[Closed] [Bounty] Createbase Gigs - EARN NEAR for Supporting the Createbase Community

i plan to fix the time at 8 o’clock in the evening every Tuesday, and the time is about ten minutes. This is a series of albums. But the content may not be limited to mintbase, including current and future ecological projects, it may be difficult to get support.
I believe that ecological prosperity is a common prosperity. Outstanding prosperity is not a spring. All the best

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Hey @chloe & @lenara - could I be a Pixel Party Frame Contributor for the month of April for Frame #154?

My mainnet NEAR address is rebecca.near

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Awesome! Approved for the month of april. Excited to see what you draw.

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HI :grinning: I would love to do Pixelparty, I was enabled from Dan to do #391 so if I can have #392 I can make them talk :slight_smile: is possible?

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ooops sorry, I see now that you have different numbers, so does not mind, whatever number you like for me :slight_smile: and the month that is free, from now on… barbara.near

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Feel free to use [Guide] Createbase DAO Proposal Submission to request funding from the Createbase SputnikDAO for videos that you do that you feel support the Creative web3 ecosystem. Submit a full proposal following the guide instructions and we can discuss under your post if needed before you submit the payout proposal.

I want to do the job : reddit channel management but it is valid ??

Hello :slight_smile:

I would like to apply as Pixel Party Frame Contributor for frame #156 :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Approved for frame #156 for the month of April!

I will be working on the Reddit Channel Management for the month of May

Hi guys, I see that the work I’m doing on the r/nearnft subreddit is the point of this bounty, assuming you’re not satisfied with it as I am receiving 30 nears each month Of which I committed to give 5 near + 19$ each month as incetives to people sharing their works and interacting on the Reddit.
I hope that you’ll be willing to let me distribute the incetives at least for this month of April (I took the commitment with the community), I’ll leave room to everyone else to get involved with moderation next month, they may set their own incentives and policies as they better wish.
Have a nice Sunday everyone!


We love the work you have been doing managing the Reddit Community and would love for you to continue. We will work with you to define the process moving forward for the incentives for the gig.

Thanks Chloe, that’s very appreciated, looking forward to talk then!

Hi @chloe I want to apply again for Pixelparty on May for barbaratosti.near any square you like, even two to have fun… For charity I will wait for the Rendered flash list to choose, I am looking for the right project to support with the support I receive :heart:


Hi @chloe . I am applying for the May Createbase PixelParty project.
Happy to donate the 5N to the : indiacovidrelief.sputnikdao.near wallet if that’s the right address?
thnx D


Sounds good, I will set barbaratosti.near as the contributor for 127 as well! (will do this Monday as I am travelling atm)

I will set you as the contributor for frame #155 if that’s alright with you. I will set it tomorrow as I am travelling atm. Once you have created an image, you can submit your payout proposal to SputnikDAO using “indiacovidrelief.sputnikdao.near” as the target address and once the approval passes, the funds will be sent.

Ok thnx Chloe, will do.

Hi Chloe. Just checked. Haven’t got edit rights yet.
ps: Can I also introduce/suggest other artists for this?

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Please suggest this bounty to any creatives that you think may be interested. And I am very sorry :sweat_smile:. The access is on my desktop and I forgot to bring my EU adaptor as I travelled.

@lenara, do you mind setting up @zeitwarp on pixel-party please: [Bounty] Createbase Gigs - EARN NEAR for Supporting the Createbase Community - #36 by chloe

And @BarbaraTosti please: [Bounty] Createbase Gigs - EARN NEAR for Supporting the Createbase Community - #36 by chloe