[Closed] Blockchain Club of Uganda December Budget

Blockchain Club of Uganda December Budget

With the tremendous steps taken by our Guild as reported in our November monthly update, we feel rejuvenated to achieve more through making the best out of December. Thanks to Jessica and team for new energies introduced to the program.

With two months ticking on our initial proposal to complete our milestones, an event with the Tourism sector suits the occasion. Sub-Saharan Africa has greatly leveraged on the tourism sector which attracts a number of tourists from all over the world as well as domestically.
This trend and kind operation provides a favorable environment for DeFi as the sector has greatly decried bureaucracy/red-tape in the system as a whole.
This has created a move to adoption of cryptocurrencies and the p2p systems in the region with media reports indicating above 30% increase in p2p in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda.

Given the above background, it is crucial to examine the potential sectors that will adopt DeFi, peculiar to this is the Tourism sector.
In the same regard, we have engaged a number of Tour and Travel companies in particular Bird Uganda https://www.birduganda.com/ (famous for bird tracking), https://www.gorillatours.com/ and https://www.wildtripsafricasafaris.com/
These have given us a warm welcome, an opportunity to tap this potential use case for the Near ecosystem.

Therefore, plan to arrange an event on a trip in late December with the above Tour and Travel companies(these will be invited through official invitation letters) in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest(famous for Mountain Gorillas).
It should be noted that most of the target Tour and Travel companies have been informally.

This will help Near to be one of the pioneer blockchains in the tourism industry in Uganda as we intend to have the invited companies(estimated 7 companies) to start receiving payment through wallet.near.org

Budget breakdown
Team Transport (with Hire Vehicle for 2 days) = $600
Team Accommodation + meals 5120 for two days &1 night = $600
Domestic Tracking 1 day (Team with the company) 20
60 = $1200
Workshop Venue $300
Food for approximately for 20 members (20*15) $300
Sub-Total $3000

Social Media Management

We have social media channels for twitter and telegram where we share both our Guild and Near related content, articles and announces in both English and the major dialects (Kiswahili and Luganda). Telegram: Contact @BlockchainClubUg 2 https://twitter.com/BlockchainClubU
Our guild website also has a newsletter section where we send updates to subscribers.
These updates also include monthly reports.
These channels are managed and handled by the Blockchain Club of Uganda Head of Communications.
Added to social media maintenance, we have established close relationships with mainstream media. We are on the look to maintain these relations.
This will cost us $500

Total Budget for December

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Event with Tour and Guild Companies $3000
Social Media and Main Stream Media relations $500
Total $3500 equivalent to 412N( 1=$8.5 at time of posting)

Target Address: bcuganda.sputnik-dao.near

Good evening, :star_struck: it’s more expensive than live in New York City.

Do you wanna take a trip and promote Near for 7 companies , right?
Is crypto legal in Uganda?
What kind of services they gonna provide for Near? Tourism ?
How many people in Uganda use Near for payments?
What the expecting result of marketing activities?


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Hi @Dacha Have you been to Uganda? What informs your comparison between a Night in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and NYC? Is the universal accommodation rate pegged to the NY standard living? For future guidance, please reserve your colonial and racial jokes and comments :pray:
To be more crystal clear, please check https://www.tripadvisor.com/SmartDeals-g319722-zft9672-Bwindi_Impenetrable_National_Park_Western_Region-Hotel-Deals.html to guide you about the prices I indicated.
Also, understand that prices are for the Guild team(5 members).
I hope my explanation sounds reasonable to you.

Yeah, sure. The trip will target a minimum of 7 companies and these will be consumers. I have a Tour Guide friend transacting in crypto. He suggest this to one of our members and found this cause enough to tap the potential crypto consumers in the industry.
Also be informed that there is no law against Crypto usage in Uganda. Actually Binance, Coinbase and Yellowcard etc centralized exchanges all have Uganda shillings (Ugx transactions).
It should also be understood that there are increasing p2p transaction rates in Uganda and majorly in the tourism sector. Our trip will certainly attract a good number of subscribers to start using Near.


I’d love to better understand the goal here. You mentioned the data around increased crypto usage, which is great.

Why specifically are we targeting Tourism sector, especially given the pandemic. Also, what does it mean to “target tourism sector”? Is the expectation that these travel agencies would start accepting crypto?

Can you clarify what does it mean to get an opportunity to tap this use case? Are they giving you access to their customers?

If the goal is to get the companies operating in the tourism sector to start accepting NEAR tokens as payment, I don’t see the need for 5 members of the team to actually go on a tour with them…unless I’m missing something.

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The Tourism sector has a high usage of electronic money(Mobile money) and of recent, embracing the use of crypto.
It should be clear that tourism activities are open in Uganda as of now though numbers coming in have reduced, but also, the domestic market is still available, especially in these festive season.
The end point in targeting this sector is to have them accept Near as a payment method.

Once again, our goal is to have these companies accept Near as a form of payment. Access to the tourists is a “fringe benefit”.

Your first part of the statement shows you understand the rational of the proposal, thanks.
The 5 are leaders of the Guild who have also been performing Guild Activities. The team includes, for-example the PRO(who will write about the event to the media), Head of Education who will do the presentation, Community relations Manager who is coordinating with the companies, we therefore found it indispensable for them to be available for the event.
Also to exhaust your query, the National Park is the best venue we could find to meet the target group in question.

Good evening. Going to vote no.

Firstly, it’s definitely overpriced budget;
Secondly, I’m not sure that traveling company have any impact in crypto industry and can help promote Near Protocol.

Thank You and have a great day!