[Bounties] Createbase Guild - Metaverse Builder Profiles

If you would like to be a builder for a Metaverse (Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space, Decentraland) building project as a part of the Createbase Community, please post a short builder’s portfolio or note some of your past experience as a reply to this thread.

Your builder portfolio is what will be used when making decisions for who we ask to help us out on future metaverse builds.

After you have completed a build, please post to the bounty thread: [Bounty] Build With us in the Metaverse - 5 NEAR/hr


Hello, I’m Serste and I’m a builder. Here’s my latest work, the exhibition ‘NFT(Kitties)LAB’ at the BARK BERLIN GALLERY on cryptovoxels

Virtual gallery concept (working doc): www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/cutbfuc1dzdw005e22wf8/BARK-BERLIN-GALLERY-working-doc.gdoc?dl=0&rlkey=n0zny60uuydiblzvd1l9bsdqr

A view from the completed gallery:
Rooftop with terrace, bar: twitter.com/womptron/status/1375913369203580930


Hi, recently started with my first build. "ALONE AND NOT ALONE" Gallery - 3 Piazza Santissima Trinità - Cryptovoxels

I’m not an expert in building yet, but could help you with some basic stuff. :slight_smile: @chloe @lenara


Thank you very much for sharing what you’ve worked on. We will do our best to reach out with potential builds.


Hey, my name is Iota. I am architecture desinger. I have been an artist and community contributor @ CODAME for 8 years. I’d like to build in virtually gallery space to help underrepresented artists promote themselves. I’d also like to build my own Metaverse builders portfolio.

I have build several virtual gallery in Newart City for CODAME to exhibit and experience digital art. Here’s the CODAME gallery: CODAME JOYNT Festival, by Codame Art+Tech

I assisted Serste on BARK BERLIN Gallery in CryptoVoxels, earned my first time CV experience. Serstes has been extremely resourceful in CV and a wonderful person to work with.

Twitter: iothaP
Wechat id: iotachen

Payout proposal
Target: iotha.near, for 5 Near * 5 hours


Hi, I am fishbrain

Me and my guild are in the middle of an interactive build for a multi-metaverse project across Somnium, Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and Sandbox. I would love to join your efforts and build out something insanely cool for Near.

This is our main build in progress, just putting together some interactivity (WIP)

You can also find our first build in Somnium Space here at plot #408 in Somnium. The latest incarnation is slightly different



Here is my portfolio of builds!


I am jilt.near just cryptovoxels builder by now!


idea :1. Create a stable currency exchange platform with low handling fees. 2. Develop a sports-related platform, such as betting

my address:huoxin.near
thank you

@jun16888 this topic is only for metaverse builders,

If you want to propose an idea for the hackathon, please first choose the most appropriate category from the ones shown in the image:

After you decide which of them fits your idea, go to the hackathon website to click on the corresponding [GUIDE] button as shown on the picture, then follow the instructions in the guide you clicked. Good luck!

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