[BUDGET] Marketing DAO Vertical Budget Request for August

The Marketing-Vertical DAO is requesting a total of 5276 NEAR from the Community-Squad DAO for the following proposals that have been approved by the council:

Proposal(s) from Guilds and Individuals:

[APPROVED] NEAR Stars Guild star influencers DAO for 2 Youtubers - 690N

[APPROVED] @nearambassador Twitter Channel -230N

[APPROVED] NEAR Syndicate Youtube Channel - 2,000N

[APPROVED] NEAR Telegram Community Campaign - 1,600N

[APPROVED] Take Over the r/Ethtrader Banner - 600N

Just wanted to add that during this month both myself and @satojandro have joined the Marketing Vertical DAO council.

About AVB (alejandro.near): AVB has joined the Marketing DAO Vertical bringing with him experience in governance both in the real world (former lawyer) and in on-chain governance (current member of several Community DAOs including Ref). AVB is the current Lead for the Silicon Craftsmen Guild (Product and User Experience).

About Carl Fitz (cryptocredit.near): Carl has a deep experience in marketing strategy and event management, and is currently running a farm and microbrewery in Italy. His involvement in NEAR includes working with Open Web Sandbox on the Taskathon and founding the N-ROLE DAO.


Please note that the following proposals are still under review. We will continue to work with these groups until their proposals are fully fleshed out:

Let us know if we missed your proposal and we’ll reach out!


Hi @jcatnear I don’t see my proposal ([PROPOSAL] Blockchain Club Of Uganda Event and Social Media Publicity Funding: August 2021) mentioned any where. I will need any comments maybe they can inform my future performance.

Wow, thanks @cryptocredit for mention.
Just changed budget for Stars Guild since we lost one youtuber and gained 3 other ones
Much love for assistance. ))

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Sorry and thank you for flagging. I will reach out to you along with other council members! @Mucu256

CC: @David_NEAR @satojandro

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Thanks for letting us know, @Zhunda. Let’s finalize this ahead for your next submission!
@cryptocredit, we might need to file an additional payout request after the first one is approved for the remainder of this. Should we consider adding a buffer amount in case this happens again or if the NEAR price changes?

CC: @David_NEAR @satojandro


Good morning! They requested 1870N, not 2000N and on a different wallet. Attn: @jcatnear @cryptocredit

Have a great day!

Good morning! AVB cannot vote for any Ozy’s army members proposals, because he is one of them. It’s called conflict of interest. Make sure, that AVB will be eliminated from these kind of voting (for instance [APPROVED] @nearambassador Twitter Channel )
Have a great day!

Sure, we’ll keep that in mind if proposals of that nature come in.

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Sorry for the confusion. I spoke with @p0k about adjusting this weeks ago because we wanted to provide them a teleprompter to improve their videos. can you please update your post as we previously discussed? Thanks


Sure, I made an update, sorry I didn’t do it earlier, as it was a long time ago and the approval process was delayed and I forgot about it.

Ok, thanks. Have a great day.

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Hi Carl ( @cryptocredit ) - quick question: how come Marketing-Vertical DAO is paying for content series that HG was planning on paying? :slight_smile:

Referring to this proposal: [APPROVED] Human Guild Video Series Production Management

Hi Dacha,

Conflicts of interest are not uncommon, specially in smaller and growing ecosystems were community members are actively contributing to several projects and collaborating with one another.

Conflicts of interest must be disclosed, and depending on the nature of the conflict (pre-existing personal or professional relationship cf. the council member standing to gain something financially from the vote), the council member can abstain from that particular decision.

Would also like to clarify that I have just joined the Marketing DAO and while I had access to some of the conversations, I have not exercised any Council duties yet (have not made any decision for or against on the current batch of approved proposals).

We’ll work to ensure that in the future, any conflicts of interest and the ways in which they’ve been dealt with are shared accordingly.




Hey JC, Decentralised Chain youtuber apperaed back (had parenting things to solve).
Is it still up too late, or can add 120 NEAR for his video additional? :roll_eyes:

Hi Sasha @sashahudzilin in the proposal you referred to there s a follow up post by @mecsbecs:


Since this video creation project is an awareness-raising endeavour and therefore a marketing project, I’ve recategorized this post to fit under Marketing and am bringing it to the attention of the Marketing DAO (cc: @jcatnear @David_NEAR @norah.near @cryptocredit) as this is their area.


This proposal was filed under the Marketing DAO category and directed toward the marketing DAO council.
If the Human Guild have already paid, or plan on paying, please let us know.
In the meantime, the Marketing-Vertical DAO won’t approve this payout until all is clarified.
Hope that answers your question!

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Dear @jcatnear teleprompter price in Russia ~ $90, 18N, they got 130N Please, adjust their payment on this amount (130-18) in the next time.

Have a great day!

There is no Teleprompter for that price other than something you attach your phone to. A real teleprompter, which undoubtedly adds more value from a production POV, is considerably more expensive.

Dear David! I don’t want argue with you. You do the extra mile with other hardworking near marketing team.

I think the guys @p0k is gonna show us their teleprompter for ~$750.

Here is top of 10 Teleprompters in USA:

1st place $140
2nd $120
3rd $180

Have a great day!

Guys I see marketing dao had generous budget, but anyway we should spend the money right.

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Last updates:

They still don’t use a teleprompter.