[BUDGET] Marketing DAO Vertical Updates for October 2021

The Marketing DAO Vertical Council Members are gearing up for another exciting month at NEAR!

Here are the current list of proposals:

CONTINGENCY: 36, 825.00
Grand Total: 88440 USD
Current amount in NEAR: 11010.14

Few notes on the above:

  • If your proposal isn’t accounted for here, please leave a comment below!
  • For those IN PROGRESS, please wait for us to change your post title to [APPROVED] before requesting on Sputnik DAO.
  • The contingency is calculated based on previous months’ averages and will hopefully account for the rest of October’s proposals
  • Council Member payouts are included in the contingency, but they will file for their requests through the forum and DAO as normal. More info TBA

Some additional updates on the council this quarter:
@Grace will be committing more of her time in assisting with council duties
@norah.near will be focusing more on BD and Ecosystem Success so she unfortunately is stepping down from the council.

@cryptocredit @satojandro @David_NEAR @jcatnear are still up and active, meeting every week to catch up on all things Marketing DAO Vertical! We’re currently discussing the USD vs NEAR token rewards this week, moving to Astro (when ready), and getting more guilds on chain!

Again, if you feel inclined to join us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


New proposal added to this category that I am flagging here for potential inclusion in this budget so it’s not missed: Wizards' Guild funding request Squad DAO - #7 by JThompson123

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Thanks for including this, @mecsbecs ! We were able to process this last week as we had sufficient funds to cover it at the time. :smiley:

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Hey @jcatnear and @David_NEAR have updated budget in 19’750 USD let me know if it ok, so we can submit a DAO.
@mecsbecs in proposal we added bounty for @JThompson123 since he does same thing what Stars Guild does and think that Lite Liger might be interested in long term partnership.

Anyhow, will gather content and event info about NEAR what youtubers should promote. Hope to start to work with them by next week.

As DAO council members from the NEAR community, myself and @satojandro will be making a payout request for 400 NEAR each as agreed.

We are both looking forward to helping projects to achieve their marketing goals and are always available to discuss ideas!



Hey @cryptocredit,

Can you add this into a new thread as a proposal then we can wrap it up into the budget on a regular basis.

Thanks! :tada:

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Thanks to the council for putting this together. I will be more actively involved in the council starting next week.

As for the budget, I will kick off the funding process.

Thanks for your great work, I’m really encouraged to see the work that comes out of this DAO.

I would like to start the transition to Astro next week, let’s discuss the next steps.