[BOUNTY] POSTAL OCTOBER - Urban Pics of immigrants

Hello, guys :camera_flash:

Reward: 27N for 10 photos

With each edition we get even more excited!
Following up on Postal October, we are going for our 3rd edition.
CUDO DAO is looking for 3 photographers in different parts of the world to produce a portrait series with 10 photos about immigrants in the city. The photographs will be published on our Instagram page CUDO DAO and will be available for sale on our mintbase.

The works will be published as NFT on our mintbase and will be sold for 1 NEAR with royalties split between our DAO (50%) and the artist (50%) after the first sale.

The first sale is split between our DAO (10%) and the artist (90%).

This project will be done in close contact with the management of the CUDO DAO.

To respond to this reward, please reply to this thread expressing your interest and information about your skills and a sample of your art.

Each photo should contain a title and a brief text about the art in question.
The deadline for submitting photos is October 29, 2021.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us through our group by telegram


Great =)

I have been waiting for this call. I would love to be part of this project this month. Although I am a videomaker, I have been missing a postcard style of photography that I think I can fill =)


Wow! This month we will have a cinematic view of Postal. :movie_camera: :sunglasses:


Hi, I would like to know more about this reward, is the project still open?


Hello Elizabeth Ramos. The reward remains open.
The proposal of the project is to work creatively on the theme of immigration. The reward is 27N for 10 photographs.
If you are interested, tell us about it and show us a little more about your work with photography.