[Closed] February TRAVEL

Ok. Thank You. Going to approve it. Keep going to build your awesome community.


@dmitryne i need one T-shirt too . What about delivery to USA? :joy:


Ahaha, Dacha What about visiting Goa? :heart_eyes:

It’s a nice place to spend time :star:


Thinking about it :joy::joy::joy:


After NEAR Beer, We have NEAR Chai Now :wink:


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Appreciate the enthusiasm, but I would like to see more clarity about each item which you’ve requested funding for and how it relates to marketing.

To what end? How will funding this assist you in achieving success in marketing?

I’d like to see more details about the events. What is the goal of them? Expected turnout and impact?

I find it difficult to see the value in this from a marketing perspective.

That said, if you leveraged those images to produce further content around it and had a plan to publish that content to achieve marketing goals, then it might make sense.

There is no requirement to fulfill NEAR’s marketing goals. That’s not what the MarketingDAO exists to fund, there’s an internal marketing department for that.

I’d generally advise to not consider that, to an extent.,

The goal of the MarketingDAO is to empower you, Guilds, individuals, and projects building on NEAR to achieve your marketing goals.

I’m not trying to get into the semantics of marketing, I just think there needs to be more clarity around each of your items in regards to how they relate to your marketing goals.

  • What are you aiming to achieve?
  • How does x help you achieve them?
  • What metrics are you using to measure the success of x?

And that’s awesome, but define how the ART NEAR WORLD TRAVEL Guild fits into that, then define each of these for your itemised requests:

Hop hey la la ley going to be here

Let me give you an example:

Objectively, this is an image of someone with a flag that says ‘NEAR’ on it.


Wow wow . Hot topic. :joy:

Dear @dmitryne may another one way is Ecosystem DAO?

All are welcome there .

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Right now, I’d disagree. Because it’s just a picture on a forum. Have you leveraged it elsewhere?


Right, and that’s a great objective to have. However, in your proposal you did not share any of this.

Hence, there was no connection to having a photo of someone with a NEAR flag to a focus on Marketing.

That’s not the case. I think you should generally structure proposals like this:

Most of the initiatives you’ve proposed here don’t have this.

The MarketingDAO is not a decentralised marketing arm for NEAR Foundation or the NEAR Protocol.

So long as you’re building on or around NEAR, then the MarketingDAO exists to fund your marketing initiatives to help you achieve success. If that happens to overlap with what NEAR is focusing on then great. But it’s not a requirement.

This shouldn’t really be a consideration when you submit a funding request to the MarketingDAO:

I meant you and your guild have many ways to get funded.

Instead of escalate conflict , I’m suggesting to work with Ecosystem DAO as a guild and use Marketing DAO for some activities.

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Don’t see the promotional reach and use-case for this type of project. It’s a no from me.

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A couple of thoughts:

  • There are 13 different projects here with very little details about timeline, team involved, metrics, budget specifics. The MarketingDAO is here to support community projects, but they want to see detailed, clear proposals supported by high-quality content that will help grow the Near community.
  • A way to improve this might be to propose 1 project to start so that the MarketingDAO can understand how you work, see what the result is and build confidence and trust in your work.
  • In general, I advise the MarketingDAO not to fund projects that include significant operational, non-marketing costs such as lodging/housing, travel expenses, petrol. There are other guilds and DAOs that may be able to support those funding requests.

I am not a voting council member, but if I were, I would vote no on this and hope that you re-submit a proposal for 1 project with details outlined clearly, then report on that activity before submitting the next proposal.