[Bounty] Admin & moderation of reddit (Mintbase + NEARNFTS)- 30 NEAR per channel

Earn 30 NEAR* as a moderator & admin per channel

  1. Speak to @caromintbase/@lenara/@chloe to check if you can be added as an admin on the reddit channels. (Mintbase / NEARNFT’s)
  2. Moderate the channels and post regularly.
  3. Reward users and grow a community.
  4. At the end of each month, please reply below and briefly comment on how much the community grew and provide quick stats (share some metrics). Then, submit a payout proposal.
  5. Submit a payout proposal with the “target” being your NEAR account and the value being 60 NEAR (SputnikDAO )
  6. Use the forum link from your reply for your “Link to the discussion” needed in your payout proposal.

I can work as admin on the reddit channels


If you would like to work as an admin on the Reddit channels, please reach out to @jilt, who is our Reddit community manager. She is in charge of vetting community members who would like to help out as Reddit admins. Thank you for your interest.


Hi guys these are the stats for this month on r/NEARFTs reddit

And these are for r/mintbase

Here I ask for my payment in order to be able to distribute incentives for the most interacted posts of the month!


Hi @jilt Please check my message thanks.

Hello @caromintbase @chloe I am interested in moderating channels.


Hello Sanket! Laura is the responsible person for moderation, twitter handle is @Jeeltcraft

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Sure, i have messaged her. Waiting for the reply !!


When this was previously under the Createbase Gigs it was listed as posting and helping out in 3 channels r/Mintbase, r/NEARNfts, and r/NEARProtocol

I had posted my username (u/whatshertoes) in the Notion created for the task and had taken on the month of April posting regularly in all three channels, moderating in r/Mintbase, and interacting with the community in each channel and upvoting posts giving awards etc.

My Earth Day post and tweet across the 3 boards had the most engagement.
I don’t have stats since it was not yet a moderation task.

The bounty was 20N/month at the time.


if you have the plan make promotion on Facebook, I can help you with my facebook digital marketing experience.

You can put up another proposal for 10N, all moderators get 30N per channel now :slight_smile: