[Bounty] Metaverse build + artist setup (95N)

Building a space for artist/creator in one of the Createbase parcels after it has been approved by Createbase facilitators or Monika/Carolin

  • Build a space in Cryptovoxels
  • Setting up streams & artwork

I’m building a space for Riva Taylor’s first NFTs. The one-room exhibition will feature original music by Riva, the album artwork, a bar.

The inauguration is on the 7th of May.

After a first brief, Riva researched the style and atmosphere she wanted the space to have, as seen in the notion page of the project along with textures and other material.


Do you have the guide to do it?

Hello! What exactly do you mean? A guide to build in Cryptovoxels? You can see Serste’s notion sheet for more details :slight_smile: