[Bounty for JOURNALISTS] Write Articles About Mintbase 60-180USD in NEAR

After having trouble with this bounty before, we decided to only work with Journalists, or people who have experience in writing articles in english.

To participate in this bounty, you need to be a journalist or at least a experienced writer in english.

The choice of the topic is free - as long as it shines light on what can be built on mintbase & how.

You will earn different amounts of USD in NEAR, depending on what you produce. We created two categories:

  1. Nice & easy : 60USD per 500 words (max 120 USD for +1000 words) for a easy-read-introductory article
  2. Deep knowledge : 90USD per 500 words (max 180 USD for +1000 words) for a more specialized article.

Me (@mariamneu) and @reginamintbase (who is a professional Journalist herself) will evaluate the articles after they come in to see which category they fit in better.

How to participate:

  1. Send a link to your medium, or to published articles written by you (in english!). Regina or me will review, and decide if we want you to write for Mintbase.
  2. suggest a topic on which you want to write in the comments below, and tag @marianeu or @reginamintbase (or both)
  3. we will work with you to formulate what the guide will consist of
  4. as soon as you finish, please share the article with us via google drive link (or any other way you want to share it with us) in the comments
  5. Maria & Regina will classify it as nice & easy or deep knowledge and suggest some alterations if needed.
  6. when @marianeu or @reginamintbase approve the article (maybe after suggesting some alterations and you having realized them) we will tell you for how much USD in NEAR you can create you payout proposal
  7. We will tell you to submit your article to our medium or our wordpress site: mintbasedao.community

Then you can propose payout on AstroDAO


Hi. Are we allowed to send Google docs links to articles we have written? The ones I wrote haven’t been published yet. @marianeu

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Here is a published article of mine. It’s basically an overview of an Solana project I’m working for.
I hope it suffice.



@marianeu @reginamintbase


Hello everyone,
After talking to @reginamintbase, I’m writing the next “Store of the week” about Cudo Dao. :slight_smile:


which would these 4 reasons be, @Trojanhorse15 ?

@camila perfect, thanks


Article outline.

Four Reasons.

  1. High level of Scalability and Security: MINTBASE is built on Near. Near solves its Scalability issues with Nightshade. (Would expand this in the article)

  2. Crosschain Integration: Eth &Near.
    (Would explain in the article)

  3. Cheaper Transaction Fees & Creative Functionality

  4. Works with BDG Crypto Portfolio Tracker Tool: As a developer or creator, you can track the metrics if your NFTs on MINTBASE and even compare the metrics to other dApps.

@marianeu @reginamintbase


@reginamintbase what do you think? I like this proposition. @Trojanhorse15 can you make sure you write in a serious tone, not fanstasy style like the origin of doge capital? (not approved yet)

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Yes. I can. I can even send you Google links to articles I wrote in a professional tone if you’d like.


Yup really like the idea too!


Ok @Trojanhorse15 you are good to go, you can start!

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Thank you! Will submit soon.

Hi. I have written and completed the article. Awaiting your feedback.
You can find it in the Google link. Thank you.
@marianeu @reginamintbase


Hi! I’m happy to share the link of my article:

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@marianeu @reginamintbase Here’s the link to two articles that I wrote for NEAR’s Legal Guild:

Legal Basics of Smart Contracts

Blockchain Games and P2E Model

I would like to write about why gaming NFTs are destined to arrive on Mintbase. :slight_smile:

Hi @Trojanhorse15 I reviewed you article.

I like it. I changed some things and left 2 comments.

Could you please embed links to some of the affimrations you do?

Looking forward for the final version


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Thank you. I have made corrections and included the links too.

Here is the updated document link.


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Shall I write another? Is that allowed? If yes, I would like to write on NFT PLATFORMS Built on Near: Analysing MINTBASE and PARAS.

What do you think?
@marianeu @reginamintbase

for now i think we dont need any


I have embedded all the links.


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