[BOUNTY CLOSED] Create a piece of art for the Philosophical Thought Experiment 1: Laplace's Demon

Good One
Nice art and Manipulation

Awesome. I agree with this

Hello, @thephilosopher
the rules of such competitions usually state that the works and copyrights belong to the applicants. This competition does not imply such a rule? In any case, you didn’t specify it. Perhaps it was a competition only for wit and originality of the idea, and it does not prohibit the use of other people’s artifacts? Please clarify.

INA DAO collects artworks here on the forum and then performs voting on Astro. it’s a lot of handy work - to make a poll for every work, then everyone who wish to vote has to be added as a member to Astro. but it’s much more decentralized than google-form or only likes on forum. first time was very few members to vote, but now it’s 36 members there already, and becoming more. using Astro inside Ecosystem seems like perfect way to get transparent voting results


Hello, @AlekBorisov. Thank you for your submission.
We developed this rule for this contest:

One of the copies of the NFT is going to the DAO’s wallet, one for the artist’s wallet, and others we are going to be put for sale on our Mintbase store (Philosophart), splitting the royalties and the revenue with the DAO and the artist equally. If the artist accepts the prize, s/he gives us the right to mint the art as a NFT in our store on NEAR Blockchain and the right for putting it for sale in the manner described above.

Did I answer your question?

Thanks, @thephilosopher but that’s not what I was asking. Question: is it possible to use the artwork of another author (or part of it) as my own for this competition. Please see the context of the latest posts.

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Ohhh, got what you mean. I think it is not appropriate, unless the other author authorize it expressly, because of copyright issues. I’ve just read your previews comments. Thank you very much for bringing light to this issue, @AlekBorisov.

So @mbel, you cannot use this work as part of the competition, because it belongs to someone else. It must be a full original work. So unfortunately we will not be able to consider your submission to June’s competition.

Please, friends, submit only original work.
We will use google reverse search with the winners.


Thanks. Let’s assume that @mbel found a code vulnerability in the contest rules and hacked it. :upside_down_face:

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Hello guys!
From what I understood the proposal would be to translate the philosophical thought that was approached through images.
I’m a fan of this photographer and I thought he fit what was asked. I did the graphic design image with text, just thinking about the context of what you asked for.
I don’t think it’s right for me to be disqualified for something that wasn’t in the rules. But OK. Next, specify what you can and cannot do.

@AlekBorisov I’m a big fan of Trent Parker too, so I joined my work with his for this work.

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Sorry, @mbel, for not making it explicit. However, as we said it was going to be minted, we thought it was clear that it should not have copyright issues. But thank you so much for your comment. We will let it explicit in the next bounty and we are super willing to see your next art! Big hug, fren!

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@mbel it seems to me that if you are a fan of this photographer, it would be better to mention his name and explain why his photo is a good illustration of the concept of Laplace’s demon. But do not just post a picture and write: my work.
In general, I am not against your poster, but the design of your application causes me doubts.


Hi, Marta. Thank you for your submission, friend, but it should be a non-minted work, because we are gonna mint the winner. <3

Thank you all, friends, for submitting your art. We loved all the pieces and we are very thankful for all the participation.

Our winners for this bounty are: @Igor_Nascimento, @gushlewis, @Boldest, @cedrick.near

Please, winners, edit your submission and put the data for us to mint: your name, your wallet, the name of the work, the description, the best resolution image. After doing that, you can request your payout proposal of 100 usd in near (on the conversion rate of 1 near = 3,5 usd), what amounts to 28,57 near on our astrodao: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Get ready for the bounty from next month. We will have another thought experiment!

For all the people interested in our bounties for next month, please feel free to enter in our telegram and know more about our activities:


Astro Poll confirming the winners: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near-51

Name: cedieeearts
Title: “Blinded Thoughts”
Description: Ever since the dawn of civilization, there have always been curious individuals who were eager to investigate the central questions about existence. Their ambition to study various aspects of life to gain a deeper understanding led to the earliest traces of philosophical thoughts and led to the pursuit of wisdom.


Name: BoldestArt
Wallet: urukhai.near
Tittle: ‘‘Loop’’
Description: If a dice is tossed and 1 is to be brought, this is already a known future and 1 can be brought anyway. If the aim is to reach an unknown future with a known past, this is also a known future. The unknown return of the future should not be a surprise from the known outcome of the past.
If they give me a coin and say to bring summer every time I throw it, I will throw it with the summer. The concept seems like a bit of a novel. I do not understand whether the aim is to reach the unknown future with the analysis of the known past or to connect the unknown future with the known analysis of the past.



Here is my information:
Name of creators: Igor Nascimento and Ana Meneguzzi
Wallet: igor_nascimento.near
Name of the Work: Laplace’s Waltz
The description: The idea of time has always been one that humanity wanted to gain more knowledge and control over. Laplace’s Demon suggests we could achieve it, however, by gaining complete information about all things past and present for the future to be made clear to us. Our photograph, made by doing a continuous movement while controlling the light input on the camera, aims at showing the metaphysical representation of Laplace’s experiment: that, by knowing one time, one could also know all others - past, present and future as one single frame of mind.

Last but not least, here’s the image:

If anything else is needed, please let me know!
Best regards, Igor


Final Report

Project status: Completed

Project name:

Project Accounting:

We released a bounty for choosing the pieces of art and then we’ve chosen the arts through telegram and we confirmed it on astro. We also minted 4 NFTs from the chosen art, with royalties and revenues splitted between the artists and the dao. Each artist received 100 usd in near.

Payment to the artists:





Updated Project Timeline:

The project was completed in the appropriate time.

Highlights and Final Products:
We could produce 4 NFTs on Mintbase, which we put for sale for 2 near each, with 50 copies, in order to have products that could gives us back the spent resources.


The experiment was a success and many people came to our telegram community (we have now around 90 people), but we could see that maybe we could ask for people to write about the piece too, in order for them to think more about philosophy.

Uau!!! Incrível!!!:heart::heart::heart:

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