[Bounty] Record Five Minutes Audio Cracking a joke


We are looking forward to a live studio recording of comedians tell our audience a 5 minutes joke which will be uploaded and stream live on Tamago. Burlesque DAO will be looking up to 10 comedians outside and inside the community who will be doing a professional recording of him or herself tell the world a joke which the length of the recording will be a minimum of 5min.

Each successful recordings by comedians gets 100$ and each recording will be uploaded on Tamago. This will be a professional studio recording. Remember to add a sound of laughter while cracking a joke.


• Record a 5 minutes audio and upload on Tamago

• All recordings should be recorded in the studio.

• Invite friends and family to support you by streaming your audio on Tamago.

• Paste the link of your uploaded audio on Tamago on your social media bio

• Winners will be selected by the highest stream on Tamago streaming platform

• Each winners gets 100$


10 comedians - $100 each

Total: 1000$ in Near


Is this a proposal? Why has it been tagged as ‘Bounty’?

All requests for funds should be clearly labelled.

If it is not a request for funds, I’m curious, where are the funds coming from?

  • Is the recording in person or can anyone join from around the world?
  • How is this Bounty advertised? (Concern: little to no visibility, money just being distributed among a small group of people related to the bounty creator)
  • What are the metrics or criteria for selecting winners? (Assumption: there are more than 10 entries)
  • Other than supporting Tamago, how is does this support NEAR strategic goals ?

Anyone can join

This Bounty will be advertise through our social media page … If you can take a look at our page, we do have lot of engagement. Most of our members onboarded, 70% are from online users.

It is stated here…

We are going to be using this event to onboard active near users, comedians to near ecosystem


This will support and encourage the activation of active near users, Expanding the the ecosystem through onboarding, Create more NFT whereby this project will also support MintBase.

Thank you and I hope I was able to answer your questions