[Budget] October Report and Payout Request for the NEAR Degen Army

Hi @rimberjack ,

Can you please Explain ,what Kuenshahi have Contributed to Near Ecosystem, i can see only very less Contributions are made. Her Twitter Account only says 67 Followers. i dont know what value that can be added for past months as Degen.
@Dacha Need your Thoughts
@Grace Kindly Check up this !

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Hey dude, be honestly I don’t know who is it, but just for me, payment amount should be reduced to 175N (market salary).

$3100 for part time work ? It’s a great wage for USA and level of top management salary in other countries.

175N x 41 = 7175
400N x 4 = 1600

Total in N 8775 ($89 500) vs 14 100N ($144 000).

As a said ~ half of degens get monthly salary in other guilds and groups. I can prove full list of them, if needed .

Would you still be saying the same if NEAR’s price wasn’t $10? No, because you said the exact opposite thing in August payout report when NEAR’s price was $5. It’s called volatility. Check my other reply above for more info.

Yes, in August I proposed slightly increase payments for degens. But, nobody supported it.

great job! degen team
I want to special thank to @rimberjack @SanketN81 @Ratatoeskr @kanzy for especially helping community actively on telegram

as @rimberjack also mentioned I vote yes for caling up and reducing the degens getting inactive people retired

but I think 300N is pretty reasonable considering the awesome work these guys are doing
It’should not be reduced.


So aren’t you contradicting yourself right now? The price was low three months back, therefore we received lower salary in USD. The price is higher right now, therefore we received higher salary in USD.

If let’s say that the price goes down to $2 next month, will you again propose to increase our salary?

We our paid in NEAR which will be volatile in prices due to it being a cryptocurrency.


There should be a rotating opportunity for everyone to contribute to Near!


The best way pay flat rate in $.
$1750 monthly for 80 hrs (part time work). Fantastic salary for social media specialist…

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Absolutely. Now just for closed club of friends.

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Flying Rhino pays $23/hr for this job and some guilds like @LegalGuild Sankore 2.0 contracted Rhino guild

By the way , one of Rhino content manager is Yana.near (degen) . Insane guys.

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I understand what you mean, but if you count all the hours I spend creating content and managing in degens, you get about the same amount that is currently credited to us.

20 hours a week is the minimum that degen spends on average. But in Degens 2.0, only those who spend much more time in this direction will remain, and we will also be much stricter about the quality of the created content. I understand that the current state of affairs causes you some concern, but we discussed many things with @Grace and came to the conclusion that we need a restructuring.

Let’s do a restructuring and see how it works for us in November. Moreover, if you want to try yourself as a degen, I can offer to become part of my team for a few days to understand how much work each member of degen 2.0 does. You will need Twitter, a good account on Reddit (2000+ karma, I’m even ready to rent my account) and active daily participation in the direction of YouTube Targeting.

I would be happy to work shoulder to shoulder with you and if we have a place in the ranks of Degens 2.0, I am ready to gladly consider your candidacy as a member of the core team for my teams, as well as the core Twitter team.

With great respect, @Lolson_tg


Exactly. At this point I don’t understand how some degens can be effective if they are members of other groups and guilds?

Hope to see dedicated team, only work for Degens Army.

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I’m used to focusing on metrics that I see in front of me. My task is to analytically solve the problems. In the new direction of Degens 2.0, I will regulate the activities of each member even more strictly and consider the real returns and benefits for the Degens 2.0 ecosystem.

My responsibility at the moment is only Reddit, YT, BTT, as you can see, everything in this segment is under strict control and we are trying to improve metrics and indicators every month.

I think I can invite you to a test period in Degens 2.0 on the 20th of November, when our new team will start working in full force :slight_smile:

I sincerely believe that every Degen does a huge amount of work, and especially those who will be among the top 25.

Have a nice day buddy :slight_smile:


Great . Could you please pm list of Elite team? Thanks

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It has not been fully approved yet, there are minor differences, I think we will not hide who will be on the list. As soon as our list is ready, we will publish a document with the details of Degens 2.0 :slight_smile:


But we’re in the crypto space doing work for NEAR and by NEAR. So it makes more sense (and we expect) that we’re paid in $NEAR.

Also, none of the Degens ever proposed to increase our salary when the token price was low (that was you, even when you’re not in the group) and none of us will do that in the future.

Also you keep bringing up the term “social media specialist” and I’m not so sure you know what it means because if you did you’d realise that not all of us do only that. Many of us also take tonnes of other initiatives (not to mention moderating). And also most (actually all) of the times, a social media specialist is hired for just one single platform yet most of us do our work on several platforms.

No doubt we appreciate your 10th dentist approach, but with all the facts laid out by us and the transparency we showcase it’s frankly getting a little aggravating and irksome that we have to answer to your exact same questions and doubts every month cause if we don’t you start shitposting and start calling people out personally on the forum.

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Definitely, I don’t realize why. It’s a reason why I fight here with some guilds. If you have a DAO and all community members have a councils vote, you can create proposal and change everything. @illia told about it on Near Con.

Transparency and democracy.

Sorry for inconvenience , I didn’t ask you comment my posts. You have started it first. Have a great day.

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Hi, @rimberjack, while considering the reduction of inefficient Degens in your group you can also reconsider hiring 10 or less fresh Degens with much zeal, I believe there are some active and zealous folks out there that have even applied for months yet no response. I strongly believe that getting few new hands will help in motivating and enhancing the jobs that will be done by the Degens 2.0.

Best regards!


Not bad vibes, but it seems you are new to crypto and have no idea what it takes to build crypto communities. A lot of projects are springing up and talents are needed. It always baffles me when people try to compare the salary of people in crypto to market salary. Dude, the learning curve is steep in crypto with the technology changing at a faster pace which causes contributors in crypto to be always learning. I joined NEAR early this year and over 8 new projects have been built on NEAR. I don’t even know what they do but if I were to be a degen I suppose I would know. You don’t pay contributors for the job they do but for the experience they bring, for the learning they do, for choosing an industry that’s so infant with a yes to little bright future, you are paying them for choosing the strong path. I bet you don’t know what it takes to attract 20 newbies to a crypto space and particularly to your project to keep them engaging and turn some to degens. Some of us could join the web 2 companies but decided to be in blockchain or crypto to move the industry forward we have to be compensated for that. I don’t know why you are trying so hard to make people who work in crypto a joke to colleagues working in other industries or colleagues who decided to choose the path where the technology is at its highest peak and demands little to know effort to get things done. Talents working in crypto have to be overcompensated to make them stay. In crypto our money is our power. Even developers in web3/blockchain get higher salaries than developers in other industries. That’s what we use to attract talents and to also make people work hard.

More importantly, if you are able to explain:

  1. Why cointelegraph or coindesk charges higher fees than the normal news outlets
  2. Why NFTs are expensive than other digital arts and
  3. Why Bitcoin is more expensive than companies’ stock and Gold.
    Then you can start comparing salaries of people working in crypto to market salaries. On a more serious note I don’t wish to see you comment about salaries again since it seems you have little to no knowledge how to get things done in this industry.

it’s pathetic when crypto projects start to peg their contributors/workers salaries to the dollar when the coin value begins to appreciate. Working for you when the price is down is me betting on the project, so I work my ass off to see the project grow so I can reap some benefits when the price is high. The price is up now and you want to, let me say “cheat me”.

This is what is happening to the Guild now. I’m seeing talents living here to where they will be over compensated and appreciated to do what they can do best.


Hey dude, tell me couple reasons why we need to pay $3100 for this poor job on Twitter?

$3100 for 17 tweets? $182 per tweet?


I couldn’t find these people in Lonson’s Report ether.

OWS pays $100 for same accounts.

31 OWS accounts vs 1 degens.

Entire, Degens Report contains wrong information about own tweets, and includes retweet’s.

Do you think it’s a great idea pay for retweet’s?

For example: @DJ_JG , reported 28 tweets, but only 19 his own.