spanish which means we can impact twice as much as any other person :boom: :boom:

We are ready and willing to get started now! I have the experience, the face, the motivation, and the discipline!

Please take a look at my account below! :point_down: :smiley:


@David_NEAR the budget hasn’t been approved
yet. Could you please fix the tread name . Thank You

Instagram is Not just for pictures it’s a medium to Connect world

Let’s Start
Instagram Optimization will help to build community
Our audience will be the people are into Blockchain or Crypto currency or Newbie in Blockchain .

Instagram Startegy

  1. Social Media Calender this will make a. Systemati Plan to create and execute in proper manner with day wise topic , It will also make am community engagement Through Daily posting different things and also help us to identify which Post are more Engaging Throughout audience

  2. Instagram Hastags

Instagram also have SEO but ist different just like Google keywords, Instagram have Hastags Keyword which make the post reach through masses ,
Eg . #near is common keywords but if we use nearnft then it will also make play important role in search result

  1. Instagram Timeline

It’s just an Analytics part were we can identify the proper Timeline of creatives post / video

  1. Campagin / Giveaway / Contest

We can Monthly or Weekly Short Giveaway for the users to engage and Perform the task and show some love …
Eg … Create NFT and Mint it the most Engaging nft , users will be rewarded with near tokens
Eg . Egg waves do weekly contests and give 0.05 Eggs = Value 10$

  1. Design Language

Here we going to of and Kickstart our instagram
Creative also play important .
1080x 1080 is Specific Instagram Creative Size one more size is there , but instagram optimize in these size
Font we have to stick with 2-3 font and design color Pallette ,
And Optimization Theme posting with gif or Memes also Videos according to Social Media Calender

  1. Paid Campagin

We have to run more Campagin with Paid marketing through different Style which will make users to engage with Near Ecosystem .
Eg . Engaging Post Like Near Will Have Staking Paltfrom were users can Earn passive income

  1. Increase Followers
    For the First month we need to do some experiments to get followers then slowly we can Increase followers and likes Through camapagins and event’s

  2. Build Relationship

After getting enough numbers of followers and , I am dam sure people going to DM and emails to get know more about near
Were we have to build a good relationship with audience.


@Mineriavirtual You have a good Crypto Instagram account, take a look of this ideas from @Albhion

Thanks @FritzWorm
Yes, By profession I am Digital Marketer
And Social Media Manager in SheepDex Project


Hi Gokubaba
it seems like you can guide me about my community twitter handle as it was working great for 2 weeks and one day I have sent some direct message to some accounts .and since than I am not able to tweet ,retweet or like on any post.I have contacted twitter and did not get any response…does that account terminated by your understanding?
although its not relevance for this post and I thought I have an opportunity to ask the expert. :sweat_smile:

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This has been approved. The Council and Community have had since the 25th of November to ask any questions and voice any concerns.

i am not an expert. Maybe you can ask the same on discord or telegram for the same. We have a lot of experts and that will be the correct platform for your concern.


Hey everyone!
We have started the work with the identified 5 members who have posted their interest to work out of which 3 are working, 1 is having some health issues and their is no response from the last member since past few days.

List of three accounts.

  1. @antoniopeascanio : IG: @nearcircle
  2. @Albhion : IG: @near_insights
  3. @zubairansari07 : IG: @nearprotocolnews

At the end of the month only two accounts showing good growth and condition to post 3 posts a day are going to be eligible for the rewards.


#3 is admin in Near meme Daily , Near Design Guild .

Hi Dacha, Yeah I have admin tag in NEAR MEME DAILY but that’s not a paid post right now. That admin tag is just to deal with scammers and since I have been active in the group from long so I was given the tag.

For Design guild - Yeah you saw me there, and I am not working as admin there fyi, I have applied in several job posts that I saw that fit on my profile and got reply from few,

I got reply from Design guild two days back to work as Social media account leads manager after they found me worthy

here’s the hiring post link.

and the Instagram account work I had started before their reply :slight_smile:

Hope this clear your concern, Thanks!


I am very proud to have this opportunity and that “NEAR CIRCLE :wolf:” has become known! :star_struck:

We will keep working hard! :nerd_face:


Here is approved proposal [Approved] Instagram Community Accounts