[BOUNTY] Stickers Pack to DAOrecords Discord & Telegram

DAOrecords is looking for a unique and oddly satisfying sticker pack to the Discord server and Telegram in order to add an original vibe there, which will also work as a part of marketing, as users with Discord Nitro will be able to use new emojis across different servers. :partying_face:

The stickers should be connected with SoundSplash, the main theme of this Metaverse Event Series is a pool party on a sunny day, with good live music and a chilling vibe.

Some references to provide guidance:

  • moving like a vinyl logo of the DAOrecords,
  • sticker with playing speaker (with DAO logo),
  • party sticker, imitating people partying/dancing on the pool,
  • sticker imitating DJ set,
  • cool sticker imitating a boy/girl with sunglasses chilling,
  • “LFG” water sticker,
  • sticker imitating cocktail/beverage with DAO logo
  • 5 other “freestyle” stickers suitable based on the DAOrecords and Soundsplash event theme (since we need 12 of them)

The above references are draft ideas, therefore we’d like to be open to your interpretation in the creation process.

How I can take part in this bounty?

  • Please attach your portfolio by the 8th of May,
  • DAOrecords team will choose the best one by the 30th of May,
  • Available amount for this bounty: $150!

Wish you the best of luck in claiming this bounty!


Hi, I put this here, hope you like it. Please tell me how I can send you the folder with the separate files.


you can posted the link to the files here as well bro. For exp: google drive link.


-for zip folder

-for individuals files


Hi! I’d like to ask if gif are allowed? Or only png or jpeg?


Hey, gifs are allowed as well!

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Hi! Here’s my entry​:relaxed:. Hope you like it.

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Here’s the individual file. Some of them are moving (gif):relaxed: