[BOUNTY on STANDBY] Receive 60 - 180 USD in NEAR for creating Articles about Mintbase

This sounds really good @carrapatoso ! So it would be a Podcast in brazilian portuguese about how to use mintbase?
And could you send us some notes before recording?

I think it might be hard to explain things without screen sharing / images…

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great @IgbozeIsrael here is a cool reference Createbase Bounty Guide - MintbaseDAO from when mintbasedao was createbase :slight_smile:

So you basically will need to update to mintbasedao. we do not focus on onboarding anymore, but on projects that want to build on minbtase. we want to be the back end, right? So would be cool if you could give a fast overview of functions on mintbase and then on the bounties?


Hi @Ligaya what would you like to write about?

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Okay, I will be on it

I would like to write about the experience of Brazilian artists in mintbase.
I will interview 3 artists and also tell about my experience.
I’m an artist, art educator and art professor

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Dear carrapatoso!
Please tell me, you have already completed your two DAO projects, what have you decided to take on another one? I just don’t understand where you got so much time and energy!

Sincerely, Igor!
Introducing ArtDAO - Creatives / Creatives DAO - NEAR Forum

Introducing Tibira DAO - Ecosystem - NEAR Forum

@marianeu @reginamintbase

Hey @NearCommunity!

Not sure if this is a constructive comment or even useful. As you can read through the comments, nothing was bonded yet. And, as far as I know, who manages my life is myself.

Escalating again to NF because it is getting ridiculous: @grace @David_NEAR @jlwaugh


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Hey @carrapatoso
No escalation, I just asked a question as I am trying to take on a second project, but I don’t have enough time for it!
Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you with this question in any way!

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Hey @NearCommunity!

If you want to take a second project, good luck with that. You don’t need to involve me in any way.


Thanks for the answer!

Good morning @marianeu im planning to write the article about mintbase. Like what is mintbase how to start your profile on mintbase . How to mint im planning to write those articles for the beginners knowledge. I will focus on how beginners in near ecosytem and new in mintbase how to start thier journey of thier Nft​:relaxed::heart:

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Gostaria de escrever sobre a experiência de artistas brasileiros na mintbase.
Entrevistarei 3 artistas e também contarei minha experiência.
Eu sou um artista, educador de arte e professor de arte

Hi there!
I would very much like to participate in this bounty, I’d like to know what the deadline is though so I’d know the level of urgency I have to apply to this project?

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Please keep posts on-topic.


Sounds good @Natashacremonese

can you please focus on the features that make mintbase interesting for collectives? (own smart contract, adding and removingg minters, def roy and rev, up to 50 wallets per nft?)


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Hey @Ligaya that is a good Idea.
Please insert pictures of the screen so people can follow it step by step.

Maybe a step by step: how to start using mintbase, creating wallet, logging in, deploying a store (mention that you can be added to open stores too). Then you can talk about how to customize your smart contracts, how to add and remove minters, how to set up default royalties and revenues and how to split the profits of each nft with up to 50 wallets.

Can you do that?

I think writing about the near ecosystem is only interesting very superficially. To explain in 1 paragraph that there are guilds and daos on near, link to the forum, link to our community call on how daos can interact on mintbase

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You can write whenever you want @JAOD , just need to check if we still need that topic when you start writing, or else you won’t be able to submit payout proposal if someone did it before you

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Hey everyone,

Today I had a meeting with Regina. And we agreed that I’ll write the next “Story of the week” about the store CryptoSkateboards. I’ll interview @mlibty.

I’m a professional journalist. You can find some of my texts here: camilagonzatto.com

Looking forward to collaborate with you. :slight_smile:

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Hi @camila, excited to have you here!

The Store of the week articles are very cool! Would be cool if you asked him some questions about how the redeeming of physical objects work out for him. A personal friend of mine just bought a skateboard of his, if you want I can put you in contact and you can interview him too haha

Yep. That would be cool. :slight_smile:

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