[Closed] Funding For the NEAR French Community for February and march

Hello NEAR Family;
Hi @Dacha , @so608 , @satojandro , @cryptocredit .

*** Summary :
There is 270 million people speak the French language worldwide , so having a Near french community it’s so important to introduce the project for all the French speakers and get many peoples around the world .

*** Description :

The French Guild existed since March 2021, and For now we have for the French community :

The account Twitter NEAR français .
A telegram channel "NEAR Français "
Medium Account “Near Français”
And My personal account to share Contents / translation of Near articles

Our objective is to educate Every French speaker around the world who has heard of blockchain about the NEAR Protocol. As a result, as a team, we are working to spread the word about the NEAR Protocol everywhere

*** Key Results :

The account Twitter @FrancaisNear :
More than 1849 followers and more than 1228 tweets :slight_smile:
The account Twitter : since 03/2021
Link : [https://twitter.com/NearFrancais?t=YZldWqt9LTgyrCdER1-kFQ&s=35 ]

The Telegram channel Near Français :
We have more than 820 members
Link : Telegram: Contact @NearFrancais

We provide 24/7 support on every ecosystem issue as much as possible

The first account on medium ( 50 articles published ( Near ecosystem contents )
Link : Guermouche Abdelillah – Medium

The second account on medium ( Near français ) : 27 articles published ( Near ecosystem contents )
Link : NEAR Français – Medium

*** Team :

I’am Abdelillah , The leader of Near French Guild , I created the French community since march 2021 , I worked to develop the French community and now the community grows , we have more than 2700 French speakers ( twitter , telegram and medium ) .
Patrice a community manger : he has been in the blockchain ecosystem for more than 3 years and more than a year ago he wrote about cryptocurrencies and the web 3 for several French sites
A translator : helps me to check my articles translation
Scol duq ( Telegram : @scoldug ) : he is a part of Near Community and helps me to manage Near French telegram channel , And the Octopus Network French ambassador Diego wolff ( Telegram : @woldie7)
*** Needs
For more details about monthly rewards :

1- Content : 500$ + 0$

*** Writing Guide : 500$
Translate / write : 6 articles (1 article/5 days) With an average of 1500 words per article …

We choose the latest articles About Near ecosystem to keep the French community always with the Update and newness of the project , also we help to introduce the new projects on Near ( NFT , GameFi , multiverse … ) by translating their articles , we have a collaboration with many projects : Octopus network , Aurora , PembRock Finance , NearBlocks , LearnNear , Debio , myriad , NearStarter , Stader Near , Fusotao , Atocha …

2- Social Media : 500$

*** Promotion / distribution → Twitter : daily tweets , translation , posts , comments … with an average of 40-50 tweets/month

*** Contents →Text , News / Announcement , We are working to publish all the news About Near ecosystem in French language in all our social media, we are also creating many Memes

3- Community Events : 400$

Streaming → Ama , Twitter Space : 400$
Our Telegram and Twitter is a meeting place for all projects. In cooperation with the projects, we make many Ama’s to introduce the projects and to be a direct contact between the French community and the project teams.

1400$ / month

Total : 2800$

NEAR Wallet ID : abdelillah77.near

Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

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Hello @Dacha
Done … thank’s

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Hello @Dacha , @satojandro , @cryptocredit

Can u please check my proposal.


Hi @abdelillah77 thanks for the proposal and submitting the form. Do you have a link to a report post on your most recent months of work? We typically review progress/growth before considering additional funding. If you haven’t shared a report, the key things we are looking to understand are:

  • How have the social media channels, telegram and blog audience grown?
  • Can you share any stats around the AMAs and attendance/engagement?
  • Can you point to any instances of the content you’re creating bringing new projects, developers or builders into the ecosystem?


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Hello @so608 … hope you are very well

Thanks for your response …

You can check My report of last month here [Approved] Funding For the NEAR French Community for December - #13 by abdelillah77

Most of Your questions, I clarified in the report .

Thank u

As you will be aware there have been considerable delays in processing this proposal, for which i would like to offer apologies.

The DAO council has reviewed your proposal and we have also asked NF to advise on the best way to support you in achieving your goals. As you might be aware, there was a pause in funding for all community DAOs last year and the Marketing DAO was relaunched with a much tighter remit.

Under current guidelines the Marketing DAO are focused on Content and Social Media funding. It is important to understand that regional communities play an important part in achieving NEAR ecosystem goals and we are working with the Foundation to find ways to support your needs.

Thank you for your understanding whilst we address these issues. In the meantime i have moved this proposal to Closed.

@abdelillah77 thank you for call. Please join the group Regional Communities Working Group