[Closed] Capital guild August 2022 social media and tech team moderation Funding

Good evening/morning/afternoon to us all, greetings to the MarketingDAO moderators your unending show of support and guidance have brought us this far and is made it possible for us to carry out and achieve all that we in Capital guild have built today in the areas of marketing and social media.
For this we are so thankful and we will continue to stay productive, continue to build and spread the Vision of The NEAR Ecosystem.

Council members:

Our July was and is great
[Report] Capital guild july 2022 social media graphics and tech team moderation funding We saw so much growth and half way into August we are still growing and spreading the news of Near at every opportunity given as we have held two Twitter spaces in August and have more coming up.

and have continued with our community calls on discord and also our Creativity hangout on discord too

Our graphics team have continued to create good artworks for some of our activities

In August to further aid us in our marketing campaign we are requesting a one time creation of Merch for 5 community members to be used during community projects and in attending web3 Functions as a way of identifying our guild, and representing the Near Ecosystem and web3 at Activities and events where we will be speaking or representing our guild.
Below is a sample

Our social media handles have been growing:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @capitalguild with over 80 members
Twitter: https://twitter.com/capital_guild?s=21&t=0apgEjVSPvy3SL4HHT3XiQ currently 230 followers
Instagram: https://instagram.com/guildcapital?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= currently 119 followers
Discord: CAPITAL GUILD over 50 members

Numbers have increased, different from the numbers reported in our July Report, showing that we are growing and it is a continuous process for us.

In this month of August we are looking to increase the number of Active members and Followers and also surpass 600 members and followers across our social media handles.

PLEASE NOTE: if the marketing Moderators cannot support our request for a one time Merch we will remove the request and seek to produce it in the Future on our own,


5 Customized one time capital guild Merch: $122
Social media promotions for all platforms: $134
Social media moderation $400
Tech team moderation $450

Total: $1,106 in USD

Cc @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR


Hello @David_NEAR is there a correction you need us to make?
Please advise

Sorry, no from me. Double-dipping .

Tribe Thrive DAO marketing agency works with Capital guild.

Hello @Dacha Tribethrive Dao do not fund our marketing campaign or for any purpose, we have solely been getting funded from the Marketing Vertical, they have been of great help to assist us in strategizing our social media posts and promotions, TribeThrive has also been helping to restructure our Roadmap to go in line with the Creatives guild lines and to make a good social media presence, as a community our goal is to attain sustainability as we build and grow but we are not “Double-dipping” in anyway, our reports shows all our activities and transparency. You can take more time to review and also consult TribeThrive Dao for more clarifications.
We didn’t receive marketing funding for July but TribeThrive Dao assisted in covering some very important lapses for us in the month of July but never have we requested for marketing campaigns funds from any other means aside the @marketingdao-council so outrightly saying “NO” will also have us far behind as this will affect us immensely, please verify all these.

Hello friend, overtime Capital guild have only requested funding for community marketing and promotional purposes and we believe to say there is the number to show for it, and these numbers are very well organic and the growth is been continuous just as it is expected that marketing campaigns are continuous also remember that we are a growing community who have for this period of time shown that the Funds we receive are being put to use with results to show.

May I plead that you read the proposal again and also our July report and hopefully see a need to change your mind about our initiative.
Also knowing that our marketing campaign in one month have proven that our strategy and with the help of the tribeDAO have shown positive growth in just one month.

TribeDAO works with us in ways of strategy planning, guide to self sustainability. But our community do the implementation, we make the posts, we carry out the campaign, our team puts it out to the public, we Host the Twitter space, Our team moderate the activities virtually and physically
With examples from our community health outreach done yesterday the 17 of August 2022 in a remote settlement in Abuja.
Where printed the handbills, we took to the streets and did a one on one contact with the people in that settlement, we put up our banner and again we made and are currently making the posts to show results and completion of the project.

It might interest you to know that we projected 50 people but we had well over 123 people who came out for the Outreach yesterday.

They are two different ventures and activity being carried out by Capital guild and TribeDAO which both have been very helpful and of Value.

Strategy/guidance and implementations I believe are separate from each other.

Cc. @marketingdao-council

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Hello @marketingdao-council we would love to know your thoughts on our proposal and where we are at this point

Thanks for your proposal Sammie,

I’ve been a supporter of Capital Guild, sharing on my personal twitter and purchasing art from Mintbase.

In regards to this proposal;

  • We are going through significant changes in the NEAR ecosystem that require us to adapt rapidly and step up our Marketing efforts, maximising the value of every dollar we provide.
  • I am confused by the broad scope of Capital Guild and unclear direct benefits to NEAR - merch, health outreach and remote villages, while worthwhile initiatives, don’t seem to have a close enough connection w the current goals of community funding.
  • I also believe that the due to the current size of the community, it should be easily managed by engaged members of the community without requiring much time or personal sacrifice to warrant funding at this point.

Looking forward to seeing how CG evolves and grows. Closing this proposal for now. Reconsider applying in the future if circumstances and metrics change.


Yes you have and we appreciate you and your efforts

Meanwhile @marketingdao-council we are capital Guild have a roadmap and have followed it step by step.

It be good to have a clearer guide and explanation as to what the Marketing DAO consider better.

Yesterday we had our Art exhibition and the number of guests and engagement with the Near idea shows how our every project is growing and how impactful it is to the Near Ecosystem.

And exhibition targeted at 50persons had well over 80 guests in attendance and they sat to listen to us speak about near and watched a slide presentation on the Metavers.
We are a community of purpose and are not doing little.

We are a growing community and I believe the support should not be considered otherwise.

Hello @satojandro thank you for your review, just to add

There is a major factor that we as a community always try not to go against as it could affect the community and maybe put an end to what we are trying ti build, which is that Nigeria has placed a ban on Cryto currency investment and adverts and for marketing purpose these are very vital to the growth of our community, however we have always been making sure we deliver on all projects and plans having in mind that we have to be careful

We also have to make sure the members of the community understands how the Near communities functions and what the capital guild community represents, our scope can only be fully understood by being fully involved and that is what we have been doing, we have also decided to bring in more community members for our social media planning, strategies and execution, this is after making sure that they are educated to an extent of the web3 space.

We understand the requirements for soliciting for marketing funds and we have always proven to carry out our promises on every request we have made since the creation of the community, however we have focused on erupting a community space to help cut down the cost of creating and showcasing our Art.

We are not just a community for making NFTs but also for showcasing them and we are rapidly growing in numbers, we have just been making sure we work with our roadmap to build a good structure first before embarking on this journey with people who are trusting us with their lives and careers.

Thank you once more for your support and I wish you’d consider your review considering how far we have come and how refusal of the proposal could affect our growth.

We are always open for corrections as we are all still in a learning phase and will feel better thought if advised.


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