C1 C NxM Abuja Tour

Greetings family

So for the C1 x NxM Abuja Tour i proposed for in the C1 Guild with the help of DEDEUKWU and the team making the event plans a success, just to give updates on what we’ve done so far….

-We have scheduled the event for Sunday 6th February at Gwarinpa hotels.( Check attachment ).

-Paid for the venue $400

-Flight ticket (Round trip) for 5 $900

-Advert materials $300

-5 NEAR hoodie Merch $140

We are looking forward to take off on 3rd February for promotional outreach and awareness before the mandate, however it is necessary to know about these expenses we need to cover and reason why we have decided to request extra 1k from CreativesDAO ( To be proposed ) summed with NxM’s 1k contribution to the cross-guild collaboration.

-Accommodation for 6

-Videographer/Gimbal/Red carpet

-Mobility within Abuja

-Chops & water for event

-Feeding for team

-Dj and team bounties.
@Dedeukwu @JCB


Thanks so much for this report @ELKHUSH :pray: Looking forward to the event’s update :purple_heart:


@boy_chula here is the Abuja report