Berth DAO - Catalog Project Introduction

Hello Community,
My name is wana. My co-council are @thesamaniist and @sundra.
We are Berth DAO (DAO Introduction: Berth DAO Introduction and DAO Address: berth.sputnik-dao.near),

We aim to incite and encourage professional development for art and healing craftspeople in shared understandings that our works are fundamental, interconnected, and orbiting. Our vision is to connect the offerings of service-based artists, healers, performers and practitioners in deeper network with each other and broadcast through Web3 portals.

The purpose of this project, our first project, will be three-fold

  1. Initial DAO Brand Marketing: This project is projected to run through the end of the year and is intended to introduce our platform, embodied in what we stand for. Berth DAO’s approach to meet needs of community sustenance hinges on the safety, security, and evolution of artists and healing craftspeople.
  2. Audience Education, and Onboarding: While Web3 is growing in popularity, the attention, investment, and education for Web3 resources (and potential) has been more focused in the direction of cryptocurrency and NFT artwork. Through this project our audiences can be (re-)introduced to wallets, NFTs - importantly - gain familiarity of the wider DAO landscape, and participate in the culture creation of our DAO. Within audience education there are intentions to portray Web3 processes as already existing facets of community bridging/mending with applicable/adaptive/evolutionary use.
  • Our in-person events will be marketed and organized virtually as an incentive to onboard. While not geared towards Web3 formally, the positioning of observable/experienced for folks with less familiarity with Web3 as a portal of community space. This grounding affirms our DAOs work - shaking off any esoteric misconceptions, aligning our most receptive and engaged audience.
  1. Community Engagement and Provision: We will contribute to reliable programming and community follow through: Pay people, provide real world professional development through features in publication and gig opportunities in graphic editing and administrative support. Ideally we will be able to sustain one contracted worker through stipends.

This project has two principal imagined/intended audiences. By leveraging our social media followings we have efficient access to an involved community of art and health service patrons, and can encourage shares of our media more broadly across Instagram and Twitter platforms for growth. We want to expand industry and community investment toward independent artists with strategies to support small businesses sustainably. As we compile an archival-grade collection of craftwork we prioritize gender marginalized BIPOC artists and healers in the understanding that non-white non-men practicioners often expirience direct oppression and overlook in creative arenas, compromising their ability to contribute towards expression and community elevation .

In the pursuit of this project we will have an end-product that has been saturated in processes of community revaluation and revision. While producing a…

  1. Shopping catalog we can also accomplish…
  • Economic Contribution: Sales for individual artists and promotion of Bay Area local shopping

  • Economic intervention and redirection: Consume less and consume better.Encourage resilient circular and sharing economies among arts and healing craftfolk when possible. There are highly skilled professionals in our community who can fulfill many of our needs. It should not be urgent to outsource when there is an abundance of opportunity to purchase, use, mend/heal, redistribute within our communities. We will support the community with reminders of conscious choice and our agency to invest in community interdependence - opening room for conversations around budgeting, skillshare, and trade.
    3. Reduced ecological footprint of online shopping with market day shopping and pick up for product shopping clients - service shopping clients may also have the opportunity to meet with available contractors. Independent artists and small business owners may have reduced overhead costs with these advertising and listing/selling opportunities.

  1. Arts and healing reference resource we also…
  • Promote community access and approachability via phonebook style network listings, highlights of 2-4 Featured Artists their products/services/process.

  • Provide professional development opportunities for craftsfolk through the process: There are barriers to entry for artists and healers to professionalize - lack of network or of availability of tools/financing. To contribute to lower barriers and higher visibility we want to host two in-person development days - one photoshoot event for professional product shots and headshots (for use in catalog and shared for independent use) prior to design, and one shopping/meet-the-maker gathering post-publication and distribution for sales and community networking.

  1. Aesthetic Artist Archive & Coffee Table Book we preserve…
    Professional aesthetics and contribute towards honorable presentation and reception. Additionally with a formal product sales there can be royalties set up for contributing admin designers andl for featured artists. There also may be funding for free print editions of the catalog for all artists included.

Approximate Timeline

  • August: Council assembly and delegation. Catalog design pre-production, rough drafting, and call for submissions open with deadline in Early September.
  • September: In-Person professional development photoshoot for included artists/healers. Edit photos taken at professional development event, and send out photos to artists. Input contributing image to a working draft of catalog by the end of the month. Reach out to community sponsors about adspace/calendar inclusion.
  • October: Catalog design and layout finalized and sent out for print publishing and NFT minting. Establishing sales prices and royalties system. Build hype through publicity and December event advertising.
  • November: Catalog release (intro/preview available for free). Orchestrate interest lists/presale/sales of in-catalog items - this may look like a poll or spreadsheet and can be used as an additional point of feedback/critique for included artists and DAO council. Begin distributing royalties.
  • December: Host in-person sellers market/meet-the-makers gathering for contributing art/healing craftspeople and community

Primary Metrics

Audience Onboarding: We hope to onboard at least 20 artists/healers to participate our catalog

  • Artists and healers submitting to the catalog will be given a satori link to set up a Near Wallet and will be given a Berth DAO-made NFT. Beyond our application count we will be able to measure/confirm onboards to the Near Protocol via wallet set up and NFT distribution count.

  • Resources will be linked in the application to familiarize new users with AstroDAO to seed interest in joining Berth DAO as community members through or after the project roll out (longer term ecosystem involvement).

  • Some administrative tasks will be outsourced to stipended positions beyond the council. This will necessitate use of other NEAR channels, namely gov.near, supporting Berth DAO expansion and broader participation/longer term investment on NEAR Protocol

Education within Event Attendance: We hope at least 50% of the included artists will show up to participate in our professional development events. Through these events we can share the utility and application of Astro DAO as a tool to formalize collective participation and gateway to deeper understandings of Web3 as a whole.

Catalog NFT Downloads: Digital final copies will be sold as NFTs.