C1 Guild social media management for November


Is this a proposal to the MarketingDAO for funding?

Who has marked it Approved?

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It has been approved by the Creatives DAO but I’m adviced to share here to the Marketing DAO for more transparency.

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Hi David,

We were told by the creatives that we should approve within our DAO prior to the submission to the verticals?

So that proposal was to C1 to run the social media which we were funded by the creatives for up until this point.

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Here is the advice I am referring too

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will just leave a note in here:
The rule for internally approved proposals applies to the Creatives vertical, other groups might handle it differently.

I believe you will find more infos on how to submit a marketing proposal in here:

As this is a different vertical in the system, the rules can vary :slight_smile:

As for the first post from @Purpledots, I have linked to the funds that C1 has received this month for TG support (100 USD from the requested 700 USD) from the Creatives DAO in here to keep everything transparent. [PROPOSAL] C1 Marketing Campaign (Nov, Dec, Jan) - #14 by tabear

I hope that helps :blush:


All trying to work out the kinks of the new submission policies… It’s a learning process.

The TG and socials were proposed differenty as I see telegram as a community and the development of the tools associated with interacting with the community. Not trying to sell the community NFTs as oppose to just building a place to interact, collaborate and bring new members in to the ecosystem.

Purple has been running our socials from day one, and this is the first time the funding requests need to go different places.

I also just submitted a proposal to the new onboarding DAO as well as our outreach team is left out of the creatives funding as well.

So it’s all new this month and we apologize for the sloppyness.

Practice makes perfect! Am I right?! LOL

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Thanks for the info! :tada:

Hey @David_NEAR
I have made some edits on the proposal and have touched in the places the guide points out.
Thank you

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