Burrito Palooza 🐎 - 333 Burrito NFTs distributed among the community

Hi community from NEAR, we are the Burrito Battle Team announcing Burrito Palooza, the one month competition where you can win the first NFT burritos characters in Burrito Battle.

Total distribution of Genesis Burritos

  • Burrito Palooza (222 NFTs)
  • β€œBurritos alfa - omega” NFT collection @ NativoNFT (30 NFTs)
  • Discord giveaway (20 NFTs)
  • Twitter Spaces giveaway (10 NFTs)
  • Telegram AMA Giveaway (10 NFTs)
  • YouTube live giveaway (21 NFTs)
  • Twitter giveaway (20 NFTs)

What is Burrito Battle?

Is a NFT Video Game created through NEAR technology, where you can participate in fights versus other burritos and players.

Win Straw tokens ($STRW) in every battle that you participate. Using loot boxes and participating in events created by the community will give you rewards of $STRW. $STRW will allow you to mint new burritos and health your characters.

Use NFTs that are Burrito characters, each one with different elements (water, fire, air, and thunder) and different skills (attack, defense, agility). Once you win 10 battles your burrito would be able to upgrade its level.

What is the current status of Burrito Battle?

Now the current version of the game is in 1-month beta testing on Testnet to see approval of the players. You will be able to use Player-versus-Computer mechanism that will eventually move to a Player-versus-Player.

How can I participate in Burrito Palooza?

To enter the Burrito Battle page it is necessary clicking the link: https://burritobattle.app/

On this videos you can find explaining step-by-step guides on how to start your path on Burrito Battle:

Burrito Palooza - Tasks and leaderboard!

Once you start your game you must accumulate 150 points completing the next challenges, each challenge gives you an exact score:

# Task Category Description Points
1 Social and community Follow Burrito Battle on Twitter 5
2 Social and community Follow Burrito Battle on YouTube 5
3 Social and community Do one hour stream on Twitch playing Burrito Battle 20
4 Social and community Tweet using #BurritoBattle and get at least 10 retweets 10
5 Social and community Post twitter invite to Burrito Palooza 5
6 Game walkthrough Rise 3 levels to a burrito 50
7 Game walkthrough Rise 6 levels to a burrito 100
8 Game walkthrough Rise 10 levels to a burrito 150
9 Game walkthrough Win 1 incursion 50
10 Game walkthrough Mint 1 burrito thunder 30
11 Game walkthrough Mint 1 burrito water 30
12 Game walkthrough Mint 1 burrito fire 30
13 Game walkthrough Mint 1 burrito air 30
14 Game walkthrough Mint 1 burrito plant 30
15 Game walkthrough Mint 1 burrito of each type 50
16 Game walkthrough Cure 1 burrito 30
17 Game walkthrough Revive 1 burrito 30

Send the necessary evidence so that burrito team can validate your participation through next link: https://forms.gle/7GeipyCd2akEM3aY8

Start date: August 1st, 2022.
Finish date: Until our supplies last!


Nice one Ulises!

Great chance to be an OG of Burrito Battle! Good luck to everyone participating in Burrito Palooza!

I want to participate. I’ll be there! :horse: :horse:

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Waiting to participate! This wiil be awesome :star_struck:

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Interesting event and good opportunity to get burritos, good luck!!

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Congrats! a great opportunity :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m ready to get my burritos, nice work! :sunglasses:

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Great opportunity to win a burrito and get off to a good start in Burrito Battle on mainnet.

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Interesting :smiley: I would like participates for win a burrito, good luck :smiley:

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Great opportunity to play a new game, good luck

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How cool! I’m going to start streaming on twitch :sunglasses: Awesome Burrito Palooza​:tada: