[Bounty] 500 Seasons NFTs Giveaway | FCFS | Join the Nearloots

Hello Everyone

500 Season Building a New Metaverse NFTs game in Near Ecosystem called Nearloots.
We are Happy to Announce We are Giving NFTs to early users.

Those who Want to NearNFTs have performed the task and they are eligible for a reward

How to Enter Giveaway !!

:boom:Start your collection of 500 Seasons NFT cards because gaming starts this week!!:boom: To get a free NFT airdrop:

:+1: Follow Our Twitter and Like Pinned and Comment on the Post: https://twitter.com/500seasons

:+1: Invite 5 Friends to Get Role

:+1: Join the Discord: 500 Seasons πŸͺ„

:thinking: Keep Engage in the Community

That’s it After Joining We will Guide you on how to enter into Guilds and Get Your NFTS
All the Best !!