[Bounty] NxM Sticker Pack for Telegram

Inspired by the awesome Marma J sticker pack we’ve set up this bounty because it’s time for NxM to have our very own custom Sticker Pack for use on Telegram!

We are looking for someone who has the skills to design unique illustrations befitting NxM that cover the following emojis. I’ve included some reference on each one as well to provide guidance.

List of Emojis

  1. Rocket :rocket:

We imagine the rocket being a microphone (branded with NxM logo?) with a shadowy character riding it

  1. 100 :100:

Shadowy character with Boombox emitting :100::100: from each speaker

  1. Fire :fire:

Shadowy character emitting Musical notes transforming into flames

  1. Thanks :pray:

Shadowy character in prayer pose with words “thank you”

  1. Fist :fist:

Shadowy character with fist raised

  1. Celebrate :tada:

Shadowy character in “party mode”

  1. Headphones/ music :headphones:

Shadowy character with headphones emitting :notes:

  1. Smiling :grin:

Shadowy character happy and chilling (kicked back on chair with feet up?)

  1. Laughing :rofl:

Shadowy character with NEAR logo tears of laughter

  1. Heart :heart:

Shadowy character showing love and mutual respect with first over heart (:heart:)


The comments on each emoji are a general guideline and the idea behind the shadowy character is that it can represent all NxM members regardless of gender or race.

The rest we leave open to the interpretation of the artist claiming this bounty.

Amount available for this bounty is $500 in NEAR upon approval.

If you’re interested in this bounty please leave a comment below with a relevant example of your work.

Good luck!!!


Hello!! I am very interested in this bounty :black_heart:
Love the guidelines!

I have my work here: Cavenaghi Lynkfire

Made those for MarmaJ before the MarmaJchan Stickers Pack


And for The Clan too!


Hi. I’m interested in this bounty.

Here are some samples of my works that I believe fit the criteria of the characters & environment you are looking for.

Looking forward to working together. Thank you!


Hey @akmal we’ve decided to go with you to do this bounty. Please DM me so we can get started!

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Hey @vandal . Thank you for the opportunity! Will do my best :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


How can I get involved in this bounty I do good stickers on telegram and the best part is a can design whatever you want as listed above on the bounty, I would love to be part of this bounty.
Thanks in advance

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Hey @akmal, hope everything is good at your end!
We’d like to know on which creation step the NxM Stickers are?

Could you please update us or should we open new bounty ?

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Is this reward still available? I’m interested in creating something, I’ve done a job like this for the Mintbase sticker pack.
some works of mine…

the stickers can be seen here


Hi, Sorry for the long wait. I just finished the sticker. Where do I send the png files? Here is the preview


Hey Akmal, we were discussing the stickers and were hoping we might be able to get a little more specific in the expressions. Our hope would be that they can be used somewhat conversationally as responses to jokes and ways to express emotions. Some of the popular meme stickers are a good example of this.

**I just read the original post, apologies for not having done that initially, as I’m a new council member. I know Vandal had asked for a shadowy character, but it would be great to see versions that represent as feminine specifically, as well. Again, our goal is to have a sticker set that would be used by a broad community.

@Paul @Monish016 @williamx @rhymetaylor

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Hi! Thank you for the feedback.

Would you like me to turn 5 of the emojis into feminine character, or build one more set of 10 feminine character?

Sorry for asking this question, but since the brief has changed can the bounty be raised?