[Closed] Blockchain Club of Uganda Quarterly(May,June&July)

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Salute NEARs,

The Blockchain Club of Uganda has been executing Near Protocol activities in Uganda since June 2021 which has helped us achieve enormously in the Near ecosystem. To this end, we have had quite a number of local devs, especially students graduating with Near certified developer certificates from the Near University program, Dacade and other Near educational initiatives.

**Guild / Community: Blockchain Club of Uganda

**Community Socials:




Team Members:

Mucunguzi Moses near.social

Mugumya Jefferson near.social

Niwamanya Martin near.social

Mugisha Abraham near.social

Derrick Baryo near.social


Africa is beginning to take shape in blockchain technology with a great deal of discussions surrounding this new technology as a new form of reclaiming the internet by the people and for the people.

In particular for Uganda, Since the frenzy of cryptocurrencies that reached the country in 2017, the blockchain ecosystem has been steadily growing with Binance registering over 50,000 users in the first year(2018) it was introduced in the nation. Today, the most popular exchange in Uganda boasts of over 500,000 users which has led to a growth of trader communities, users, enthusiasts, developers, builders and startups.

As of today, there are crypto merchant firms that have set foot in Uganda such as Yellow Card, Afriex, chippercash and Amaano. Uganda also has a domestic crypto exchange, Binusu. Blockchain protocols are also starting to set up structures in Uganda to tap into the forty five million people market.


Blockchain Club of Uganda has one of Uganda’s most popular web3 communities of university students, web3 tech hub collaborations and enthusiasts and with a vibrant and highly-engaged student base of Blockchain clubs in a number of Universities across the country. These groups are organized in student clubs with affiliation to the Blockchain Club of Uganda. With this community base, we’ve held numerous hugely successful Nearcentric events in the past two years which have attracted hundreds of students interested in engineering and coding and we think that with the growing popularity of Web3 and Near in Africa, this proposal will prove to revamp the community through engagement initiatives and campaigns ranging from social media, content creation, local events, ideathons, education challenges, document translations, bootcamps etc in order to supercharge mainstream adoption of Near protocol in the region.

Blockchain Club of Uganda’s own platform allows any student to get help with their questions, right from their smartphone. The vast majority of our students are final year high school and university students, making this an ideal demographic that Near can attract to further its goals. We currently work with over 20 top schools and universities across Uganda.

The key objective of this engagement is to generate buzz around the Near ecosystem and get students familiar with Rust so that they feel confident and excited about pursuing more advanced Near projects and learning pathways. Student communities have been largely untapped by web3 communities (including Near), but they hold the key to spreading the word about Near amongst their friends and longer term becoming potential recruits as Near developers and advocates. Establishing a strong community in this demographic will give Near a clear first-mover advantage that will pay forward huge rewards in a short period of time.


The key objective of this campaign is to generate buzz around the Near ecosystem and get locals involved in web3 familiar with Near and its general products for a general mainstream consumption.

Important to note is that our focus is also to familiarize local devs with the Rust lang so that they can feel confident and excited about pursuing advanced Near projects and learning pathways. This will definitely target student communities that have been largely untapped by web3(including Near), but they hold the key to spreading the word about Near amongst their friends and longer term becoming potential recruits as Near developers and advocates.

Establishing a strong community in this demographic will give Near a clear first-mover advantage that will pay forward huge rewards in a short period of time.

With a successful implementation of our community campaign for the next three months and in conformity with the Regional Communities Communities DAO guidelines, we hope to achieve the following deliverables;

  • Onboard 100+ community members to near.social in each of the next three months. That is to say May, June and July.

  • Onboard 100+ community members monthly to verify IamHuman. These will create Near Wallets and Atro DAO accounts. This will inform the mode of bounties distribution to the community.

  • Produce 4+ original content and Translate at least 4 more Near materials to native languages including Swahili, Luganda and Kinyarwanda.

  • Host 4+ events. For avoidance of doubt, this will refer to In Real Life(IRL), Virtual and blended/highbreed events. We shall again make use of the Near Kampala meetup group which we have been previously using to achieve this.

  • Onboard projects on chain as well as tech students onto Near so that we can have more local devs start to build DApps on Near.

  • New Near contributors will be brought on board. These will contribute to code, content, social media marketing and community growth and management.

Quarterly Milestones

  • Month1(May)
    100+ near.social accounts from our local community
    100+ Local twitter groth
    100+ local telegram growth
    1 Near event
    4+ article translations and 4+ written content.
    Biweekely giveaways
  • Month2(June)
    Increase near.social accounts by 100+ accounts
    Further twitter and telegram growth by 100+ following in each case
    Collaboration with the Google Schools Club of Makerere University in the summer Code Camp
    Biweekely giveaways
    Participation in the Blockchain DevFest 23
    More articles and translations 4+ in each case
  • Month3(July)
    Further Increase near.social accounts by 100+ accounts
    More twitter and telegram following by 100+ in each case
    A community meetup at hub that will be determined by the team
    More articles and translations 4+ in each case
    Biweekely giveaways

Implementation plan.

As part of our implementation plan, most of our campaigns shall focus on creating a community that is ready to consume Near products in a mainstream manner.

That said, our community shall strategically involve established groups such as the Google Developer Student Clubs, local community hubs, National Science Innovation Hub and other communities on the continent such as the NPK Guild in Nigeria for regional initiatives . This is how we plan to achieve our Objectives.

  • Twitter: We shall use twitter to disseminate information about the Near Ecosystem on a daily basis targeting our time zone prime time. Twitter will also be a great tool for online engagements as we plan to host twitter spaces. It is in these spaces that we hope to occasionally invite different members from elsewhere in the Near Ecosystems to interact with our local community.
  • Telegram: Tg will complement twitter as it will give an immediate one on one between the local community team and the local community. Our team Members will have a schedule for moderation on our tg channel. Tg will also be used for community giveaways and bounties.
  • Giveaways: To reach a good engagement in our social media channels again we are planning small promotions. On Telegram we are planning an activity contest where the most active users get rewards for their engagement.
  • Translations. We shall also make translations of key Near documentations to the major dialects of East Africa including Swahili, Luganda and Kinyarwanda.
    The purpose of these translations is to achieve more mainstream adoption for easy understanding and consumption of the locals.
    Some of our major focus will be put on Near Protocol BOS, Iam-Human App, near.social among others, this will also ease our onboarding process to these crucial Near products.
  • Medium. This will act as our community news/blog channel. Here, we shall be posting our created articles as well as the translated articles. Links for the articles will be shared on both twitter and telegram.
  • Events. Our events will be planned and shall target specific communities such as tech students at university, college blockchain clubs, local tech hub communities as well collaborating in different tech debates and gatherings such as the National Science Week 2023. We shall use Near Kampala for events.

Collaborations. This will also play a great part in executing our campaign as we plan to collaborate with other communities such as Aurora Africa, Encode Club and the National ICT Hub in more advanced activities such as hackathons.

Funding Allocation

  1. Twitter. Disseminate news about the Near ecosystem on a daily basis while targeting the prime time of East Africa(GMT+3) to maximus reach and engagement.

This will be tracked on the number of posts and engagements which will also reflect increase in growth manifested in follower increase.

We intend to post thrice daily as per the EAT prime time in the morning, midday and evening.

Some of our giveaways will be conducted on twitter.

This will cost $400 per month.

  1. Telegram. This is where daily engagement will be maintained and we shall have a schedule for modulation amongst our team members according to time preference. Our goal is to have 24/7 support of our community members on telegram.

We shall have biweekly community talks which will also be held on telegram.

We shall set out with a goal of increasing our community numbers on telegram by 100+ per month. Our bounties and some giveaways shall also be conducted on telegram.

Budget for this will be $600 per month.

  1. Content and Translation. This will include writing articles which will be posted on medium. These will be 4+ original articles. Our translation fous areas will include BOS, Iam-Human App, near.social

Our translated content will also be shared here and we intend to translate 4+ articles per month to meet the desired performance as per the Regional Communities DAO

We shall also include memes and infographics and these will largely be shared on twitter.

This will cost $500 per month.

  1. Community Bounties and giveaways.

These will be executed on both twitter and telegram.

These will aim to increase both Near and Local community social following.

Through these, new members will be onboarded and these will as well verify IamHuman of course bearing in mind that the bounties will be distributed on the Astro Dao accounts.
These bounties and giveaways will be distributed via the Near tip bot.

This will cost us $450 per month

  1. Events. We shall ensure to host at least one event per month. This will majorly be virtual to cust IRL event costs.

We shall target specific audiences for these events and they will predominantly be technical.

We shall also seek to collaborate with local tech formations such as google clubs to co-host these events so as to further cut costs.

This will cost us $400 per month.

  1. Misseleneuses and Monthly report.
    This will include items unplanned for esp events such as those of our partner hubs and tech clubs such as Makerere GDSC
    This amount will cover swag to give away on such events, flyers, and drinks(water/soda) in such instances.
    We request $100 for this per month.

Total Monthly Budget:

Item Cost($)
Twitter 400
Telegram 600
Content & Translation 500
Bounties & GIveaways 450
Events 400
Misseleneuses & Monthly Report 100
Monthly Total 2450

Quarterly Budget: $7,350

Monthly Budget: $2450

Astro DAO: bcuganda.sputnik-dao.near

Name: Mucunguzi Moses

Telegram handle: @MosesMucu

Email: moemucu@gmail.com


Please, include near.soxial account of your team members

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Please, rearrange your proposal to give us a mknthly breakdown of what you will do and the funds for each month.

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Hello, I have fixed this

The monthly milestone for the quarter have also been included as well as the monthly budget.

We hope that you use the near tip bot for distribution of telegram rewards


Hello @IgbozeIsrael yeah sure, we assuredly shall use the Near tip bot for the rewards distribution!

Please include content related to BOSS and IAH to your Translations too.

Can you update your proposal with what are the content are you going to translate and how much each one cost.

Thank you

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I failed to understand what does it mean?

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Hello @Bakaka Thanks for taking your time off the weekend to review our proposal There are costs we are likely to incur such as logistical materials on invitations to events with tech teams. A case in point, last year we were glad to secure a partnership with the [https://gdsc.community.dev/makerere-university/](https://The Makerere GDSC) and they occasionally offer us free space at the University’s hub for Blockchain related sessions. In case we go beyond the planned budget for a month and were offered an opportunity to meet dev students there, we shall use that $100 for flyers, some swag and maybe provide drinks(water/soda to attendees). By the way, the Near logo was also listed among the partners for this google club :innocent: hoping for more of the kind.
Also kindly remember that accountability will be given in the monthly report to keep the transparency in our operandi.

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For transparency purposes please try to qoute this clearly in your proposal or list the misseleneuses items projection. Thank you


Alright, let me do so straight away. Thanks!

Hello! Unfortunately, we can’t support your proposal because RC working group decision.


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