[Canceled] rent a land and build a headquarter

Proponent: Isa Danoninho
Near Account: isadanoninho.near

Objective: rent land and build a building in the metaverse.

Justification (benefits) : The Gambiarra will have a headquarters in the metaverse, with its own gallery and space for events. This will make it easier to organize events and save on space rental.

Project: Rent a land in cryptovoxels and build a headquarters for Gambiarra.

Timeline: Project time is approximately 10 days after approval, but may be delivered sooner.
The project being approved, we will request the land for thephilosopher.near and release the construction functions. After that I will meet with manutegus.near on the terrain to think about the best architecture for the terrain, optimize the space and make the best use of the floors we can have.
To have a reception, a space that throws people straight to the store, a fixed gallery, a space for events and workshops, space for a rotating gallery.
After the spaces needed are defined and manutegus.near creates the “bricks” for the construction of the space, I will assist in setting up the site.

Remembering that after the approval of this project every month it will be necessary to pay 500USD in near for thephilosopher.near.

Land Rent: 500USD thepshilopher.near
Land construction: 400USD manutegus.near
Producer Assistent and project management: 100USD isadnaoninho.near
TOTAL: 1000USD in near


I think the proposal is awesome, mainly because Gambiarra needs a gallery right now, given the amount of projects being developed. Feminu exhibition, mintbase sunday, week of 22, music parties, individual exhibitions, collective exhibitions… and to have a place to temporary and permanent exhibitions, as much as an educational place for courses would be wonderful for developmebt of Gambiarra curation power.


Super de acordo, um espaço assim iria ajudar muito a todos envolvidos, também pra poder suportar o grande crescimento da gambiarra e novos projetos. Parabéns pela proposta Isa \o/


Very important for Gambiarra to continue growing and for more people to have access. Excellent proposal!


Hello! Thanks for your proposal :vulcan_salute:

It is not clear how many months the community should be giving funds to help your project to be successful. Also will be great to know what is your predicted impact, metrics deliverables.


@Isa_Danoninho, I think the question from @FritzWorm is super important.

It seems, Fritz, it is a monthly rent for having a virtual gallery (given that the resources to buy a land are beyond our budget), just like Muti DAO for example rents its parcel from MarmaJ, in a permanent basis. Gambiarra DAO is a DAO to develop Brazilian Visual Art on Near Blockchain. As you can see in our Funding Proposal, we had many exhibitions, some of them tematic, some with 3XR NFTs, some of them just for women (this one is happen in march), and we also are producing some educational onboarding material, we could put in our gallery. So the existence of our gallery would benefit at least the more of 150 brazilian artists that are part of our store, and more near artists according to the event taking place.

Concerning the metrics, the predicted impact and the deliverables, this would be interesting to know with objectivity, in the sense that it can be good to know how many events (exhibitions, music parties) will happen in the next months, how many people you expect to be in these events.

I know Gambiarra DAO is talking, for the next month, about:

  • Mintbase Sunday Exhibition (which would occupy 1 floor)
  • Rotative Individual Exhibition (1 floor for one Gambiarra artist/month)
  • Rotative Collective Exhibition (1 floor to Gambiarra artists)
  • NEAR Community Exhibition (1 floor to NFTs from NEAR community)
  • Tematic Exhibition (according to the month) (1 floor)
  • Music parties (1 floor)
  • Feminu Exhibition (which is booked in another building, because we did not have ours, when we decided where to build it)

Last music parties with the Week of 22 exhibition, on Metaverse DAO Building, with the same producer (Isa Danoninho), had around 100 people present. If we could deliver the presence of 80 to 100 people per exhibitions openings and music parties, this would be be a successful metric. Also if we could deliver 1 event per week.

@macieira @Isa_Danoninho @Ghini @Natashacremonese I would love to hear your opinion about this. @Isa_Danoninho, if you could add these metrics and predicted impact, it would be awesome.

In case of the deliverables, I think that maybe they will differ according to the different project that will occupy the gallery. The deliverable itself from this specific project, it seems the own gallery built on cryptovoxels, ready to host Gambiarra’s events and exhibitions.


@Isa_Danoninho excellent proposal, for sure we need a space of our own at Cryptovoxels. Congratulations on the production work done in the Metaverse DAO building. Congratulations also to @gushlewis for the construction and to @thephilosopher for the space.


@thephilosopher @FritzWorm’s question is really important and you are right about Gambiarra DAO’s goal of developing Brazilian Visual Art in Near Blockchain.

February 2022 was a month of great achievements and we intend March to be better, that is, proposals are already underway such as MintbaseSunday, which will have its 4th edition in March, the possibility of individual, collective and thematic exhibitions. The parties are already a tradition, also leading many visitors to circulate through the spaces where we promote events. And really, if we already had a space of our own, for sure the FEMINU Exhibition that @Ghini is organizing would happen there.

The opening party for the exhibition in honor of the 100 years of the Semana Brasileira de Arte Moderna was a success in the Metaverse DAO building, surpassing the goal of 22 works, reaching more than 30 works received in the collection. The Week Of 22 became a collection with 36 exclusive pieces produced for the event and we are already programming an Exhibition 100 Days Later, which will bring together all the works in a celebration of this great tribute that Gambiarra DAO made. Thank you @Isa_Danoninho for the opportunity to make events. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@FritzWorm I don’t think you can predict a certain metric for a gambiarra venue, but I believe we would have a large influx of people.
There would be a lot more going on at the same time, for example all the exhibitions that @thephilosopher commented on.
There are several events in a month, and some at the same time as others, the chance of more people getting to know each other’s work is much greater.
I think this renting of the space should last as long as it is convenient for DAO. If one day it ceases to be, vote to no longer have the space.


Congratulations for the data Cid, it was very coherent and objective. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
And yes, our last event in partnership with gambiarra week 22 was a success. At no point did we have less than 25 people during the entire party!!!


It will be amazing to see all the projects that can happen materializing in the metaverse!
I’m looking forward to this day. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


This is an excelent proposal and will benefit a great number of artists. Congratulations for this initiative @thephilosopher. We have more then 40 artists already onborded to Gambiarra and many projects of upcoming exhibitions. To have a place for permanent and temporary exhibitions will be a huge conquer.


I would like to do the Kids in the Metaverse Exhibition


Hi @Isa_Danoninho
As we talked to @thephilosopher, the owner of the land and explained about our available values for the proposals, he made himself available to build our gallery for free, so we will only approve the rent at this moment.

Very exciting to see The Gambiarra grow!

I think this initiative would be an excellent opportunity to align incentives within the NEAR ecosystem and fund a proposal that will have a ripple effect of growth.

An example of how this proposal could be changed slightly to multiply returns would be the Tamago proposal to host events on Nearhub, NEAR’s own met averse. @jefedeoro

Another option with a lot of potential would be for Gambiarra to leverage Reality Chain on Octopus. Not only can you create your own custom Metaverse, but I am almost certain there are also generous incentives and grants for the first few projects to deploy @decentricity

Do note that even if the current proposal goes ahead in the short term, the above should still be considered as a top priority going forward. I do strongly believe that any funding disbursed by Community DAOs should be allocated in a way that maximises value for the highest number of members, and that inevitably includes fostering collaborating and cross-pollinating initiatives.


Hello @Isa_Danoninho it’s a really nice project, the only concern right now it’s the value.
Last month, in Gambiarra DAO, we agreed that the maximum amount for each project was 500 USD. So 1000 USD is unfeasible at this moment for us.
As @Dazo exposed before, we talked to @thephilosopher, the owner of the land and the consul of our DAO, and we explained about our available values for the proposals, he made himself available to build our gallery for free, so we will only approve the rent at this moment, if the value on your proposal changes to 500 USD.

I hope you understand.


So if we are not building it. I ask @Isa_Danoninho to edit the original post to remove our tasks from this project. Thank you.