[Closed] February TRAVEL

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Yes, I believe it is very important to have a place when your international community comes together.

Would be great if you give more details about every activity - name, goals.

As I know, you want to build an Ecosystem of people and business who will use Nears for payments. Right?

Thank You.

Tagging Marketing DAO councils as well @marketingdao-council

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Message number 3 coming soon


What does this mean?

Can you expand?

Overall, I think all of the items requested for funding need to be expanded on greatly.

What are the goals of each? What are the deliverables? What do you hope to achieve?

Otherwise, this proposal is not detailed enough.


two music NEAR experiment on this video

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What price are you planning to put for a t-shirt?

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Oh, I was asking because I am visiting Goa so It would be lovely to buy a NEAR tshirt and wear that :heart_eyes_cat:

Umm I guess that depends on quality, I’d suggest you to check Souled store to have an idea about printed tshirt price in India.

I would say that can be transferred to DAO treasury and if you see the sales are good in numbers, you can get more tshirts printed and put on sale so one day we see many people in Goa wearing NEAR Tshirt :fire: I would love to see that vibe :star:

I would love to buy as I will be available in Goa next week. I have discussed the visiting dates with you on telegram :blush:


I am in there, sending message there!


Ok. Thank You. Going to approve it. Keep going to build your awesome community.


@dmitryne i need one T-shirt too . What about delivery to USA? :joy:


Ahaha, Dacha What about visiting Goa? :heart_eyes:

It’s a nice place to spend time :star:


Thinking about it :joy::joy::joy:


After NEAR Beer, We have NEAR Chai Now :wink:


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Appreciate the enthusiasm, but I would like to see more clarity about each item which you’ve requested funding for and how it relates to marketing.

To what end? How will funding this assist you in achieving success in marketing?

I’d like to see more details about the events. What is the goal of them? Expected turnout and impact?

I find it difficult to see the value in this from a marketing perspective.

That said, if you leveraged those images to produce further content around it and had a plan to publish that content to achieve marketing goals, then it might make sense.

There is no requirement to fulfill NEAR’s marketing goals. That’s not what the MarketingDAO exists to fund, there’s an internal marketing department for that.

I’d generally advise to not consider that, to an extent.,

The goal of the MarketingDAO is to empower you, Guilds, individuals, and projects building on NEAR to achieve your marketing goals.

I’m not trying to get into the semantics of marketing, I just think there needs to be more clarity around each of your items in regards to how they relate to your marketing goals.

  • What are you aiming to achieve?
  • How does x help you achieve them?
  • What metrics are you using to measure the success of x?

And that’s awesome, but define how the ART NEAR WORLD TRAVEL Guild fits into that, then define each of these for your itemised requests:

Hop hey la la ley going to be here