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1. Fun is NEAR

Entertainment industry is growing and after 2 years of lockdowns, it is expected that more people will start to come out, travel, attend events and parties.


Thank You for proposal. I need to know our Advisors opinion to make decision. @David_NEAR is the proposal for Marketing DAO or more fits for Creativities? Thanks


GoaDAO is here with all necessary support


Thank You for your comment :+1:


Can you make clear how much you’re requesting in this proposal, please?

I’d argue that this is more of a CreativesDAO focused proposal. That said if it’s something regular it could be transformed into a NEARMeets initiative (cc @jlwaugh)


I think this should be split into two different proposals – one for the CreativeDAO or, if the event is regular/ongoing, NEARMeets and one for marketing of the events through social media content, live streaming, creating coverage of the event to publish in places outside the existing community you already have.

I also think this proposal needs more specific information. For example, you mention options to appear in magazines and other resources?

I also would like to see links to the telegram, Instagram and other channels you mention and would use to promote the events.


This seems far more suited for the Creative Dao. I get what you’re trying to do, but it really feels like a better fit there.

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Thanks for your proposal,

I’d like to start by drawing a clear distinction between the Tamago proposal, where funding has been requested for artists as an expense to promote platforms building on NEAR from this proposal, where funding is being requested to host a party for the sake of a party with little connection to NEAR as a technology platform for builders.

When considering whether a proposal has a meaningful connection with NEAR in order to be considered for funding, I usually look at:

  • The relationship between the organiser and NEAR
  • The relationship between the expected audience and NEAR
  • The relationship between the wider NEAR community and project

As it stands, I can’t quite see the connection much of a connection

Drawing from recent personal experience as ETH Denver, where several blockchains and projects hosted several PARTIES - including Dead Maus and DJ Tiesto - no one attending cared about who was hosting the party, and most were too drunk to use their mobile phones meaning resulting in a terrible setting to onboard someone into a new technology.

Few questions and ideas on how this proposal could be workshopped:

  1. Are people paying to attend this event? Seems plausible that the event could cover most of its costs by charging an entry fee, etc.
  2. How much money are you requesting?
  3. I suggest exploring the NFT for special events access route. This would have to be something developed almost entirely separate from the event. Think of an NFT Series ‘GOA Social’ where holders of the NFT get special access to exclusive events, deals on food and drinks, etc. The NFT would have to be designed, marketed and sold prior to the event. This is a project where you can definitely collaborate with the thriving NFT communities on NEAR and where you can definitely onboard and introduce the local communities to a new technology - value prop is clear, onboarding takes place beforehand, you can raise money through sale of NFTs, build a brand, etc.

Hope you find this feedback useful.