[Closed] EiR Crypto beer México

Project: Crypto beer

Description: Meetings with crypto and beer enthusiasts, sharing a beer with them and presenting NEAR, the ecosystem, GUILDS, projects, NFTs, etc. The main idea is to detect enthusiasts who are interested in generating projects within the NEAR ecosystem and invite them to certifications and learn more about the projects. In addition to opening your wallet to be part of the NEAR users. They will be held in several cities in Mexico.


  • Photo evidence of attendees
  • List of open wallets and event attendees
  • Emails from those interested in certifications, NCA, NCD.


  • 50 people on average per event
  • 5 events in CDMX, Cancun, Torreon, to be confirmed: Merida, Playa del Carmen.
    *Present the NEAR certifications and how they participate creating project with NEAR

We are in contact with @FritzWorm to receive support and mentoring on activities with greater impact on the community because he did it before.


Good evening, thank you for your proposal, but I think it’s not the best idea to associate Near Protocol and all kind of alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, it can be subject of complaints from government authorities.

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Hey guys,

I disagree with @Dacha here, beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world and we’re all adults here :beers:

However, the funding requested here isn’t clear.

That said, I think this might be more appropriate for a NEARMeets proposal, headed up by @jlwaugh

Particularly if it’s something on the regular. So long as the focus is on NEAR (and not just beer haha!)



Hi @josedlujan good to see you working with @FritzWorm using his proven model to promote NEAR.

I would like to see a more detailed outline of what you intend to do and a breakdown of Costs before I can consider approving this proposal.



Hey ! Full support for the Crypto Beer in Mexico !!! :beers:

Maybe this is not a funding request to the Marketing DAO and the tag is wrong

@josedlujan let me know we can have another call :wink:


Hi all – my main question with this that’s different from the others posed above is how you will invite people to the events – social media, email list, telegram/discord – what I am wondering is how you estimate 50pp per event?

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It’s a great concept but not a fit for the Marketing Dao. It’s a no for me.

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Closing this as no response in some time.