C1 Tv weekly workshop for the month of April

Greetings to us all, this is a follow up request for funding for the ongoing C1 Tv weekly community workshop

In the light of corrections made and other ideas that sprung up during the course of the workshop, some upgrades and changes have been thought of, to Add more value and transparency plus upgrades to make it more fun and interacting to engage creatives in the C1 guild and to also onboard new creatives to the community, this will furthermore drive the aim and goals of the guild to keep the creatives engaged, create NFTs to later be minted, the creation process will be professionally recorded, edited and minted in the C1 store on Mintbase, videos uploaded to the C1 YouTube channel ( just like the already completed workshops ) it will not only be targeted to audio NFTs or creatives but to every other aspect of Art I can find in the city of Lagos.
I will be working with @Dedeukwu and @JCB on the weeks project and how to properly get it done and minted, We already have few creatives to work with and onboard in the process, we’ll also be reaching out to members of the C1 guild for a workshop of their art created and minted.
I will be renting a Camera for every workshop. This workshop can be displayed on the community weekly call like we used to or we can choose a day for the months workshops, it can be announced on social media, we’ll display the creation stages, artists name, social media handles and links to the store we can also have like an open day workshop for Art exhibition to thereby draw collectors to come in and see how these young Africans/Nigerians create their art, an artwork with the artists image and type of art can be displayed to be published before day of workshop. i will also be working with the C1 promotion team to always give them time to time reports so they can also always advertise our weekly workshop.

The workshop will be held at the convenience of each artist as usual or ( i will be going to their work space), audio workshops will be brought to the creative hub for creatives that do not have their own work space, thereby also keeping the creative hub active and open for all creatives, this will also mean that the creative space will be made available to the C1 Tv workshop team all through the month for whenever we have need to use it.
2. the weekly workshops will be held on the discord channel every Sunday 3pm before the weekly call and every last Sunday of the month all workshops will be displayed officially on the C1 gallery ( in form of an exhibition which we will always have to keep promoting, this will keep us all engaged and create activities for the community thereby marketing ourselves ).
3. The aim is to engage creatives, getting more contents for the store, attract collectors, keep our creative space active and onboarding of artists and creatives.
4. i have also chosen Monday as it is the first day of the week and will provide time to properly edit the video, add some C1 designs and the name C1 TV artistry Workshop designs to make it look very professional and be ready to mint as the meeting is going on or after, the artists can be live interviewed on the exhibition day.
I’ve been working with @Billion and @Sammiee and we’re looking at also adding at least 2 more members to the team to further bring more easier work flow.

this workshop will be more of showing the members of the community and newly on boarded members that it is all love, work and growth.

To achieve this weekly We will be needing,

  1. Transportation and entertainment ( $50 for each workshop) = $200 ( for a month)

  2. Artist artwork and camera = $200 for a month)

  3. A T-shirt with the C1 logo design for the team and buying the merch hoodie in the C1 store for the guest artists 1 merch costs $100 and 30% goes back to the DAO ) and the team T-shirt will be bought once as we’ll be using them until they need changing or rebranding.

Merch = $400

Tv crew T-Shirt = $150 ( for 4 )

  1. Team bounty = $150 for a month.

  2. Creative space Audio workshop studio bounty ( electricity and maintenance) = $100

  3. Video Editors bounty = $100 for a month

  4. Wallet activation = $4

Total = $1,404= 105.96NEAR.

@JCB @Dedeukwu @chloe @Sammiee

Target: elkhush1.near


Awwn glad my Merch & Shryne is coming alongside, big thanks man.

If I’m correct, we expect to achieve educating these new creatives, onboarding them, creating NFTs with them and splitting the % as well, the covered visual will be uploaded in our C1 YouTube while we mint their various 4 NFTs per month?

Just for community clarity sake.


Yes, just like we did with the first workshops that have just been recently completed.